[3.5] Leesoar07's Arc Trap-Miner Sabo (Uber Elder EZ + all content + fast&safe mapping)

Hello everyone, here’s Leesoar07, a new sabo coming from China.
I’d like to introduce something novel and powerful with saboteurs.
It’s Arc Trap-Miner!
Arc Trap-Miner has both insane damage and unbelievable high regen. It is a saboteur BD much tougher than traditional mine/trap ones.

Was macht mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker!

Trap_Miner is a simple and practical BD, which was originally designed by my friend @KuoAZ. I finally completed it and made it nice and neat in 3.4.
Just link mine and trap together, and that’s all!



My first uber elder down in 3.5 with 2day16hour. Only a 5L tremor rod.

A much more tough Trap-Miner BD is designed for Scion.
7k+ HP, 4k+ Regen, 3M DPS, with Blood magic.

If you are good at Chinese, you may watch my full instruction of Trap-Miner here in BiliBiliTV.

Basic Theory

What will happen if we link remote mine support, trap support and spell totem support (or ranged attack totem support) together with a spell skill (or ranged attack skill)? we press the skill key, a mine is laid. After detonating it, a trap is thrown aiming its target. When the trap is triggered, a totem is placed and start to cast the certain skill linked.
As a result, we get the order of the three support gem is mine>trap>totem.
So in our BD, we lay and detonate mines, mines throw traps, and then traps are triggered and cast spells. This is the basic theory of our BD.

History of Trap-Mine

In 3.3 version, The CD of trap support is canceled as well as of those traditional trap, so linking trap and mine is somehow worthy of trial. Newly introduced charged traps such as flamethrower trap and lightning spire trap, if linked with remote mine and minefield support, once triggered, each mine throw one trap, and only one charge of trap was cost. And this was considered as a bug and was fixed quickly. This is the first significant trap-miner utility.
In 3.4 version, the damage of mine and trap was both greatly nerfed. (mine field support less damage 20%->35%, cluster trap support additional trap 3->2, multiple trap support less damage 20%->30%) So using mine field or cluster trap is not that good as before.
Meanwhile in 3.5 version, you may see that most arc trappers are playing arc mine this league because of the optimization of detonating mine. However, arc is good for mapping but lack of damage vs high tier bosses. So some of them choose to pick up GC instead while farming T16+.
This is somewhat a betrayal!
We love arc and sabo, so a new type of saboteur BD is on the road to save the day!
Here’s the hero - TRAP-MINER!

Main Theory

Damage Amplifying

Here we talk about how to amplify the damage of arc Trap-Mine.
A shaper helmet with suffix (remote mine support + place an additional mine)

A pair of shaper gloves with suffix (trap support + throw an additional trap)

We equip both the helmet and the gloves, and link remote mine and trap support together. So once we place mine, two mines was laid. Then each of the mines throw two traps when detonated. This means that finally FOUR traps are generated without using those less damage support!
Someone might say that this is no better than traditional mine, because trap support gives no more damage.
Don’t forget we’ve got this old friend

35% less mine damage has NOTHING to do with us. What actually deals damage are traps not mines. So Tremor Rod has no drawback with Trap-Miner. It’s a 7L weapon so it doesn’t matter if we link trap support.It also gives a great boost of mine laying speed.
The most horrifying thing is that mines could be detonated twice, which means EIGHT traps could be generated once we detonate mines during battles! And there are no less damage modifying these traps!
However, thanks to the mine and trap limit at a time, this could not happen so easily. Mines and Traps have a basic arming speed of 1sec. If we place mines too quickly, the former mines and traps would be replaced by the latter ones, before they actually arm.
So if we continuously lay and detonate mines, only four traps are generated per laying. However, if we hit&run vs uber elder in order to evade those one shot projectiles, what we actually generate per laying could be much more. The exact numbers are six traps 0.33s per laying and eight traps 0.5s per laying. (This is both theory calculated and experimented. I count the number of during ten minute for each laying speed in game. That’s really a tough work.)
What does this means? If we lay mines every 0.5s during hit&run. We got eight traps per laying. So we DEAL NO LESS DAMAGE if we hit&run as any other BD!
Let me calculate it for you.
If our mine laying speed is 0.27s and we start to lay mines continuously. We’ve got 4 traps each laying, so traps generating speed is 4/0.27 = 14.81. (Continuously)
If we lay mines every 0.33s. We’ve got 6 traps each laying, so traps generating speed is 6/0.33 = 18.18. (Best condition)
If we lay mines every 0.5s. We’ve got 8 traps each laying, so traps generating speed is 8/0.5 = 16. (Normal condition)
So these are the reason why arc Trap-Mine deals much more damage than traditional mine/trap BD. You may watch the uber elder EZ down with 5L tremor rod in the vedio.

