[3.22] 🗡The Nightblade🗡

If you prefer Opportunistic, go for it 100%. Adapt the build as you see fit :)


Here is a new video in league, where a friend who plays a Lacerate Gladiator invited me to map with him in :

#12 : T16 Perandus Manor

Hope you like it :)
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Ok Exiles, things are getting serious this time : I'm afraid our hero has gone mad.
Watch him go


#13 : The Simulacrum

With Kosis at wave 20.

Hope you like it :)
My builds on the forum : The Nightblade Assassin | The Pestilent Viper Occultist | The Infused Trickster | The Energy Blade "Jedi" Hierophant
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Just wanted to share my experience and post an update - I completed Simulacrum on my first attempt! And I had both Omniphobia & Kosis spawned at about Wave 15 or 16 at the same time, it was pretty exciting!

Anyway, here is my current build: https://pastebin.com/YeXW34Mn

Also wanted to pick your brain for a few goals I have in mind:

1) Boost up my HP and Mana pool, although I'm unsure where I can fit in other than gaining a few more levels for another jewel slot..

2) Saw your latest cluster jewel setup and have 1 cluster bought and ready. However, I can't seem to improve my current setup skill tree wise.

My thoughts are that Hex breaker is the only real power spike (with the potential of freeing up a flask slot), although I'm unsure if its worth it. I've been hearing that clusters are the way to go, but can't seem to find the right skill tree setup (my cluster jewels are in the POB).

3) Experiment moving into DEX stacking with Utmost Swiftness on my amulet & Garukhan's Flight boots, along side of course - Shaper's Touch.

Thanks once again for the awesome guide, been loving the play style although it gets quite intense (not for mindless relaxing afk farming, as we are still kinda paper and have to play well to not get insta-gibbed).
You cannot predict what you cannot see coming.
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Hey, thx for your feedback and congrats for your Simulacrum !

It's comforting to read this, because I always have doubts about the build. I'm thinking : "Yeah maybe it's good for me, but it's barely playable by other players and they're going to waste their currencies and time playing it, and there are much better builds out there that are more efficient for less budget. So why not make a plain and simple Cyclone Slayer. Boom ! 15M DPS with two swords and an Abyssus and you just never die etc."

In particular, I'm glad you could use the Sanguine Gambol. It fits the Assassin thematically.
And more important for me, you've made good use of the Perfidy chest. I wanted to try it as soon as it was announced : I began the league with it and gave its name to this version 3.10. But then I switched to an explode chest, then again to the classic Loreweave. So I eventually had doubts about the Perfidy, like maybe it's only good for Champions and once again I've made a mistake by using something just because it's new and shiny and etc. :D

But it's good to see you were able to craft your own variant of the build :)

Now, for your questions :
1) The only way for you to gain life and mana would be to get a rare amulet.

2) I agree that making a transition to a tree with cluster jewels is a long process.
First, it is in no way mandatory (after all the build was fonctional before they exist).
If you want to go into it, you have to sort everything and minmax like crazy, like never before. It took me hours and hours on PoB to get a satisfying version, and in every case, I was losing some life compared to the basic tree.

Then, the hardest part : you have to sacrifice a lot of things in your basic tree. Remove notables like Nightstalker, Lucidity, Master of Force, Heartseeker and even Flaying and Backstabbing !
For me, these last two notables were the very core of the build, the definition of it ! I thought I could never ever remove them. But I did eventually and I'm satisfied with the result, as you can get more notables with the clusters.

3) Good idea to maximize the DEX-stacking. I love the Garukhan's boots, but it's like for the Sanguine Gambol, I've never actually used them.

Good luck and have fun :)


Oh I wanted to show you a new picture I've found.
For some times now, I've used this one for my videos :

Last week, I've found this new one on Pinterest. Is it not the most badass Shadow Assassin ?

Like each of his daggers are 500 DPS at least :D
My builds on the forum : The Nightblade Assassin | The Pestilent Viper Occultist | The Infused Trickster | The Energy Blade "Jedi" Hierophant
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Yes, I am going to continue pushing this build forward this league as much as my time and currency allows. It may or may not be a 'top tier meta' build, but it has made me enjoy playing my first league of POE immensely. It feels very much much like an Assassin, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As for the Perfidy, I've been enjoying the addition of Dread Banner as well. In terms of playstyle, it allows for an 'ultimate mode' where you drop both banners + Vaal Warchief once you accrue enough stages/souls (which is pretty quick). All in all, I've been happy with it, but have not tested further with other armours to be honest.

