[3.5] Storm Brand Elementalist | Budget Viable | Speed Clear

This build will most likely constantly be changing while I min-max and test everything out.


My Gear


A dagger or scepter with high spell damage and critical strike chance to spells, If you can also get some cast speed, critical multiplier or added damage to spells It's definitely a plus.

Another cheap option would be the unique dagger "Divinarius"


The shield we're going with Magna Eclipsis, you can also use the smaller versions of the shields because we mainly only use it for the +2 to gems but I would recommend sticking with Magna because It has higher armour, life and the 1,000 elemental shield is superior to the alternatives.


Helmet we can just go with a generic rare helmet with high life and resistances.


Our end game chest piece would be Inpulsas but currently It's very pricey so I would recommend using a rare with high life until you can afford an inpulsas.

You can get a pretty cheap ilvl100 6Link Sacrificial Garb with the divination cards "The Sacrifice"


Just a rare pair of gloves with high Life and resistances, If you can squeeze some attack speed in there it would be beneficial for shield charge attack speed.


A rare pair of boots with high movement speed, life and resistances.


A rare amulet with high life, dex and critical multiplier. There are a fair few mods you can add onto amulets through the new crafting, you mainly use the amulet to fill in the blanks from your other gear.


Berek's Grip can be an amazing way to achieve some amount of sustain on the build while also being a fairly cheap option.

Your other ring would just be a rare ring with high life/resistances and if you can fit it in the Global crit and multi if you've shattered an enemy recently is a great suffix to craft onto an open ring suffix.


Belt we can go with a rare stygian vise with high life/resistances, If you want to clear a tiny bit faster are of course bisco's leash or headhunter.


Pretty simple just looking for some caster jewels with life, Try not to go for jewels with % Increases to specific elements because we use both cold and lightning so it won't be as effective.

Flask #1 Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching Just all round best instant life flask.
Flask #2 Chemist's Diamond flask of the Order, can be hard to find this critical suffix If you don't have it don't worry too much.
Flask #3 Chemist's Basalt Flask of Heat
Flask #4 Chemist's Stibnite Flask of Warding
Flask #5 Chesmist's QUicksilver Flask of Adrenaline



3 Link - Herald of Lightning - Curse on Hit - Assassins Mark


3 Link - Brand Recall - Empower - Enhance


3/1 Link - Cast when damage taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Flame Dash (Make sure flame dash is high enough level to not be cast with cwdt or not linked to it)


6 Link - Storm Brand - Controlled Destruction - Increased Critical Strikes - Concentrated Effect - Added Cold Damage - Hypothermia (If you don't have a 6 link I listed the gems in priority order)


4 Link - Herald of Ice - Ice Bite - Innervate - Onslaught (Can drop onslaught If you've got onslaught on kill on a jewel, maybe swap it out for Increased area of effect or Hypothermia)


4 Link - Shield Charge - Blood Magic - Faster Attackspeed - Fortify

Passives / Bandits / Ascendancy / Pantheon

Bandit: We take Alira for the Res/Multi/Mana Once we hit end game this might be worth changing to 2 skill points once we can cap our resistances easily without it.

Normal Lab: Pendulum of Destruction
Cruel Lab: Mastermind of Discord
Merciless Lab: Shaper of Desolation
Uber Lab: Beacon of Ruin

Uber lab is a pretty big deal on this build so I would personally recommend trying to get a uber lab carry early on if you can.

Websites Skill tree isn't updated, You're going to have to plug these into path of building or another skill tree application.

The first three skill trees are optimal for leveling but the end game skill tree changes a bit so you might need to save your regrets/respec points, If you're confident you can level without taking the optimal leveling route feel free to follow the end game skill tree from the start.

http://poeurl.com/ccjS 33 Skill Points
http://poeurl.com/ccjU 61 Skill Points
http://poeurl.com/ccjX 87 Skill Points

Next skill tree is the optimal lvl90 tree, It will take a bit of respec points.

http://poeurl.com/ccjY 111 Skill Points

Major Pantheon: I would recommend taking Soul pf Lunaris if you're focusing on mapping and Soul of Solaris If you're doing bosses with no adds
Minor Pantheon: Soul of Garukhan for the 6% movement speed when you haven't been hit recently is nice for mapping or Soul of Gruthkul for that extra bit of defences.


My PoB

15/12/2018 - Level90


How much do I need to start this build?

Reasonably you could easily start this build with nothing, I would recommend just farming aqueducts until you get 9 humility cards for a tabula.

Got the base idea of the build from https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/free_creampie/characters
IGN: @Norse
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Thanks for the build Norse. The passives tab is currently empty though?
bezrq wrote:
Thanks for the build Norse. The passives tab is currently empty though?

Just started writing the guide, will be done in a sec
IGN: @Norse
Im wondering why you aren't using MoM in this build
diven209 wrote:
Im wondering why you aren't using MoM in this build

I was about to legitimately respond to this comment. God dammit diven..
IGN: @Norse
my gear so far
Why witch over templer?
Sarkonix wrote:
Why witch over templer?

imo beacon of ruin and alot of more damage
ncredible wrote:
Sarkonix wrote:
Why witch over templer?

imo beacon of ruin and alot of more damage

How do you leech against bosses without a lab enchant though?

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