[3.5] Occultist Vortex/Cold Snap ES/CI - Deathless and Safe Uber Elder and T16's

3.5 Initial Thoughts:

This build is extremely strong. I have multiple end game trapper builds, RF builds, totem builds, and other ranged style builds, but I would put this against any of them in end game bossing/delving/incursion viability. It has a MASSIVE effective health pool, and utilizing the regeneration mechanics of Occultist, as well as the new ES boosts in 3.5, makes this build extremely survivable, while still putting out massive damage. This build could utilize a staff and do even more damage, but I personally believe that is unnecessary, and opt for a shield for extra defense.

I will point out, this is a very UNIQUE play style. It is somewhat like RF, having similar regeneration and health pool, along with having to get close to do damage. Though its similar to RF, the damage is more that of ALMOST a trapper. Needless to say for those who have not played trappers, that is A LOT. The playstyle really is to use phase run and quartz flask to run right into and through groups of enemies, and lay giant insane damage dealing pools of frost under your feet or at your mouse cursor. This allows us to move freely, since Vortex is now instacast, and it does a LOT of damage with the cold DoT changes.

My PhD in PoE:

I have over 3,000 hours logged on Path of Exile since the beta, mainly focusing on Spell Builds and Ranged Builds, and many many hours on RF builds.

Pros and Cons


Healthy- 11-15k Effective Health to absorb those nasty one hitters
Damage - This build "Over Time's" so hard it feels like it hits. Effectively "One Hit" content with what is actually a DoT Skill.
Different - There is not another skill that feels quite like this. If you are bored of thousands of hours of the same style of skills, this is something fresh.
Good Clear Speed - Despite not chaining or multicasting, later game the clear on this is fairly darn good. It "One Hits" almost all content, and has two separate skills that can be used to clear, one to cast on you and one to cast on your cursor.
Uber Elder Viable - This build cleared Uber Elder on a Tabula. Deathless. As with Uber, you still have to actually play the game, but this build makes it fairly easy.
Shaper and Guardian Viable - Laugh at the Bull Boy as he tries to 1 hit your massive energy shield. Phoenix? Cold Pokemon beats Fire. Shaper is laughable.
Sexy Witch - Need me to say more? You are going to stare at her for 100 hours, best like her.
Cheap - but Scales Well with Investment - I beat Uber Elder with a Tabula. Most of the gear can be crafted for under 20-30c per slot for end game viability, but the more you dump into this build the more it just owns. I am still exploring the outer limits of its godlike power.
Great for Delve - The condensed area of delve paths makes the DoT area easy to wipe anyone who dares stand up.
Doesn't get One Shot by Syndicate - They told you to build tanky. Here it is without sacrificing damage.


This is not Arc Traps/Totems/Arc in General - This will never be the most insanely godlike clear speed build in the world, though it does well.
Melee Range - This could be considered a con, but the fact that you are always phasing and have a huge effective health pool, this shouldn't bother anyone.

Skill Gems and Links

Main Skill (6 Link) - Vortex

This is your main skill. You cast this as much as you can, in the middle of people, and cover the screen with it. It is an instant cast, so it does not interrupt movement. These DO NOT shotgun, but screen coverage can be important to maintain dps. These DO stack with Cold Snap, effectively causing 2x DoT's

Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Hypothermia - Swift Affliction

Second Skill (4 Link) - Vaal Cold Snap

This skill can be used to reliably put Bonechill on enemies for more damage, as well as be used to innitiate or clear out emeies that you do not want to run face first into. It is a great secondary skill and provides a lot of utility. Many other builds opt to go for 2x 6 links, giving up the shield, but I do NOT find that necessary, and prefer the extra HP instead.

Vaal Cold Snap - Efficacy - Bonechill - Hypothermia

Survivability Skill (4 Link)- Immortal Call and Phase Run

This is what will help to keep you alive, and provide more survivability.
Phase Run is FANTASTIC as an escape skill, or when your Quartz Flask is down.
It helps you get right into the middle of crowds and decimate them without taking damage. The important part here is you want to level this far above the CWDT, so you can manually cast it. Immortal Call should be capped at lvl 3, so it can be activated when something hits you with Cast when Damage Taken. Having both of these linked to an Increased Duration at max level is ideal.

Immortal Call (Level 3) - Cast with Damage Taken (Level 1)- Increased Duration (Max Lvl) - Phase Run (Max Lvl)

Curse and Aura Skills (4 Link) - Vaal Discipline and Enfeeble

Vaal Discipline is perfect for extra energy shield, and the ability to rapidly regenerate it regardless of taking damage. Enfeeble keeps it so enemies do not do very much damage at all, increasing your survivability even more. You could technically use another curse for more damage, but again, it is 100% not necessary. This build is already very strong damage-wise. Having these connected to a Blasphemy casts the curse as an aura, meaning its always on anyone around you. Enlighten attached to it reduces the mana required, and is very useful when you eventually go for the "Aspect of the Spider" on your skills, as your final mana reserve skill.

Enfeeble - Blasphemy - Vaal Discipline - Enlighten

Movement Skill (3 Link) - Flame Dash

Flame dash works perfectly for our build, allowing us to get over walls, dash out of trouble, or more likely, into the middle of it. Feel free to experiment here, but this is my preferred skill for this build. We attach it to Faster Casting for more smoothness, and Arcane Surge for mana regen, and extra damage. Keep Arcane Surge low enough level to be activated on every flame dash for convenience.

Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (Level 6)

Elemental Equilibrium Proc and Cold Debuff - Main Hand 3 Link

This is an awesome feature of this build. This uses a new mechanic in 3.5 to make any item a pseudo Poets Pen. We do this with our main hand weapon, and make sure the weapon has the affix "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill" then inside it put Frost Bomb to shred their cold resists and debuff them, as well as Orb of Storms and Storm Brand to proc Elemental Equilibrium with their lightning damage, massively increasing our damage. These skills DO NOT have to be linked.

Frost Bomb - Orb of Storms - Storm Brand

Skill Tree


You can take Deep Thoughts for 2 points to help with mana regeneration if you are having issues, or Arcane Will.

If you have too small of a mana pool, you can take the 1 point near CI for 4% reduced reservation!

Path of Building (PoB) Link

Take note, this PoB is off of my current build at this moment, and I will try to keep it updated and optimized as I receive feedback.


Profile Link

I am not here to hide what I do from you, feel free to check my shit out at any time here. I linked the character for this build, but feel free to browse other builds as well. Leave a comment here for questions!


Raw Skilltree URL


Minion Nodes? What the actual fuck? (An Explanation)

Minion Damage on Items and Tree

So you have read enough of my guide to get to the point of noticing i have minion nodes in my tree, and minion stats on my items, and you are about to dismiss me as a crazy idiot who does not know what he is doing.

Well, I may be a crazy idiot, but in this case, I believe I know what I am doing, and will try my best to detail it here.

Spiritual Aid

Spiritual Aid is a new node that added in during 3.4, and we are still exploring its potentials. The main stat on here that is important is "Increases and Reductions to Minion Damage also affect you." That means, when we get a node that says "15% Increased Minion Damage" it also affects OUR damage. It flat out lets us ignore the "Minion" in the statement, and look at it as bonuses to our own stats. As you can see from the screenshot, this node adds roughly 22.7% overall damage to my Vortex.

Other Notable Passive Points

Minion Item

The main item we will use with Minion stats on it is our main weapon. I will go more into detail on how to make these in the Gear/Crafting sections, but this is a high level preview.

This stat makes it so that WE deal 70%+ more damage, not just our minions.
This is VERY strong. I have snagged a snapshot or two of different sceptres that will work, my recommendation is to not try for a perfect one, but just get some decent rolls and you will be fine. No need to waste 10 exalted crafting on this slot.

Items and Gear

Items and Gear

The biggest thing that I could stress in this section is the fact that you should NEVER follow any guide verbatim when it comes to gear. You can make what you find work, or SHOULD be able to, for any truly viable build, barring a few key items.

This build has little to no key items to make it viable. You do not need to spend 50 exalted on a piece of gear to kill Uber Elder. I killed Uber Elder deathless in a Tabula for 11c.

There are also a lot of options here to favor your particular play style. If you want more defense, build more ES. If you want more damage, build more damage. Long story short, build to what you prefer. What I have here is what I am using, and have had great success with. Feel free to comment and ask questions, or provide alternatives, as I am always tweaking!

One more important thing to note....

Aspect of the Spider is AWESOME on this build. It is one part on my current build I am missing, but will be getting soon. If you have an option to get it on a piece of gear, I would highly recommend it.



The most important parts of your main weapon are Minion Damage, and the crafted affix "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill." The minion damage is a GREAT way to scale your damage due to the Spiritual Aid passive node (See Minion Section Above for Explanation.) The other super important part is the Trigger a Spell crafting suffix. This allows you to put Orb of Storms, Storm Brand, and Frost Bomb in it for massive AoE debuff's and proc'ing your Elemental Equilibrium for massive damage.

There are a few options on what to build here, and I will show you how to craft them in the "Crafting Section" of this guide. They are NOT difficult to craft, and cost roughly 20-40c in materials for a decent end game viable craft.

Here is a PoE Trading link to weapons with both mods on them, but again, I would NOT buy one like this, and I would craft one MYSELF. Please visit the Crafting section to figure out how!





Options... Options... Options...

This is one slot where you can do what you prefer most... More damage? Curse Mitigation (richy rich, i see...), more defense... Dealers choice.

Personally, I prefer more defense. I would highly recommend using a high Energy Shield... Shield. This league I have seen MASSIVE ES shields, almost 500 ES or more. That's like wearing a second chest piece. I will take not dying 100% of the time over marginal increases in damage.

If you want, you can always use Atziri's Reflection, or some other fancy shield, but what fits this build arguably best is just a simple high ES shield.

These are not hard to craft, and will be detailed in the crafting section, but they are also not that expensive for a 300 or so ES shield. Here is a link if you would just prefer to buy one.





Another easy to craft slot! Please check the "Crafting" section of this guide on how to make your own. This will likely save you a LOT of money vs purchasing one. The stats are not hard to get if you know what to do, and since they are only achieved in delve crafting, there isnt many on the market, and hence are expensive to buy flat out. 20-40c investment can get you something pretty awesome self crafting.

This is another slot where Energy Shield is VERY important. We want as much of it as we can get. 250+ preferred, though less can be ok if other stats are on the helm as well.

