[3.7] Storm Brand Elementalist. League Starter, Deathless Uber Elder.

ngtrungkhanh wrote:
I still feel confused about elementalist's conflux and chill/shock mechanic on bossing, like shaper for example.
Wiki said that we have to deal 40 000 dmg per hit to shock shaper so if not crit, we can't shock boss even with confux buff? Same question for chill

Elementalist circumvents the standard. shock calculation and applies a 20% shock regardless of monster life total. That 20% can be further increased by shock effect / effect of non-damaging ailments.

deimoss wrote:
Hmm, I think I discovered something: the lightning golem temporary aura adds lightning damage to spells to nearby enemies and it seems to mess up the EE from fire golem because now he's doing lightning damage as well.

Interesting, I hadn't thought of that. If it is happening, it isn't happening very often. The difference in damage between +25% and -50% is very noticable (try running an EE map you'll chew on the boss quite a bit).

The best way to test it is probably in PvP, I'll try to do that later, and update the thread with my results.
Just did a quick PvP test with a friend, his lightning resist was always getting the -50, even when I could see the golem's wrath buff on my bar (and the golems and I were clumped pretty close).

The test length was 10 PvP rounds, but unfortunately each round was not all that long, because his lightning resist wasn't over-capped enough to deal with the EE, so the lightning golem would kill him. The second match I tried level 1 lightning golem but it still killed him pretty fast. Would be good to test with somebody that has good life regen and over-capped lightning resist so we could get a longer trial.
EE findings with magicrectangle

Thanks for the help in testing fidgey.

You can see a few moments in there where his lightning resist does flash up to 115%. I believe his numbers should be:

40% (EE), 90% (no EE), 115% (wrong EE)

So the wrath aura from the lightning golem is occasionally popping up on the flame golem.

For mapping I'm not too worried about this, and I think the cast speed gain from the lightning golem is still worth it for speeding up mapping. For big bossing I might try double flame golem instead of flame + lightning. That also means one of the flame golems can die and EE is still rolling.
I did uber elder with 2 flame golems instead of flame + lightning. I didn't really notice any difference in damage output, but most of the fight is just invuln phases anyway, so a small damage improvement wouldn't necessarily be obvious.

I switched back to inpulsa (from carcass jack) for 96 to 97. I really do like inpulsa a lot better - as much for safety as for clear speed, as I described earlier. I didn't die or even really have any close calls from 96 to 97, and I was spamming many double damage modded guardian maps (I always roll to at least 85% quant, 25% pack size), and of course doing uber elder.

I did this to the old carcass jack:

Too bad it wasn't AoE gems, but I figure some winter orb guy will probably want that. Then I'll be able to afford some high end gear.
Hey, do you think your build is HC viable and if not what would you change to make it ? Enjoying it so far, thanks for the build !
I haven't done it in HC personally, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be HC viable. It is built pretty defensively, picking up both mind over matter and phase acrobatics. You could trade in the essence worm for a more defensive ring choice, but other than that the gearing is honestly pretty defensive too.

Main thing would just be what any HC build does, being more careful with map mods, identifying strongboxes, and etc.
Okay thats what i thought, defense looks really solid, thanks for the reply :p
Got lucky and landed a Berek's Respite. As someone who is fairly new (only about 300-400 hours played) I'm uncertain if I can incorporate that ring into this build.

If so, how and if not, am I better off selling it to fund other pieces for the build?
Would gloves with aspect of the spider be a good idea for this?

That'd reserve 35% mana ('cause ring) and increase boss dps by 15% (right?). Trying to figure out what would be the best choice for gloves and I just compared 13-14% cast speed to that aspect of the spider and it seems like aspect is way better choice.

But I don't know all the mechanics yet and might have misssed something obvious hence my question.
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