[3.5] Infernal Lolis - Flame golem, Primordial Chain, MoM - Deathless Shaper With a Tabula - budget



Hey everyone im Floopy and this is my take on flame golems

If you dont already know how golem builds work its basically like this
You need this items:
Primordial Might- makes golems more aggressive
Eminence - increased speed and buffs of your golems
Harmony - damage per golem type and the most important thing cooldown recovery
The Anime*uhm* Anima Stone - gives you more golems if you have 3 primordial jewels
The Primordial Chain - the sanic amulet, some use it some dont, i do
ClayShaper - +1 golem

Combine all of the above and

you got yourself a dank ass summoner build

My version uses the primordial chain to get lolis uhm i mean to get more speed, life and MoM as defense ( lvl 90 and i have 4.7k hp 400 es and around 1000 unreserved mana) and Necro Aegis with Victario's for easy charges

The name comes from the Infernal Mtx with Primordial chain which makes the golems looks like a loli version of them

Accurate Representations of the Build

- A summoner build, you can focus on the boss mechanics while your minions do the work
- You are immune to bullshit and your minions are immune to mega bullshit
- Easy shaper, Lab's a joke
- Stupid ass regen from stone golem
- Can do everything except maybe no life and mana regen, depends on what tier
- Fast clear speed
- Fun Leveling
- Trying to be budget

- A summoner build, its not for everyone personally its one of my favorites
- Not a league starter since you need to buy some items to start the build


This is kinda how much i payed to get into maps with the build
Tabula around 10c
Might - 20c
Eminence - 1-2c
Harmony - around 20c
Clayshaper - 1c
Victario's - 1c
Primordial Chain - 4c
so around 58c to get to maps with pure golems

i then farmed maps and saved to vendor Might + Eminence + Harmony to get an Anima stone
after that a combination of getting more Harmony jewels, Empower and +1 Tabula
i bought mine for 50c

heres a confirmation that i killed shaper, i died once cause i brain farted, stood in place and didnt do anything then got hit with 3 big balls soooo technically deathless

also i did Mastermind on first try (not deathless lul) if that means anything

2 people Shaper Run - https://youtu.be/zFbEuRkMWvo
this is what you call a meme run, big thanks to Ressurekzun for letting me run a set for the video

PoB, Skill tree and leveling
Skill Tree

Passive Tree

We get as much jewel nodes to stack Harmony jewels and still be defensive with MoM

Elemental Equilibrium - we hit with lightning ball to activate this so our lolis uhm flame golems will do more damage
Necromantic Aegis - combine this with Victario's and our golems will get and give us power and frenzy charges
Mind Over Matter - the good shit, 30% of damage is taken from mana before life

Righteous Army, Redemption, Spiritual Command, Sacrifice - self explanatory, minion damage, life and the fun part, minion attack speed effects you so we can shield charge fast

Ascendancy - Elementalist
Liege of the Primordial - the "Your golems are immune to mega bullshit" part, immunity to elemental damage is insane, remember the bullet hell phase from Shaper? yea your golems aint gonna give a shit about that
Except that, increased damage and buffs per golem and +1 golem goddam what else can we ask for
Elemancer - Why of course MORE DAMAGE also you are immune to all elemental aliments since we use all the elemental golems also +1 golem

The rest is wutever you want, i went with Pendulum for more damage and then Paragon of Calamity to run ele reflect maps comfortably


This is my character at level 90


Level as a hybrid summoner with Arc maybe Blade Vortex as well, AoT, Wrath, flame golems and a lightning golem, its really fun to level like that
On the passive tree take Spiritual Aid and the witch spell nodes
Also get this potatoes and you are good to go

(who needs goldrim anyways it was too pricey when i was leveling)

respec after you finished leveling and you have both golem ascendancy points

Skills Setup

The best links for this build, we put this on a +1 tabula and we are good to go
The ideal golem setup is 6 flame, 1 lightning for speed, 1 stone for defense and 1 ice for more damage from gear and freeze immunity
For budget switch empower 3 for fire pen and get a normal tabula
Also lvl 21 flame golem is better then 20/20

The other golems we use linked to minion on life, i put this in a +2 minion Bone Helmet

Lightning ball is the best way to course everything on the screen with flammability plus we get arcane surge

Generosity and Anger to buff our golems, Enlighten is not necessary, and desecrate doesnt need to be linked


Doesnt need to be linked, Flesh Offering to buff our golems, convocation to recall them when we need and clarity cause we are using Mind over Matter


Clayshaper is the best golem weapon and Victario's lets our golems give us and them power and frenzy charges


The Primordial Chain - it lets us summon 3 more golems and makes them go sanic speed
+1 Tabula is not that pricey compared to Skin of the Loyal and we dont need that so why even care
Bone helmet helps with other golems's survivability
on the other gear try to get life, mana, resists and stats
also the new veil mod that give us mana back is pretty nice
and of course move speed on boots


You need 1 Might to make the golems more aggressive
1 Eminence for buffs and speed
1 Anima Stone to get more golems (you can level in maps without this)
and as much Harmony as possible, the cooldown is the best damage source we can get it lets our golems spam their flame ball skill
For budget get Eminence jewels instead of Harmony jewels


Since we are immune to bullshit we only need a bleed flask and we can get a curse flask, the rest is wutever you want i got Phasing and Stibnite for more survivability and of course sanic flask


Q: Is this a meme build?


Q: This build does what you do but better


Seriously tho this is my first build that i made that can do Shaper so easily so i decided to make a build guide about it, thank you for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions you are welcome to do so, my character name is:"InfernalLolisOuO"
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Badgerbooh wrote:

i think im done editing @-@
Added a 2 people shaper run video under gameplay
please post leveling trees like 25/50/75 points
please post leveling trees like 25/50/75 points

try to balance between damage and defense, go for Righteous Army and Spiritual Command first and MoM Later When you have all the mana nodes
from what i remember this is kinda what my skill tree was
b4 respec http://poeurl.com/cdm1
after respec http://poeurl.com/cdm3
then i took Necromantic Aegis and Sacrifice
after that a combination of hp and jewel sockets
Trying this build for sure :D
Whats the difference from the other builds.. leaving aside the huge boost from loli's mojo... well thats the difference... might try it since it seems cheaper than the other builds.
Drunkprince wrote:
Whats the difference from the other builds.. leaving aside the huge boost from loli's mojo... well thats the difference... might try it since it seems cheaper than the other builds.

the builds i found for flame golems were either ci or not only golems, so i made my own and it turn out to be the best build i made so far, also obviously i tried to do a budget version since this is the first actual build i played this league (i rerolled twice this league once at around lvl 30-40 and again at around 70)
Do you do T15 easy ?

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