Personally, I like delve crafting to get the affix "Nearby Enemies have -9% Cold Resistance" as you are generally always nearby enemies. Again, check the "Crafting" section for information on how to do this!

And for those of you who want a URL to just buy one instead of crafting one...





Armour is easy for this build. Honestly you can just use a Tabula all the way through level 90 and beyond. I have mentioned this before, but my first Uber Elder kill was with a tabula. The most important part is just having 6 links. Second most important part is Energy Shield. Get as much of that as possible, and then additional stats are a bonus. Dex, Str, Resists, whatever.
Energy Shield is just the priority. You can get over 800 again this league, meaning ES IS BACK BOYS!

Crafting the mods is not insanely hard for this, but 6 linking can be a pain.
I would recommend just buying a 6 link ilvl 84 NORMAL vaal regalia, then crafting it. That will make your life a LOT easier, and you can start using it right away regardless of the mods on it, it is easy to color and any stats are an upgrade to no stats.

Heres the "I JUST WANT TO BUY IT" Link:





What is great about this build is you have SO MUCH flexibility in gear.
For gloves, the main important stat AGAIN is ENERGY SHIELD! That means everything else is a bonus. Make sure your resists are capped out, and then make sure you get some Dex and Str if you can. These help with the requirements for Increased Duration (STR) and Phase Run (Dex) and Hypothermia (Dex) and Swift Affliction (Dex).

ENERGY SHIELD --> Resists --> Dex --> Str

Or again, any stats are a bonus. Energy shield is the priority.






Movement Speed is a priority here. I am not a purist, so 25% is fine for me, but if you can get 30% that is great. I was lucky enough to get a 30% pair for relatively cheap this league so I went with those. The extra 5% is luxury, not required. In other words, I think movement speed has diminishing returns for the cost required.

Other than that, energy shield, resistances, and if you have a chance for STR or DEX then those are always great too.

ES --> Movement Speed --> Resists

Sin Trek's are always a great cheap option as well!

Here is a quick link, but these I would put more effort into searching.





Again, with this slot, you have options. I would make sure you are Max Resists, and have enough STR and DEX to be comfortable. I would also make sure to grab as much Energy Shield mods as I can.

My amulet was unique, do NOT try to copy it or you will probably spend a fair amount. It is not that mine is insanely good, its more that its unique due to Syndicate Crafting.

The other option here is to go with a Solstice Vigil. This has some stats, increased damage, and Shapers Presence mod on it, which does the following:

Shaper's Presence causes effects on you and nearby allies to expire 33% slower.

This effectively increases duration of all buffs (positive and negative) by 50%.

That starts to add up when you are looking everything we are doing with Duration.

Buy it Now Links:

Solstice Vigil:

Rare Ammy:





Big slots for filling out your resistances, energy shield, dex and strength requirements. These probably have the most opportunity for variance, so do not try to stick too close to the guide, but get what your build needs.

For me, in these slots I ask myself:

1) Are all my resists maxed? If not, that is priority #1.
2) Do I have enough STR and DEX to sustain Hypothermia, Swift Affliction, Phase Run, and Increased Duration?

Once I have both of those filled, then I go for:

2) Cold Damage / Elemental Damage

Mofucka I just want to buy cheap shit to make my build work.





As far as belts go, a good Crystal Belt is fairly cheap, and provides a good boost to ES and resistances. You can also get some STR on a belt if you still need it!

Energy Shield, Resistances, Stats, and... if you can afford it... ASPECT OF THE SPIDER

Raw Link for Decent Belt Search:





Here is part of why our ascendancy pays off. We do not have to worry about freeze or chill! Nice to not have to worry about that. For our flasks, we want speed and defense. These are the flasks I use, but feel free to experiment for what works best for you!

For this section, I will list the types of flasks, and the affixes needed separate. This is because you should not target in that "I NEED ANTI - BLEEDING ON THIS PARTICULAR FLASK." You can change these around as you see fit.

FOR ALL FLASKS: Chemists, Perpetual, or Experimenter's are all great versions.

QuickSilver Flask of Adrenaline (This is one I always have.


Quartz Flask

Phasing for increased movement, some dodge chance... but mainly for phasing as a backup incase Phase Run is on CD. It can also be easier to cast.

Basalt Flask

Extra Phys Damage Reduction because you are in the middle of everything.
Nice safety net.

Sulphur Flask

Increased damage, and Zealot's Oath in our passive tree allows us to make full use of the Consecrated Ground counting towards our Energy Shield.

Dying Sun Ruby Flask (OPTIONAL)

This is a luxury, not required. The extra AoE is nice, and the extra fire resistance and reduced fire damage taken.

Granite Flask or Stibnite Flask

These can be used in the final slot instead of Dying Sun. Each provide additional defense.


These are the recommended flask affixes. Put them on whatever flasks you have.

"Of Staunching"


"Of Grounding"


"Of Warding"





Fancy Watcher's Eyes are cool, but I still am not even using one. They are not required due to our ascendancy and massive ES regen as is.

Typically, Flat Energy Shield is the best here.

Damage dealing can be used too, if you feel like you are lacking.

Or the obligitory GG Watcher's

One last time... The IDEAL way to use that last bit of mana, in my opinion, rather than a different curse... is to get the Aspect of the Spider affix on your belt or other piece of gear.

