[3.6] The Undead Conqueror - Impale Summoner! [Updated 3/9 w/ vids]

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Videos updated 3/9/2019

3.6 Vids:
Budget version at lvl 66 doing T3 Atoll - Monster lvl 70, had extra lightning dmg - my res were 30% =/

3.5 Vids:
lvl 76 doing T10 Spider Forest

T12 Malformation Map

T12 Defiled Catherdral

Explanation, Pros & Cons!

•We are a Slayer taking the Champion ascendency. You might think "But don't you need all that extra minion damage that Necro provides?"

NOPE! While our minions won't have as much increased damage, they will always have 100% hit rate. I looked at many other Zombie/Skellie summoners and my damage is just as much, and more than many other builds!

•Conqueror and Worthy Foe ascendencies give all our allies 100% hit rate and enemies take 20% more damage.
•Master of Metal allows us and our army to stack 7 impales, which will add 28-56 physical dmg all our minion attacks and gives us all 1,000 armour.
•We use Blade Flurry to attack super fast to apply taunts and impale stacks
•We get to use only DEFENSIVE flask! Since we don't need the typical damage flask, we just focus on keeping ourselves alive.

Where does our damage come from?
•Minions have 100% chance to hit!
•We run Elemental Equilibrium and have lightning dmg added to attacks on a piece of jewelry, so enemies get -50 to cold res.
•Minions get 75% phys as extra Cold damage, see above :)
•Victarios Charity and fast attacks from Blade Flurry keeps minions at 3 Frenzies consistently.
•Easy Impale stacks, quick to get 7 stacks which add about 42 phys damage to attacks.. Like a free Abyssus for all our minions!

•Tankiness of a Champion
•Melts bosses
•Shield Charge + Fortify
•You don't really have to get in the thick of things, just a few hits to apply taunt and EE is enough.

•Not the fastest map clear
•Can't do Phys reflect maps, must turn off Wrath to do Ele reflect.
•If all your Zombies die, they're really slow to re-summon
•"Enemies Cannot Be Taunted" map mods really suck :(

•For mapping, just Shield Charge into the edge of the pack to proc Fortify, chug defensive flask, Blade Flurry to get Skellies summoned and watch your minions do their thing.

•For bosses: Same as above, but cast Vaal Skellies first.

Leveling & Skill Trees

Starting Tree - -kill all bandits

Go straight down to take the Dual Wield cluster, since we will level with Sunder this will provide all the damage we need until switching to full Summoner. After that head straight up to the minion damage cluster. This will give us a good mix of damage and life.


lvl 79 Tree: ***Important*** Do not take Elemental Equilibrium until you are ready to go full Blade Flurry-CwC-Skellies and Zombies.

I transitioned at lvl 51 since Victario's Charity requires lvl 50 to use. I equipped a Severed in Sleep and setup my CwC Blade Flurry -Skellies in my Tabula. I put my Zombies in The Baron helmet. Act bosses melted and I was unkillable!

Around lvl 45 I put my next 5 points into the Shield Cluster with the "Defiance" node so that I could unspec the points in "Dervish". If you don't want to use up Orb of Regrets, just use whatever respec points you have from leveling and unspec the rest as you gain more.


Budget Gear at lvl 88

Path of Building

Budget Setup at lvl 88 (from 3.5)

Skill Gems Setup

•Body Armour: Blade Flurry - Cast While Channeling - Vaal Summon Skeletons - Melee Physical Damage - Minion Damage - Ruthless

Can self cast Skeletons as mentioned in the 3.6 changes section at the beginning of the guide. If you do, use Multistrike and Maim instead of Blade Flurry and Cast While Channeling.

•In Helm: Raise Zombie - Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Ruthless

•CWDT(lvl 2) - Spirit Offering(lvl 8) - Convocation(lvl 6) - Enfeeble(lvl 6)

•Stone Golem - Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Maim

•Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks

•Hatred - Generosity - Dread Banner

Non-Budget Version

PiX3L mentioned that he wanted to try a strength stacking version of this with Arakaali's Fang and rely on Spiders for damage, Zombies for meat shields and leech and an Animate Guardian to buff everyone. I will include his version when I get word on his progress.

I got lucky and had 2ex drop, so I bought the Arakaali's and here's my version so far with spiders.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/TYjc4FPn


Gem Setup for Spider version:
Arakaali's Fang - Melee Phys - Melee Splash - Minion Damage
Victarios Charity - Hatred - Dread Banner - Generosity
The Baron - Raise Zombie - Minion Damage - Melee Phys - Maim
Grip of the Council - Convocation - Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Summon Holy Relic
Boots - Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Stone Golem
Chest - Blade Flurry - Cast While Channeling - Spirit Offering - Enfeeble - Unearth - Life Gain on Hit

Class and Ascendencies

•Class: Duelist
•Ascendency: Champion
1st: Conqueror
2nd: Worthy Foe
3rd: Master of Metal
4th: Inspirational

We want Conqueror and Worthy Foe asap so that our minions hits never miss.


Major: Lunaris
-Physical reduction is great, and we want to avoid chained projectiles since we always have a bunch of minions in front of us
•Capture Stone of the Currents in Wharf Map
•Capture Sebbert, Crescent's Point in Moon Temple Map
•Capture Ambrius, Legion Slayer in Colosseum Map

Minor: Tukohama
-We stand still to channel Blade Flurry, so this works well.
•Capture Tahsin, Warmaker in Siege Map

Leveling Guide + Suggested Uniques

Updated as of 3/17/2019: I put a more detailed leveling guide. This should really help new players, but there are some good tips even for experienced players if you scan through it.

