We're happy to finally introduce the Dragon Hunter Armour Set and Wings! This metallic set with a pauldron made in a shape of a dragon's head will create an epic and stylish look for your character. Click here to check them out in the store!

Complete your Dragon Hunter ensemble with the recently released Dragon Hunter Sword, Weapon Effect and the Pet!

Thank you so much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice wings!
This is such an awesome set!
Still. Waiting. For. Oriath. Mystery. Box. Items.


This MTX set is treading dangerously on the toes of Monster Hunters Rathalos armour and swords don't yah think?
MH themed, I like it. Even the music in the video sounds like the Ceadeus theme. xd
I mean the wings are cool and all but if you have 2x dragon pets you essentially have 4 wings, so doesn't that make the wings superfluous?
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