Aspect of the spider is so insanely strong, can affect people 3 times, and stacks... What does it do? 30% reduced movement per stack, and 5% increased damage taken per stack.

This is your temp chains on steroids! Huge movespeed reduction, and increased damage taken is one of the best stats in the game, because it is hugely multiplicative, compared to adding more damage with has diminishing returns.

I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting that if you can afford it, over a second curse.

Bandits and Pantheon

Bandits - KILL

With bandits on this build, I prefer to have the two additional skill points. It helps a lot in the tree and I can't make a strong argument for any other choice


We have a few options here, but the main ones that stand out to me are Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Garukhan. The fact that we are stun and freeze immune from our ascendancy helps a ton, and negates other pantheons. Lunaris gives us chance to avoid, avoid any chained, and huge phys damage reduction for anyone nearby, which generally, there will be a lot of people nearby in those late 5x sextant t16 maps.... at least for 1/100th off a second...

Soul of Garukhan is personal preference, most minor pantheons should work fine. I like Garukhan for the extra movement speed, as well as, heck, why not, a little extra evade if we have actually been hit big.




The Ascendancy - Occultist

Instead of comparing Ascendancies, I will tell you why Occultist wins my vote.

Occultist has a great amount of Energy Shield in its tree, +250 flat, and 32%. There is also Vile Bastion, giving 1% of energy Shield Regenerated per Second per each enemy you have killed, up to 30%. This is massive amounts of regeneration when our ES can get up to 15k. You cannot be stunned while alive, Energy shield recharge is not interrupted by damage, you cannot be frozen or chilled. Oh don't forget, every few seconds, you have a chance to freeze even unique enemies, and guaranteed non-unique enemies, and nearby chilled enemies deal 10% reduced damage with hits. All fantastic benefits. That is a lot of defense in an ascendancy. There are also great offensive bonuses, especially for Vortex and Cold Snap. Extra Cold DoT damage, enemy cold resistance reduction, and anti life regeneration all start to add up. When you start to look at it all lined up, it becomes pretty clear why this is the perfect ascendancy.

First Choice - Wicked Ward

For our first two nodes, we prioritize defense. Remember, we are running face first into enemies trying to murder us. Defense is HUGE.

Second Choice - Vile Bastion

Defense. Defense. Defense. The Energy Shield Regenerated Per Second stacks up HUGE. Cannot be stunned while you have energy shield (which as CI, means while you are alive), is MASSIVE. This is just a beast upgrade for us.

Third Choice - Void Beacon

After we get our Energy Shield, we build towards Frigid Wake. Void Beacon is first in that route, so we take it first, pretty simple. It also gives -20% Cold Resistance to Nearby Enemies, so that is not bad, on top of reduced Life Regeneration for enemies.

Fourth Choice - Frigid Wake

This is an awesome UberLab pickup. Cannot be chilled or frozen, as well as more damage, and extra defense from chill and more chilling and freezing? Please and thank you.


General Leveling Thoughts

This build can be leveled as a league starter, but obviously every build shines as an end game build once you hit 6 link.

Generally, I recommend leveling a lot of points defensively early, because if you are dead, you can't do damage. Simple as that.

Early, I snag a bunch of Energy Shield nodes in my tree, but mainly stick with LIFE on my gear until i get enough ES to feel comfortable to make a more dedicated switch. If you have ES items while leveling, feel free to use them, I just find health easier to maintain with potions until you get later in the game.

Vortex cannot be used until level 28, so until then, I would recommend leveling with Storm Brand (New and very strong), Frosbolt or Frezing Pulse, as they hit multiple people at once and are decently strong.

Arcane surge can be leveled, but stop it at level 6ish, then attach it to flame dash when you can. Flame dash is just always nice for movement/survivability.

Controlled destruction and Ele Focus can be got at level 18 to add some beef to the Vortex when you finally get it as well.

Early leveling uniques for cheap? Highly recommend using Wanderlust, Goldrim, and Tabula Rasa.

Level 1 - 10 Tree

Level 10 - 30 Tree

Level 30 - 50 Tree


Here is where I needed some extra STR/Dex in order to continue leveling my gems and wearing any gear. I decided to path to these extra nodes, because they are a huge boost while leveling, and can easily be redone with only a few of the respec points from the main quest.


Level 50 - 70 Tree

Level 70 - 90 Tree


Here is where the build REALLY starts to shine. You get to respec out of those strength and dex nodes around level 70ish, and replace them. Generally this happens when you get more end game pieces of gear with a few points of dex and str on them.

Also at this point, you should have enough Energy Shield to comfortably switch to CI. CI, or Chaos Innoculation, may take some getting used to for some, because it still looks like you have a big health pool, when in fact, you only have 1. Good news is you should have roughly 10k ES or more, so no worries!

You can also get Elemental Equilibrium now, because you can actually proc it with your items and skills consistently. This is a huge damage boost, but I held off on the node until i was able to comfortable and consistently cast my lightning spells to proc it.

From here on out, it is really dealers choice on nodes you want. For me personally, I will be filling out as much ES as I can, but I think I am about full. Now, I will likely grab the two points up near Fingers of Frost for more cold damage, and probably going to grab Hex Master to boost my curses even further, just havent toyed with it yet.

Let me know if you have any thoughts and I will PoB them and test them out!