If any new players would like a more some help, just PM me! I can import your current character into Path of Building and give you some more detailed advice.

1. Start game with Molten Strike. Have someone or an alt character buy you all the Minion gems for your final build so that you can have them leveling up until you are ready to use them! Minions scale massively with levels, you DO NOT want to wait until Act 6 to buy and possibly begin using under-leveled Zombies/Skellies!

Always be on the lookout for any other gems that are required, choose them as quest reward or buy them from the vendors!

Remember, you can put 2 weapons/shield in your weapon swap and even though you are not using these weapons, the gems inside them will still level. So, go buy 2 cheap things with 3 sockets each. You'll want stuff with at least 4 blues because leveling Zombies, Skellies and 2 Minion dmg gems are the most important.

3. Get Added Fire Support and Shield Charge/Leap Slam after killing Brutus. Leap Slam if you're dual wielding, Shield Charge if you're 1 handed and a shield.

4. Get Sunder as your attack skill after Killing Merveil you can use it at lvl 12. You will use this for a looong time!

5. Act 2: Kill all Bandits. Kill the Weaver then go to Yeena, get Faster Attacks and Elemental Damage with Attacks from Yeena.

6. Early game Gem setups:
As soon as you can get a 4 link with RRRR or RRRG you can setup either of these:

Sunder - Added Fire - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Melee Physical Damage


Sunder - Added Fire - Elemental Damage With Attacks - Faster Attacks.

Link Shield Charge or Leap Slam with Faster Attacks.

7. Dual wield any Unique/rare axes or maces until lvl 32, then look to get 2 Flesheaters or The Gryphons. Hell, you could even use one of each to get a nice combo of movement speed and leech. These weapons will carry you until you swap to full summoner.

4. At lvl 51 if you can afford it, get a Severed in Sleep sword. Advancing Fortress is a good budget option since Severed in Sleep will be expensive at league start. Victario's Charity shield and The Baron helmet will be cheap so grab those.

Make sure you have a Tabula or 6l chest that can easily do 1G-3B-2R sockets. Make sure you have lighting or fire damage added to attacks somewhere on your jewelry or a jewel so that you can proc the -50 cold res from Elemental Equilibrium. You should also have your first two labs, so that your minions will have 100% chance to hit. Get two Violent Dead jewels and put them in the spots near Witch and Templar.

This is where you to to the "Skill Gems Setup" and set everything up the best you can. The only really important gem setups are the Helm, Chest and Generosity -Hatred - Dread Banner. If you set these up, but not the rest you will be completely fine until you get into maps.

5. At lvl 60 get Grip of the Council gloves if you an afford it.

6. At lvl 70 get The Scourge claw or Arakaali's Fang. Both will be expensive early but The Scourge will become cheap within a few days.

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cool build!

what jewels would you recommend using?

SoyKaf wrote:
cool build!

what jewels would you recommend using?


I'm using 2 Violent Dead jewels for the zombie buffs and Abyss jewels with amnions chance to taunt or blind on hit.

I currently have 4 slots for Abyss jewels and 1 more to grab by lvl 91. You can get 8% taunt or 6% blind so any combo of those would be great to add to our defenses with 16 or so minions all attacking at 2 attacks per second.

16% taunt and 18% blind would be my pref way to go.
Go straight down to take the Dual Wield cluster, since we will level with Sunder this will provide all the damage we need until switching to full Summoner.

Sunder is a two-handed skill though, so these won't help with Sunder's damage at all?
Go straight down to take the Dual Wield cluster, since we will level with Sunder this will provide all the damage we need until switching to full Summoner.

Sunder is a two-handed skill though, so these won't help with Sunder's damage at all?

the only Sunder requirement is that your weapon is an axe, mace or staff. It can be used with any combo of:
-dual wielded axes and/or maces
-an axe or mace with a shield
-two handed axe, mace or staff.
Looks good. How far have you taken this build so far?

I'm also running a Champion Summoner, but with HOA instead of zombies. My understanding is that taunts cannot be overwritten, so if your minions taunt first, you won't get the 100% hit chance benefit of your own taunt. Have you looked into that?
Thrillhammer wrote:
Looks good. How far have you taken this build so far?

I'm also running a Champion Summoner, but with HOA instead of zombies. My understanding is that taunts cannot be overwritten, so if your minions taunt first, you won't get the 100% hit chance benefit of your own taunt. Have you looked into that?

I've done a few corrupted T14 and T15 maps while working on my atlas, I really need to get some more videos but work is killing me. I took a day off this week, and still hit 40 hours halfway through today and still have all day tomorrow to add to it!

If what you say is true about taunt, then that's an easy fix, I'll just focus on a couple jewels with Blind and go for phys dmg and life for myself on the rest.
Updated for 3.6!
Looks interesting will try it out in last day of betrayal to see if its and fun to play as league start :P
hi looks interresting. i allowed my self to make a top tier geared version. and would like some comments, if i made bad choises. i focused on strength stacking maby thats wrong.


i always try to do a budget and a Top tier version of builds so i got an idea in what direction i want the char to move as i lvl(and motivation vs lvl 100 ect)

A realistic version with some endgame stuff(and should not be super hard). will have like 1050-1100 str, and maby 8.5k life..

most of the gear is just about the Str and life, and abit master crafted resists(since so many items to add res it should not be hard to cap)

I think a Multimodded weapon beats the Scource.(hit t1 ias+ regal, anull of other mod and its ready)

The spectra i imagined should be some sort of defencive.

for fun i used that insanity craft on weapon any comments on that.

would love your input.
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