0.10.2 Patch Notes

yastru wrote:
Please add some solid mana node to shadow tree. We were supposed to be hybrid class and we dont have a single one.

I partly took Iron reflexes because leather&steel and mana flows was on the way to it. What now ?

At least give us something nice in return. Rangers got their deep thoughts node. What about us ?

you got eldrich battery

I've got almost heart attack when I shot my Lightning Arrow.. It's nice idea but the lightning itself is way to thin. It looks like electricity jump, not like lighting, not at all.

Can you please make it a bit thicker? I barely see what it had hit :/
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Nice !
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Gl & HF may the rng's godz be with you.
Great patch guys, keep up the great work!
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Haven't really played PoE since the character wipe. Due to working
and getting some business things started with a buddy. Reading through
the ammount of additions, changes, revisions, skill, graphical, audio
makes me tired. lol. Man, you guys have been super busy. Played last
night for about a 3 hour stretch and I thought "alot of things" seemed
new or fresh.

Thanks again for all your hard and loving work

- Valhalla
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Awesome patch, thanks for all the effort.
But dont let the whiners put you off your game.

As a wise man once said:
A man that never made enemies, never made anything.
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My Duelist attacks WAY faster now. Awesome!
Nice changes. Now waiting for Ranger melee passive skill boost )
Justice will be done!
The Chaos/Regal recipe changes are going to hurt me big-time. So now only the guys with top-notch gear are able to profit off the recipes....

Regal recipe gives 2 chance orbs now, chaos gives 1 chance for ilvl 17 rares. Looks like I am stopping my |||||FREE BOSS DROPS&QUEST if u follow rules ||||| parties now.
Got a lot of repeat customers who were relying on those runs to gear up their newly created characters that will be disappointed now!
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Performance Boost as result of Optimizations... +100

Fucking over your avg player base because of a few MultiBoxers... -1000

Sad patch.
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