These are going to be added as we go here, I have a clip of me doing Uber Elder deathless, but it is just not the quality I want so I am going to redo it here in the next day or two likely. These are all going to be added throughout 3.5

T16 Chimera:


U. Elder: All 4 Guardians




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Gear Crafting Guide

Gear Crafting Guide

Alright, here we go. The section everyone has been asking for! Thanks for the patience while I had handle some things in real life.

I am going to be working on this today, as much as possible. It may not be finished today, but I will get as much done as i can.

Crafting, and this build, go together like Peanut butter and Jelly. Like Peanut butter and Chocolate. Like Peanut Butter and... yeah you get the picture.

This is the section that could, in theory, either save you a lot of money, or make you a lot of money if you are lucky.

This build relies heavily on a few mods that are delve crafted, or crafted in general. this means that these mods are a lot more rare than the common mods that drop on the ground, as everyone has access to those.

Because less people understand how to craft these items, the supply is limited on the trade sites, and the prices are relatively high. Therefore, self crafting these items becomes a lot more interesting idea.

There are a few things I want to point out before we get into the specifics, and the first of which is this:


Simple I know, right? There is no 100% certain way to get the exact mods you want, but I can provide guidance on what I consider to be the better ways to try to roll them.

The second point I want to make is:


This should be no surprise to any veteran of PoE, but for newbies out there, this is how we do it. "Money" is relative, but in order to maximize the returns on your investments, sometimes it requires a bit of monetary investment of your own. (Clarifying here, but when I mean monetary and money, i mean in game currency, nothing that you need to purchase with real money.)

This can be seen in the most simplistic ways with mapping. It is almost ALWAYS worth it to alch a map, because it increases the quantity and rarity of items dropped in the map, generally totaling out to be more than the alchemy you spent upgrading the map.

Take that further with Sextants and Fragments, and with the new Scarabs as well. Some Scarabs are 30c+, but why do people buy them? Because they can make more money spending that 30c on an item and using it in the right way, to maximize returns worth the costs.

It is always a gamble, but this is, at its core, ARPG RNG at its finest.

Now, to be perfectly clear...




Now lets begin.

Crafting Basics

I was debating on where to start with this section, and I think it makes sense to start with the basics, as we have a lot of new Exiles from the Diablapocolyspe.

If you are seasoned, feel free to skip this section, and go directly to the piece of gear you are looking to craft. Remember, not all crafting is worth it, so check the market before you invest in trying to craft something. If you can get a piece of gear for 10-20c with decent mods on it, sometimes that is the best option.

If you do not want to read, there are some great guides out there on these forums and on YouTube. Do not take my word as gospel!

Prefixes, Affixes, and Suffixes

Implicits, Prefixes, and Suffixes

In game you can see what is a Suffix or a Prefix by simply hovering over the item, and pressing "Alt"

When crafting, it is extremely important to understand what Implicits, Prefixes, and Suffixes are. Some of you may be asking - "Why do I care?"

The reason you care is, any rare item you get can have a maximum of 3 Prefixes, and 3 Suffixes.

I am going to repeat that so people understand how important this is.

Any rare item you get can have a maximum of 3 Prefixes, and 3 Suffixes

That means, if you already have 3 Prefixes, and do not have a life or energy shield roll on it, you have absolutely zero chance of rolling one if you add more stats to it, or try to craft it on. Wont happen, can't happen.

This brings me to my next and absolute BEST resource for crafting, http://poeaffix.net

This website allows you to see what each Prefix and Suffix is available for each item, and more importantly, the iLvl requirements of the item to craft that mod on it.

Let's take a look at some Energy Shield based armor, and I will explain how to read this.

Now, if we look at this picture, at the top middle, we can see it is for ES Body Armour. On the right hand side of the page, that entire column is what is available for Suffixes, and it goes far beyond what I captured in my screenshot.

On the left hand side, is what available Prefixes can be crafted onto this armour type.

In the picture, I have also clicked on the Fire Resistance Suffix. This was to show how to read the iLvL chart. To craft the maximum tier Fire Resistance, you need to use a base item with the iLvL of 84, and you can roll between 46 and 48 fire resistance. That does not mean that you WILL, just that you have the chance to. If you only use armour with a base of ilvl 36, you can never craft higher than 29 fire resistance, without using essences, which is a whole different conversation.

Special mods, like Shaper, Elder, can only be crafted onto either their respective Shaper or Elder type base items. To craft elder mods on energy shield armour, for example, you would need a elder version of that armor to start crafting on.

Delve mods can only be achieved through using fossils. These can be crafted onto any base type, but require the specific fossils to get specific results.

Now, with any rare armour, what this really means, is you can choose 3 from the right column, and 3 from the left column, and that is the absolute maximum. You cannot chose 4 from one and 2 from the other. 3 of each. That's how it works.


The other affix that is important to understand is the Implicit affix. It is important to note that NOT ALL ITEMS HAVE IMPLICITS.

An implicit is anything that shows up above the little ------ line on an item.

These implicits cannot be altered when doing traditional crafting, for the sake of rerolling the suffixes and prefixes. What I mean, is if you scour an item, or reroll it with an alch or chaos, the implicits stay on the item.

This is extremely important to understand for Enchantments from UberLab, if you are trying to craft a helm. You can buy a white base with the lab enchant you want on it, then craft it as much as you want and the uberlab enchant will stay on it.

