Developer Interview - Openarl

Nice, it is very valuable to have a real gamer in the game development.
Great, really love your tool.

PS. You ever going to deal with the attack speed problems of frostblades projectiles in combination with multistrike?
Xolve wrote:
Something to be said for using a tool made by someone else to kill an in-game boss before them.

Yeah, this is pretty cool. Path of Building has probably helped tons of people accomplish what OpenARL has yet to pull off himself, that's just how good the tool he made is.
Great guy and great developer. An overall great hire for GGG. Looking forward to all the new PoB features.
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Congratz OpenArl ! I don't know what I'd do without PoB.
Merry X-mas dude !
Natalia_GGG wrote:
What can the community look forward to in terms of things you're working on at the moment?
Game-wise, I’ve started doing some work on the next league; but nothing major at this stage. For Path of Building, there’s a few major features that are in the works, including support for Cast on Critical Strike, as well as full gem tooltips; the former is likely to be incorporated into the next major update, 1.5, which also will include some big improvements to skill configuration.

nice hope u stay there for aloooog time because a programmer and player and one that have been played the game for aloooong time it should now well how to and where and when to make Wraeclast even greater.

Im crying im verry happy for you mate(because im poor guy and i cant give money to all even if i want) i earned some to support poe for the first time this league i was able to buy some packs but i know God wont help me here im exiled... love<3
🅰🅻🅸🅽 ::: ! ♥ PoE ツ 👌 :::
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thanks for interview, if it isn't a secret what programming language(s) you are working in ggg?
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very interesting interview. Merry Christmas and keep up the good coding !!! :D
PoB is such an amazing tool, good looks hiring this guy
well, nice.
i don't know how nerdy openarl is but for the average southener there are too few superlatives.

Hayrich wrote:

I’m just hoping there is an official release where it’s more intuitive and cleaner to use, pulls right from the game database with a singe click

although i can imagine there being a module for damage calculation i don't think they will include server code in any tool, ever.

Hayrich wrote:
That said GGG should also hire Neversink (or is he already with them)? Loot filtering is too crucial not to be offficially an in-game feature.

as a german programmer, moving to nz would be counter productive.

less holidays on average, less salary, except you're unemployed, the health system is absolutely worse and on top of that they don't really want you there, they have to proof no local can fill the job, you have to disclose your and your ancestors health history to a doctor which is shared with the government, if you or anybody in your direct line had any health issues that indicate you're likely a burden to their health system they won't let you in.

regarding letting you in, for just visitors they now pull a tsa and raid 2% of the 4 million tourist's electronic equipment (80k people's smartphones and computers per year). if you're onto exilecon next year you better bring a burner phone and leave your laptop at home.

sorry for the negativity, but nz is rather wraeclast than middle earth.
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!

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