Defence Constructing

Life Recovering
What we got from Trap-Mine is not just the boost of damage. Have a look at the ascendant Pyromaniac, we got 1% regen per mine detonated, and 1% regen per trap triggered. Well, both have a limit up to 20%.
What I found is that these two regen are separated, they DO NOT SHARE LIMIT!
A Trap-Miner could easily get 40% regen during battle. And this could be boost by the Major God Arakaali 50% recovery rate, which means 60% regen!
With the help of other regen method such as stone golem and sulphur flask, 70% regen EZ inflicted on us.
The more maximum hp you get, the more regen you get.
We use Sunblast together with two Cheap Construct to reduce trap lifetime to 0.

It means once traps arms, they are triggered immediately. So we are able to get high regen if we are laying and detonating mines continuously without enemies beside us!
70% regen is really insane, somehow much better than vaal pact.
If you go ES, it might be even better. Think of if you’ve got 10k ES, you regen 7k ES per sec. HOLY SHIT!

Immune to Stun

We use new flask enchantment 50% chance to avoid being stunned, two abyss jewels with 10% chance to avoid being stunned and body armor enchantment 35% chance to avoid being stunned, to get a 100%+ chance to avoid being stunned. So we are free from stun now!
You can also apply 25% chance to avoid being stunned to helmet or gloves in order to get immune to stun.

Pros and Cons

-Far more DPS than traditinal arc mine/trap.
-No DPS reduction when hit&run. (even more)
-Huge regen, up to 70% maximum hp per sec.
-Safe leveling. Syndicate EZ. T17T18 EZ. All content EZ.
-Fast mapping. You feel you just cannot stop.
-Mind Over Matter, Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics, Arrow Dancing.
-Immune to Stun, Shock, Ignite.
-Blind enemies around you and those you hit.
-Try other spells with Trap-Miner when you are tired with arc.

-More clunky than traditional mine/trap. Need practicing.
-Can’t do No Regen map. If necessary, bring up a life flask.
-Can’t play until you’ve got +1 helmet and +1 gloves. So you may play arc mine first.
-Weak vs monsters with allies cannot die auras. You are playing arc, take it eazy.

The Build





Bomb Specialist --> Born in the Shadows --> Pyromanic --> Perfect Crime
We would always have 20 traps on the battlefield, which means 160% increased damage all the time with Perfect Crime.
NEVER try to select Demolitions Specialist! It makes mines arm too fast so that traps generate too fast. Latter traps would replace former ones, so your traps just go dummy!


Arakali + Shakari
Poison may fail the boost of regen from Arakali, so we choose Shakari.

Gem Links

Tremor Rod Main Skill
Arc + Trap + Trap&Mine Damage + Controlled Destruction + Lightning Penetration + Add Lightning Damage
We don’t use Element Focus because effect of shock is reasonable with Trap-Mine.
If you feel clunky mapping, you may swap Trap with Add Cold Damage. Now you are playing some real mine BD. Don’t forget swap it again before encountering boss.

Flame Dash + Fast Casting + Arcane Surge (lv7)
You’d better NOT socket Flame Dash into helmet or gloves, or you’ll get some Flame Dash mine/trap instead.

CWDT + Phase Run + Immortal Call + Increased Duration
You’d better socket this link into helmet or gloves.

CWDT + Blood Rage + Enfeeble +Increased Duration
You’d better NOT socket Enfeeble into helmet or gloves, or you’ll get some Enfeeble mine/trap instead.

Socketed into Essence Worm.