For your replies:

1) Yes, I had been toying with replacing the boots or amulets, and your comment further cements the point that the amulet would be my next upgrade, with configurations as well (as with anything in PoE, changing one thing means changing a few others in a meticulous way)

2) Thanks for your input here, will definitely be looking at this next once I hit a road block again. I feel like I can handle most of my current content for now, as long as I don't get complacent in dodging/surviving.

Having said that, I will keep this in mind as you correctly said - it is the most difficult and time consuming to be able to adjust for the right build.

3) I am most excited for this one - the Garrukhan boots seems like a clear upgrade path from Atiziri's Step, and is synergistic with the DEX stacking plan alongside Shaper's Touch. There are also several options in the skill tree (+30 DEX) nodes that may prove to add a further power spike both in terms of DPS and survivability to the build.

For the Sanguine Gambol, it was originally there as a placeholder but it has yet to disappoint me. Having said that, I am looking into learning how to craft an end game rare dagger that might replace it eventually.

Both of the art looks fantastic, although I much prefer your current one. The subtlety of the fog brings out the Assassin feel and look quite nicely.

Looking forward to more updates and content!

Cheers! :)
You cannot predict what you cannot see coming.
Here is a new video in League. This is the final episode of my "Spectre out of the Mist" series.
Last time I fought the Hunter, I died once. So I was a bit disappointed, and thought I had to do it properly.
So this time, I go complete my Pantheon for poison immunity.
At last, this is the end of the nightmare.

Or is it ?...
Check it out in :

#14 : The Death of Al-Hezmin (The Spectre out of the Mist III)


On my channel, you can find videos for other builds I play in Std :
- A Hall of Grandmasters deathless run with my Caustic Arrow Occultist

- An attempt to play with max zoom, with a Dual Strike Champion. Of course, this is more for fun ;)

- The first test of an experimental build : The Viper Strike Occultist. Can't go farther from the meta I guess :D The build has a nice feature : with Profane Bloom ascendancy + Plague Bearer, we get : Plaguesplosions !

Hope you like them. Have a good week-end :)
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Hello can u check my char please? I must got 2x banner or stay with this armour?
I've just checked your character and made a PoB for it, if that can help you :

The stuff is very good (daggers, Ryslatha, amulet etc.), the choice of cluster jewels is optimal. There seems to be a missing jewel in the northern cluster, though.
But with 4k HP, you may lack life, even with MoM and 620 unreserved mana. So the priority should be to get life on a small cluster jewel, otherwise I'm afraid you will die too much... and get mad at the game (or at my build :D ).
Since you are level 82, I can advise you to level in yellow maps, and wait a bit before trying juiced red maps.

For the body armour, the Loreweave is an excellent one. You'd just need one with a better life roll.
Perfidy is a good chest. It has more life and armour than a Loreweave, and a fellow player managed to complete the Simulacrum with it. But be prepared to click even more buttons :D

One small detail : you should change the enchant on boots, as you actually lose DPS when you crit (all the time actually).

Good luck and have fun :)
My builds on the forum : The Nightblade Assassin | The Pestilent Viper Occultist | The Infused Trickster | The Energy Blade "Jedi" Hierophant
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Thanks for answer, i try to lvl up first for my other clusters, i m gonna change my boots and armour today ! :)
Here is a new video : a tough Blight encounter (Cassia I love you, but my screen gets pixelated af :D ), then a relentless fight against the Chimera.

#15 : The Chimera

It may be my last video in Delirium. It's a good league, I like the horror atmosphere with the mist, but damn is it stressful. For me, the challenge was to complete the Simulacrum, and I have done it. I don't feel like trying fully juiced T16 delirious maps. This build is no 300ex herald-stacking Hiero Storm Brand, so I'll pass.

Next time we'll go back in Standard, where I have some serious, unfinished business...


Also, here is a new video with my Samurai Ichimonji build : this time, I have the Saviour sword. Coz if you like blades, better put more blades with your blades (so that you can blade while you blade :D ).
If you're a fan of samurai culture, if you like RPGs like the Legend of the Five Rings, I'm sure you'll like it ;)

My builds on the forum : The Nightblade Assassin | The Pestilent Viper Occultist | The Infused Trickster | The Energy Blade "Jedi" Hierophant

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