[3.5] JAZZ's pure phys CRIT CYCLONE all content viable 2MIL+ shaper dps 5mil+ burst

Welcome to my cyclone guide

Cyclone is favourite skill in the game and have made multiple characters with the skill. This is what I have settled on as being the smoothest and most powerful version of the skill that I have ever played


I am online pretty often am willing to answer most questions feel free to ask me or post in the thread and I will try to answer in a timely fashion also If you have suggestions to make the guide easier to read let me know


-Can do all content of the game
-pretty tanky with alot of dodge blind and overleech
-immune to reflect damage
-Melee Skill
-playing the best skill in the game :D

-cannot do no leech maps (or have to be very careful)
-can be expensive to get all the uniques
-needs all the ascendancy points to really start playing the build


For leveling I would suggest using ARC as it can carry anyone through story and labs until you can get some labs done and begin allocating points from the ranger starting point. I have provided a basic tree with 26 points allocated but you can expand from there and respec later if you need more skill points to progress through the acts I would suggest focusing on hp and damage skill points while leveling


multiple trees to show the path you should allocate points as you level with the earliest tree being there for a simple tree to follow and expand as you see fit for leveling

Ascendancy choice

Raider->Ranger start area->Slayer

Raider: Is a very nice ascendancy gives us a steady source of frenzy charges and essentially infinite onslaught and movement speed along with some dodge makes it a nice choice for bossing and mapping alike

Slayer:Overleech need I say more but really immunity to reflect damage and built in culling strike make this a amazing choice


Greater God:Soul of Arakali-since we self cast blood rage this counts as a damage over time and any time we trigger the lvl 1 cwdt immortal call this interrupts it procing the 1st part of arakali's pantheon giving us 50% more life regened from leeching per second the shock effect reduction and reduced chaos damage over time is just icing on the cake

Lower God:there is much more flexibility in this slot compared to the greater god as such you can change it up depending on the content you are facing the two I like the most are the following

Soul of Garukhan:gives us a nice 5% chance to evade if we take a savage hit (15% or more total life in damage from a single source) but the real value comes in the 6% increased ms if you have not been hit recently making mapping a bit smoother THIS IS PREFERED

Soul of Gruthkul:This pantheon doesn't offer as much compared to Garukhan but I use it mostly for the unlock effect of 8% reduced attack speed which can be really nice for bosses which is the only time I would ever switch off of Garukhan and even then it is a bit of overkill


While this is a cyclone build you are actually running 2 6l with the ability to burst for over 5mil+ shaper dps which is pretty crazy the second skill we run is vaal ancestral warchief

Leap slam is our skill of choice for getting around with the amount of attack speed + movement speed we stack it gets very fast and smooth If you want a more tanky option you can go with fortify instead of culling strike but you lose out on the attack speed gained from culling strike quality

We self cast blood rage and run cast on damage taken immortal call to take advantage of the 50% increase life recovery rate from the soul of arakali when it procs

We run 3 auras the new war banner haste and aspect of the cat

war banner was a nice buff to pure physical builds making enemies take increased more damage around you

aspect of the cat gives us damage and defence which makes it a perfect fit

haste gives us some movement speed as well as attack speed this gives us a nice attack speed buff as well as some sweet movement speed

The only gem switch is with cyclone and increased area of effect and concentrated effect but the dps is only recommended at shaper and company

The gems shown in the weapons are generally the priority you should get them in

Starforge is the whole reason this build exists A amazing pdps sword that deals pure physical damage this plus the slayer ascendancy lets us ignore reflect maps entirely Since starforge and brutality prevents elemental damage entirely we can focus our builds attention more easily

aspect of the cat is one of the most powerful auras in the game and this helm gives you blind as well as more crit chance and damage against blinded enemies nothing else comes close to the farrul's bite the

Best enchants are blood rage->cyclone attack speed->cyclone damage

loreweave is one of the most powerful chest armours in the game gives a massive amount of damage and tankyness a must run in almost every build that doesnt have a mandatory chest peice

mark of the elder is the same as mark of the shaper but for spells gives massive damage and good amount of life

any shaper ring will do with steel being the best look for high flat life any resistance you can get here along with intelligence since that is the only primary stat we struggle to get

with the introduction of the new crafting system ggg has given us a amazing new mods like the bonus range and damage a rare amulet is BIS but a carnage heart is another nice defensive option or daresso's salute for the damage and range

Shaper's touch is a underrated pair of gloves and since we stack so much dex,str it turns a amazing pair of gloves that are not expensive even when looking for a specific corrupt like enfeeble for a more defensive option or vulnerability for dps even compared to a double socket tombfist these gloves give us more dps

Just gives us everything we are looking for a source of damage resistance and best of all it is a source of intimidate which eliminates the need to run a double socket tombfist

Bubonics are just nice generic boots that can be replaced by a rare as your needs for resistances and the like change double socket bubonics gives a great deal of damage as well as the chance to run two abyss gems you can use to fill in any gaps in intelligence and resistances you are missing


panic life flask is amazing gets rid of bleed and can be a panic button when getting low on life

jade flask because we have so much evasion increase from the tree gives us a massive amount of evasion

one of our dps flasks gives us crit chance and the secondary option can be anything depending on what you feel you need

The only mandatory flask this gives a amazing amount of dps but beware that it pushes monsters back this can be annoying on everything that isnt guardians and higher

standard movement flask amazing for mapping and can be switched out for another defensive flask if you are bossing

More of a luxury flask but gives you infinite uptime on your vaal ancestral warchief in delve and a insane dps boost with both totems up and flasks hitting for 5mil+ dps on shaper

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One of the reasons scion is so powerful is the combo we have available to crit builds with double might of the meek and unnatural instict in the starting area of scion

One of the most powerful jewels in the game works in combination with might of the meek granting all of the buffed passives around it while only spending points on the jewel socket

Budget: A good budget option is a third might of the meek just allocate some points into the passives you desire the most or just another rare jewel can also be used

might of the meek is one of the best jewels and works amazingly well with unnatural instinct multiplying the stats provided by Unnatural Instinct

for rare jewels you can get just about anything you need to fill holes in your resists and atributes but % max life is recommended on any jewel you decide to use

MANDATORY:must use at least one physical damage leeched as mana sustains all our mana by itself


Crit multi->Attack speed->Crit Chance->% damage

Since my computer is a Potato I cannot record gameplay even though I have downed even AUL with this build I am more than happy to link and give share anyone's gameplay

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Any videos of this build?
unfortunately my computer is a potato i get slideshow sometimes playing normally I cannot even begin to imagine how bad it would be if I tried recording
What would u recommend until i get a unnatural instinct
A third might of the meek is a good option or even a rare jewel if you cannot afford that just allocate points into the passives u want the most around it as opposed to stuff you dont until then
Build is amazing so far. i dont have unnatural instinct yet but did red elder and shaper with ease.

cyclone lovers united we stand ;p

with regards Hamohello
just one thing i noticed. why no fortify instead of culling strike in gloves since we get it from the slayer ascendancy
fortify is honestly probably better but i spent 100 vaal orbs colouring my gloves and didnt hit 3 red so I gave up

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