Some other notes here about implicits... They do not count towards the 3 Prefix and 3 Suffix limit, they are outside of that. So if you get a pair of two-toned boots, for example, with the +12% to 2 different resistances, you can still craft 3 more Prefixes and 3 more affixes on that. In this case though, you CANNOT enchant those boots, or rather, you CAN, but MAY NOT WANT TO, as if you enchant them, the enchantment will eat the original implicit.

This is important for things like Gloves with the % increased spell damage on them. If you enchant them in a lab, you will lose the implicit of increased spell damage.

Implicit's can also be rerolled with a Vaal, giving you a chance at random Implicits on the item, but also bricking it.

In this picture, you can see that the Spell Damage, above that little line, is an Implicit. That does not count against our 3 and 3 limit.

On the other arrow on the left, you can also see the notations P or S, for Prefix or Suffix, and the tier of the actual roll.

In game you can see what is a Suffix or a Prefix by simply hovering over the item, and pressing "Alt"

This is an ingame screenshot, while holding Alt. You can see the affixes clearly defined as Prefix or Suffix, and if it is an Implicit (up top.) As you can see, the KB lab enchantment is an implicit. This helmet has 3 Prefixes on it, and 3 Suffixes, so it cannot have any more mods. In an ideal world, it would not have the maximum life or rarity on them, and other mods could be crafted, but this was what I got after 15c worth of crafting, and it was good enough for Uber Elder.

Now that we have a basic understanding of Affixes, its time to understand the currency, and how that affects our items.

Currency Types and Effects

Currency Types and Effects

Rather than list them all here, here is a link to the Wiki for Currency Types and their effects:


For our uses today, we will be using a few particular types.

The types we need to understand for this guide are:

Armourer's Scrap

Extremely important for an Energy Shield build. These improve the quality of armour, in particular, increasing the amount of ES on it. This is fantastic and should always be used on the armour we are wearing.

Blessed Orb

These are used to reroll the implicits on an item, going for perfect rolls.
Traditionally, not a huge worry until you have finalized the rest of your affixes.

Chaos Orb

Used to reroll items with a chance at having 6 full affixes, rolled with good mods. Rerolls all affixes (NOT IMPLICITS) and gives random affixes and ranges subject to the items ilvl.

Chromatic Orb

Used for coloring your sockets. There are special ways to reduce the amount of these used, google "Vorici Method" of crafting. Though Vorici is now removed with 3.5, this method still works on the crafting bench if you have the right recipes unlocked.

Jewelers Orb

Got to have sockets. Sockets can be limited by ilvl, so make sure you have a high enough ilvl item if you are going for 6 sockets... or even 4.

Orb of Alchemy

Turns a white item into a yellow item, randomizing ALL affixes, prefix and suffix, and the rages of those affixes.

Orb of Alteration

Used for "Alt Spam" crafting. Rerolls BLUE items into other BLUE items.
Useful for crafting specific mods onto items, and a method used for crafting a few pieces of gear for this build.

Orb of Annulment

Got a really really godlike item, and one pesky stat? Feeling lucky? This is your chance to RANDOMLY remove that stat... or possibly a stat that made your item good in the first place. Unless you are god tier crafting, I would actually sell these for a profit, not use them.

Orb of Augmentation

Sometimes when you are "Alt Spamming" you may get one of the affixes you are looking for, with a free open affix. Blue items can only have 2 affixes on them at any time. This orb allows you a chance to add a random affix, and is useful if you get a T1 affix of something, and want a shot at getting another useful one before regalling.

Orb of Fusing

Time to try your luck. Anything under 6 link I generally risk it and just use these flat out... If its 6 link, I would actually prefer to save them and sell them and buy a 6 link, or pay someone to 6 link my item with a recipe, or do it myself. My luck is shit with 6 links. Took me 1800 hours or something like that before I hit my first one.

Orb of Scouring

Useful to completely wipe a yellow item back to a white item, and starting over if doing "Alt Spam" method of crafting.

Orb of Transmutation

Turns a white item into a blue item, the first step for "Alt Spam" crafting.

Regal Orb

These should only be used if you have 2x T1 affixes on a blue item you are looking for, and the MAIN 2 t1 affixes you are looking for. You CAN do it with T2's, and sometimes I do as well, but if we are Alt Spamming, we are looking for 2x VERY specific high tier affixes, and should probably not compromise often.

Helmet Crafting

Helmet Crafting

Alright, through the basics, and on to how we craft for this build.

Lets do this.

What are we Looking For?

On our helmet, we are looking for the following mods:

+XX to Maximum Energy Shield

+XXX% Increased Energy Shield

+XXX% to any and all resistances

Nearby Enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance

If we look at these mods, 3 are inherrent to Energy Shield helmets. Max ES, Inc ES, and resistance mods are all available through regular crafting.

The one mod that is NOT available through regular crafting is Nearby Enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance

This mod can only be achieved through Delve/Fossil Crafting.

Now we have to chose a helmet to craft onto. For this, we check our handy http://poeaffix.net/ to see what is the ilvl we need, and check https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Helmets#Energy_Shield_Helmets_.28Intelligence.29 to find out what base we want, that has the highest Energy Shield available.

From these lists, we can see that the best base for us, is a Hubris Circlet, because it has the highest base Energy Shield.

