0.10.2 Patch Notes

i make the same mistake myself frequently.. but colonnade has 2 n's in it, not 2 l's
Things with "increased" and "decreased" in the tooltip are additive ... where as "More" or "Less" are multiplicative ...
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Anyway to find out what the four new uniques are???

The Might and Agility nodes have not been changed on the online passive tree planner.

Also seems to me that Marauder could use some love now, and adding a Might node there with the increased range seems fair too (all others are quite far away from Marauder).

Edit: Oh never mind. Those node changes were only for the duelist.
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Love the changes.

To quote The Beatles: I have to admit it's getting better, it's getting better all the time!

Superb work, everyone and thank you.
Thanks for your hard work.

Nice changes indeed :-).
Hey could someone gimme a link to 4 new uniqe items? i would like to check them but i cant find it :/
Please add some solid mana node to shadow tree. We were supposed to be hybrid class and we dont have a single one.

I partly took Iron reflexes because leather&steel and mana flows was on the way to it. What now ?

At least give us something nice in return. Rangers got their deep thoughts node. What about us ?
A stranger like no otherther,
Faced the wall of the Umbra,

Can I find the new vendor recipes anywhere? I sold a full set of 66+ map rares for 1 orb of chance, that seems a bit cheap :S
IGN: Solityude
Early levels of Fire Trap have had their damage reduced by around 35%.
Early levels of Poison Arrow have had their damage reduced by around 35%.

can somebody tell me what the early levels are, or at what level are those skills doing their "normal" damage from the last patch again? just wondering because i enjoyed that kiting style for the 1-3h races.
I doubt rangers are more happy. 2 Marauders, 1 shadow and 1 templar suffered from the changes with 1 character completely broken. Oh well at least I can respec for free right... oh no too bad for your high lvl characters that any decent respec is now 8!!! nodes away from what you needed and you now have less hp, armor and dmg. Whooohooo! Oh respec into a new build.... great need new gear for those characters.... lemme just get... oh wait.

I am not happy at all how the path of the tree has actually changed. Add new nodes, slightly modify the existing ones I can live with, but actually shifting and replacing nodes is a major slap into the face. If this is part of the "beta" feel, I think a new ladder or complete reset on the real release is much needed.

Now imagine having 4 characters suffer from that... all motivation to play is lost.... atm. I was even excited about most content and the new skills, but getting slapped 4 times blurred my vision from seeing the things that got me excited.
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