[3.5] Totally off-meta | Shrapnel Void | EZ all content feat. Voidfletcher and Arborix | MF viable

Thanks for this really clean and well rounded build.
I also took deadeye instead of the jugg for the extra arrow and pierce.

I'm currently running it with a starkonja (40% increased damage) and a 80% loreweave, voidfletcher point blank. and it feels really really good and I'm not a ranged type of guy!!!
2 might of the meek. "missing" unnatural and whatcher's eye so far 5k+ life.
We will see later for the Farrul's if I can get my hands on a fur ^^

I've a stupid question, what's the purpose of the GMP in the bow? :)

If I may, I'd recommend 6L the bow instead of the body at the beginning, you only need one bow but may use multiple body until getting a farrul ;)

have fun and stay safe exile!

Thanks for the guide , really enjoying this!.
I am really happy you guys are enjoying the build!
I was just leveling the GMP gem that is why it is in the setup ;p

Loreweave is also and option - it gives us some defences for elemental damage and as well boosts our dps.

Currently still trying to vaal the quiver for +1 arrow to see if there is a big damage difference but point blank saves 2 points so it is also really good option.
First of all, amazing build.. I'm thoroughly enjoying it thus far.

Are there any updates to it at all? I'm not running with an unnatural instinct jewel at the moment, but you mention getting damage from somewhere else. Any suggestions on how to improve it or add damage somewhere else in the tree? I'm running a full abyss setup with Hale Negator + Shroud and it's doing wonders, but once in a while I seem to be one shotted (especially with Syndicate related stuff, but maybe this is normal). I've got around 5k+ HP right now and I'm planning to upgrade my jewellery (rings + amulet) but I'm not sure about anything else. You also mention changing ascendancy to slayer + deadeye, which I have done, but do you still recommend slayer + jugg?

Also, would be running 2x meeks be worth it instead of one? If so, would the second one be placed around the mana nodes?

Thanks in advance!
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how do you generate power charges??
Is a third meek a good substitute for unnatural instinct?
Nice guild, I hope that the deadeye version can post as soon as possible :)
How are we meant to use aspect of the cat, wrath and herald of ice? that reserves like 95% mana
I also take a shit ton of damage in T11+ maps but im gonna blame that on my MF gear and no might of the meek

Spent some currency and redid my gear, but i feel like the damage is low. Did incursion T13 and the boss you kill to upgrade room took 10 seconds to kill.
Any tips?

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