Now for a chance at the best rolls possible, we want to make sure we have the right ilvl helmet. So for this, we check PoEAffix. We can see on there, that for the best rolls for our required stats, we need an ilvl 84 helmet, both for Energy Shield, as well as for chances at Resistance Rolls.

So, now that we have our base item identified... Time to buy one.

In an ideal world, you would buy one with the Lab Enchant for Vortex already on it, but that is a bit more expensive so we are keeping it simple for now.

Currently, they are going for 1 alch.



Time to scour it, make sure its white, then use 4x Armourer's Scraps on it to bring it to 20%. This will increase its maximum energy shield a good amount, and, I have seen stats in the past, make it easier to link (pure speculation from me).

Once you have it ready, lets get the required materials to craft it.

The Fossil that is absolutely required is the Frigid Fossil.

This is the key to getting the Nearby Enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance affix on the helmet.

The other fossil that can be used to help this process is the Dense Fossil.

This helps the process by eliminating life from being rolled on the helmet, and can increase your chances at better Energy Shield rolls.

Another fossil that is ABSOLUTELY NOT REQUIRED, that could be used here, is the Enchanted Fossil, for a chance to get a lab enchant while spamming, or the Perfect Fossil, for higher quality (this is not required due to Syndicate being able to get EVEN HIGHER quality.)


For using the fossils, they need to be socketed in a Resonator.

I would recommend either doing the 2 resonator, with Frigid and Dense, or a singular resonator with just Frigid in it.

These are what you are looking for:


The important part here is to not tunnel vision in on perfect. It won't happen unless you are ungodly lucky, or spending literally thousands of exalts. The goal here is to get something that gets you the stats you want, or at least stats you can work around.

In the case of our helmet, that main stat is 2 fold. We need the - 9% resistances mod, and we need a decent amount of Energy Shield overall on the helmet.

A decent goal for spending 10-20C on this, would be to go for the - 9% resistances affix, with at least 200+ Energy Shield on it.

Weapon Crafting

Weapon Crafting

Alright... We begin.

The long awaited...

The much anticipated...

Alright fuck it at this point I will stop typing, you have read far enough already. Lets get into it.

What are we Looking For?

For our weapon, we are looking for the following mods:

Ideal Two Base Mods:

Minions deal XX% increased Damage

XX% Increased Damage when on Full Life

In an ideal world, we have these two mods, with nothing else on the weapon. Then we can craft the remaining mods on using our crafting bench.

This is not always realistic, my weapon itself was not nearly this good when I beat Uber Elder, and STILL is not this good. But these are the ideal stats.

Once you have them, you can craft on the additional pieces at the bench:

Bench Crafted Stats:

Can Have Multiple Crafted Modifiers

+XX% Increased Damage when on Full Life

+XX% to Cold Damage over Time Multiplier

Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill

Really, the main one you need until you can afford a god-tier crafting weapon, is

Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill


Minions deal XX% increased Damage

This is because "Multi Crafted Mods" is an expensive base craft, and should only be done on god-like item bases.

Here I will break this into two sections, the 10c-50c guide, and the 2 Exalt+ guide.

I will start with the one that will benefit most people, the 10c-50c guide.

10c - 50c Weapon Crafting

Don't be ashamed you are not spending 2ex+ here. You do NOT need to. I did not, and still have not, and probably will not. I have killed the hardest content multiple times with ease with my weapon.

Think of yourself as "Economical."

For this, our base rule stays the same. We are looking for:

Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill


Minions deal XX% increased Damage

Luckily, the Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill is just a crafting bench SUFFIX.

I Specify Suffix, so when we are crafting, you NEED to make sure you have one open Suffix slot so we can craft this mod onto the item when we are done.

It costs 3 Chaos to add this mod at a crafting bench.

So... What base to use?

Again, we reference our handy poeaffix and our poe wiki to get that answer.

Feel free to check using the resources provided in other sections, but if you trust me so far, trust me on this... ilvl 84 Opal Sceptre.

The Base Item

The item you will be crafting on is an ilvl 84 Opal Sceptre.

Required Currency for Crafting

The Minions deal XX% increased Damage is a Fossil/Delve mod, the only way to get it is to use a Bound Fossil.

This is really the only thing you absolutely need for lower tier sceptre crafting. The other fossil you can use, and likely should, would be a Pristine Fossil.

This fossil allows you to get the XX% Increased Damage when on Full Life.


For using the fossils, they need to be socketed in a Resonator.

I would recommend either doing the 2 resonator, with Bound and Pristine, or a singular resonator with just Bound in it.

These are what you are looking for:


The important part here is to not tunnel vision in on perfect. It won't happen unless you are ungodly lucky, or spending literally thousands of exalts. The goal here is to get something that gets you the stats you want, or at least stats you can work around.

In the case of our weapon, our main goal is to get:

Minions deal XX% increased Damage

and, if possible:

XX% Increased Damage when on Full Life

Make sure your sceptre is white, then use 4 blacksmiths whetstones on it to bring it to 20%. From here, you are going to start using resonators and fossils on it, until you get the above 2 stats, or at a high roll on Minions deal XX% increased Damage .

Once you get that, make sure that there is an open suffix, then walk over to the bench and craft on

Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill

Then use a few jewelers to get it to 3 sockets, and then a few chomatics to make sure they are all blue, then you are done!

