[3.5] Crit Ice Spears Occultist: Build Guide

soultari wrote:
First off, thank you as I have been wanting to try out ice spear. What enchant would you prioritize? I was thinking the projectiles travel less distance for quality of life. Did you level this with ice spear and if so how long did it take to feel good?

Also I see you have MoM in PoB but only 15% mana unreserved. That seems like it'd be difficult to maintain unless I'm missing something?

Hey sorry about the late reply, I would prioritize these two enchants:

Ice Spear travels 30% reduced distance before changing forms

Ice Spear fires an additional Projectile

The first one especially.

And yes I did MoM on the tree like an idiot, I am making changes to the skill tree as I type this lol.
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Sythar8020 wrote:
Heya, just wondering: Is there a reason you're not using Poacher's Aim to free up the boot slot? Or is +1 pierce too limited for the length of the first form?

I have actually not thought of it because usually I just prefer high life and 2 dmg roll jewels. But in this case it would probably be worth getting one and trying to free up the boot slot.
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will try the build as LL occult when im bored with this coldpoet build im using.
great build btw thanks for sharing.
I am still working on leveling this and having a blast thank you for the build. Some thoughts for you: what points would you drop for level 90ish? Any consideration of dropping blood of the karui for a staunching flask? What about dropping the silver flask if you can get an abyss jewel with onslaught?

Edit: I meant to add. I would add a life staunching flask maybe so as to get a better suffix like say of the order on the diamond.
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