Developer Interview - Openarl

Welcome again OpenARL - I'm glad to hear things are working out for you at GGG. Having only been playing PoE for a month and a half now, I've recently learned to appreciate path of building (though still a novice with all the information we can theory-craft with it). I wish you the best. Cheers.
Lovely, but please GGG, do pay him to spend a few hours a day on PoB! It is the most important community tool, and you doubtless owe a significant portion of your growing success to the fact that it is out there filling its vital role.
Very nice, well deserved. I wouldn't be here today without PoB.
That’s really cool!
You guys really ought to set aside an hour or two per day of his working hours to continue developing PoB. The community goodwill it creates alone will pay dividends.

...Up to you, though.
Wash your hands, Exile!
any chance we see Path Of Building in-game? can't imaging happy poe fans!
the Demonic Cloak is LE BEST back attachment. Pretty cool reading!

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