Flamethrower Trap
Socketed into Malachai’s Artifice.
The enemies have -50% lightning resistance once you throw Flamethrower Trap into their face.
Make sure there is no lightning spell damage added! No 1-160 boots enchantment, No Abyss Jewel with add X lightning spell damage, No Shaper’s Mark!

Clarity (lv1)
We are using Clarity Watcher’s Eye to gain additional mana regen.

Summon Stone Golem
A little additional regen.

Vaal Grace + Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Duration
Active both when you encounter the Syndicate and other tough bosses.

Other Choices

Aspect of Spider
Hinder surrounding enemies and make them take 15% additional damage.
Good for both offence and defence.

Endure Call
For endure charge.

Vaal Arc
Great boost of damage.

Current Gear


I suggest 30% effect of non-Damaging aliments because single hit of arc could be 400k+ when critic. This could give shaper or elder a shock of 25% damage taken, if we’ve got 100%+ effect of shock and this is EZ to achieve in 3.5.


Enchant 120% Critical Strike Chance or 10% Elemental Penetration. NO 1-160 Lightning Damage for EE.


Enchant +1 Chain is nice for mapping.
If crafted with Metallic Fossils, You may give -9% resistance to the surrounding enemies.
A high level of Innervate with 20% effect of shock is also nice for damage boost.


Vaal 16% element resistance is quite neat.


Life, Resistance and Chance to Avoid Being Stunned.
We need two of this.


We enchant one of our magic flask with new craft recipe from Katerina’s flask Cinderswallow Urn.
Together with Body Armor and Abyss Jewels, we can not be stunned if the flask is active.

Leveling Guide


Referring to any of the other arc mine/trap BD here in the forum. Just play traditional mine/trap because you +1 helmet and +1 gloves are not available before level 68.


Collect tremor rod, +1 helmet, +1 gloves, sunblast and cheap construct *2. Then you are a good Trap-Miner now!

Thank you for watching this BD.
Hoping GGG and more friends watch this BD.
I have a dream that one day my BD would be picked as Build of the Week.
I'd like to answer any question from you guys.

Thanks to my friends for their tests and advises.
@WaterDog @ShiGuang @Rashomon23 @ElderSun

Any questions are welcome here ;)
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qq905899697 wrote:

so,here is a question,helmet choose the curtain call.instead of +1mine,and.gloves use slaver's hand ,which set is better?
qq905899697 wrote:
so,here is a question,helmet choose the curtain call.instead of +1mine,and.gloves use slaver's hand ,which set is better?

Curtain call provide 2 additional mines. So we get 3 mines per laying and 6 traps per detonating with tremor rod.

With +1 helmet & +1 gloves, we get 2 mines per laying and 8 traps per detonating with tremor rod.

So if we stand still laying mines continuously, there's no difference between these two situations, Because of the limit of maximum of mines and traps. Maybe curtain call a little less for the reduced mine laying speed of curtain call.
But while hit&run, curtain call gives 2 less traps than +1 helmet&gloves.

Another problem is that in order to apply curtain and slavedriver, we need quite a lot of unique to gain 500 int/dex, such as Cyclopean Coil, Astramentis,etc. It means a great lose of resistance and hp. You know, the more maximum hp we've got, the more regen.

You might use Tinkerskin to boost regen but I don't think that's good enough to replace Kaom's heart.

So I don't think curtain call + slavedriver is a good choice. It's no better than pure curtain call miner.

ez 3k life uber elder hahaha ty for the build
Fxxking genius idea!
NB build.

Here is a small typo in Main Theory section:
If we lay mines every 0.5s. We’ve got 8 traps each laying, so traps generating speed is 6/0.33 = 16. (Normal condition)

Should be 8/0.5 = 16
shimosha_lin wrote:
Fxxking genius idea!
NB build.

Here is a small typo in Main Theory section:
If we lay mines every 0.5s. We’ve got 8 traps each laying, so traps generating speed is 6/0.33 = 16. (Normal condition)

Should be 8/0.5 = 16

Thx Dude! Happy to see you like it!

Let me correct it ;>
interesting build. can we do scion ver without the unnatural instinct?
Interesting build :))

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