[3.5] Infernal Lolis - Flame golem, Primordial Chain, MoM - Deathless Shaper With a Tabula - budget

mopzi wrote:
Do you do T15 easy ?

yea just stay behind your golems if you have crazy mods on it, dont speed run thos maps
i can hardly find any str.. when did you use clayshaper?
The stat requirements have been a bit rough, yeah. Using a lot of +Str and +Dex on tree at the moment, will have to respec later.

2 questions:

What are your thoughts of going CI on this character?

Have you considered subbing in 1x chaos golem since the amount of phys reduction should be substantial (something like 14% phys damage reduction after all the buff bonuses)?
Hey, I'm currently building a character following your build guide. Gear in spoilers:


My flask setup isn't finished yet and I haven't done uber lab yet. Character is level 73 right now with 4.8k EHP (which of course is going to increase greatly as my leftover nodes are all mana or life).

My question is: you suggest using EE but do not use any added lightning or cold damage in your PoB. How do you achieve that then? Only with Ball Lightning I reckon? If you have 1-2 damage of cold or lightning on a ring, you could also apply EE with Shield Charge which is much easier while clearing, especially with Pendulum AoE up.

I found Darkness Enthroned to be a great addition to the build. Maybe you want to add it as a suggestion? It's cool, since you can add really awesome minion mods like Hinder and Taunt that way.

Ascendancy order would be nice to know. I went with what seemed most logical to me (Liege > Elemancer > Pendulum > Paragon), but hearing your thoughts on that would also be interesting.

Would https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Whakatutuki_o_Matua be interesting for this build? You'd obviously unspec Necromantic Aegis and get more regeneration, more aura effect and can swap out Bone Helmet for one with a Flame Golem enchantment.

Thoughts? :) Looking forward to playing this character more.

EDIT: Your thoughts on preferable Pantheons would also be of interest as to optimising the character for red tiers. :)
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Alright, I think I'm finally settling with a playstyle. I ditched EE in favour of this setup which feels a lot safer imo:


Notable changes:

Whakatutuki o Matua: The 3 other golems besides the Flame Lolis feel safe at home with a +3 to their level. Golems lose about 20% of Anger's effectivity with no Generosity Support linked, but it frees up a CWDT setup in the boots (and with Essence Worm, Anger is stronger anyway).

Essence Worm: An easy +2 to Anger aura. More expensive since you now only have the other ring slot for fixing resistances, but alas, the mana it frees up for consumption by MoM is invaluable imo!

Darkness Enthroned: We do not have any opportunity to use Abyss Jewels on the Passive Tree since we want as many Primordial Jewels as possible. Valuable mods like Hinder or Taunt can be put in here. I haven't found the correct ones, but I was at least able to fix my Dexterity and Strength requirements that way and get a lot of extra life. :-)

With the CWDT setup inside of the boots, I've also had the opportunity to test out Vaal Righteous Fire and found it amazing on the build. Another option that I haven't tested yet was Vaal Haste.

Stats so far: Level 87 / 4800 HP / 950 ES / 1600 Unreserved Mana

What do you think about the changes? Anything able to be improved? :)

EDIT: I believe one of the best chest options might be a +1 Loreweave with the correct colours. Might be hard to acquire though. :-/
Ultimate SSF ED Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606026/page/1
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