There are a few other useful mods that could show up when crafting... some of the notables are:

% Increased Cold Damage

% Increased Spell Damage

A decent goal for spending 10-50c on this, would be to go for Minions Deal 70%+ Increased Damage, and then either Cold Resistance Penetration, Damage on Full Life, or one other useful mod, then craft on the Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill . You will be surprised with how much damage you do, and with how much elemental equilibrium and this trigger skill will increase your damage when you put the right gems in it. It also will smooth out your gameplay EXTREMELY.

2 Exalt+ Weapon Crafting

TO BE ADDED! Going to finish Body Armour and Shield before I come back to this.

Body Armour

Body Armour Crafting


FAQ and General Tips

These will be added as people comment, or I think of them. If you bring something useful, you will get credit for it! Keep the ideas and discussion coming!

General Tips
bridgeburner wrote:

1) Wait til you get phase run to do the lab. It makes it so much easier.

2) Start getting used to hitting phase run instead of a life flask. It's good muscle memory. The length of phase run (assuming you have charges and inc duration) is enough time for our ES regen to kick in (which doesn't get interrupted after it starts thanks to our first ascendancy node)

Kaintgitrite wrote:
I dont know if it's that great for leveling for us since we dont get CI til late but ive been using Light of Lunaris Spirit shield that adds 38-60 cold damage to spells and 479% increased ES. im level 40ish and im assuming it will only start to shine more and more as we unlock more es nodes/es gear. It's a little more on the expensive side "non starter" but if running 5 6 or even 7th char like i am not that big of a deal.


Idarroc wrote:
clindberg88 wrote:
I really like the look of this build, but I was wondering about the weapon's veil mod.

The Frost Bomb, will the not trigger equilibrium to the worse?

Yes, Frost Bomb will trigger EE for the worse, that being said, it only triggers on the hit of the explosion, as that is the hit. Also, with EE, effects do not stack, they overwrite, so with 2x Lightning spells "hitting" very fast repeatedly, EE should never be on Frost Bomb for more than .1 second at MOST.

bridgeburner wrote:
IronBodyGamer wrote:
As someone who is fairly new isn't Zealot's Oath a dead skill point since you have zero regen? Or is there something to this mechanic i am just not understanding?

It makes life regeneration apply to our energy shield instead of hp. We get about 1.4% life regen (converted to es regen) from the tree, and also we use a sulphur flask which gives us 6% life regen (converted to es regen).

So that's 7.4% of our max ES regenerated per second when these are up. For example, if your ES is 8000, that's about 500 es per second.

Change Log

12/31/2018 - Added Helmet and Weapon Crafting Guide Section, added Guardians Video
12/29/2018 - Added first 2 Videos
12/28/2018 - Started the Guide

Last edited by Idarroc on Jan 5, 2019, 11:23:37 PM
Could you post leveling trees please
Could you post leveling trees please

Will do! I am currently fully building it out as we speak! Going to bust this thing out nice :)

Let me know if you have any questions!
looking forward to it, when you're done with the leveling trees if you can break down the leveling trees ( bonus points if you can do this in PoB as well )

I think most of us are waiting for the tree so we can anxiously start playing lol

I love how you're meticulously planning this out, which is why I'm looking forward to your guide.
theeze wrote:
looking forward to it, when you're done with the leveling trees if you can break down the leveling trees ( bonus points if you can do this in PoB as well )

I think most of us are waiting for the tree so we can anxiously start playing lol

I love how you're meticulously planning this out, which is why I'm looking forward to your guide.

I am trying! I have been going for a few hours straight on this haha! It should be worth it though, as I made this build on Wednesday, and beat Uber Elder with it Yesterday, first try deathless. Did it again today to make sure before I started to write.

Keep feedback coming for what you want, and I will make sure to continue to add it! I plan on finishing this tonight... Whether it takes me a few hours or 15!
Would it be possible to post path of exile trade links for gear as well. Some of the best guides on the fourms have them and they make life so much easier. Personally I would really appreciate it
Would it be possible to post path of exile trade links for gear as well. Some of the best guides on the fourms have them and they make life so much easier. Personally I would really appreciate it

I can, but I also plan on adding a section on HOW to craft my items.

I self crafted every slot for roughly 20c'ish per slot! (Other than the 6L chest)
Idarroc wrote:
Would it be possible to post path of exile trade links for gear as well. Some of the best guides on the fourms have them and they make life so much easier. Personally I would really appreciate it

I can, but I also plan on adding a section on HOW to craft my items.

I self crafted every slot for roughly 20c'ish per slot! (Other than the 6L chest)

Every time I take a look, I see something new...you really work fast. haha

Quick question, are the skill gems listed in order of importance, once we ditch the tabula?

theeze wrote:
Idarroc wrote:
Would it be possible to post path of exile trade links for gear as well. Some of the best guides on the fourms have them and they make life so much easier. Personally I would really appreciate it

I can, but I also plan on adding a section on HOW to craft my items.

I self crafted every slot for roughly 20c'ish per slot! (Other than the 6L chest)

Every time I take a look, I see something new...you really work fast. haha

Quick question, are the skill gems listed in order of importance, once we ditch the tabula?

I have not ordered them yet, but I will when I get a moment.

Been plugging along for a while, may need to take a break :P

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