[3.5] Doryani's Fist Ignite Elementalist

Yep well lvl 80 now, however i think i won't go any further. Its really fun to play, charging all around the map and burning down ppl, but at the same it is sooooo frustrating to be so slow with your attack skill ! Getting stunned in the middle of Doryanni animation is a nightmare and usually followed by quick death.

I tried different setups in the skill tree, swapped Loreweave for Lightning Coil for more mitigation then swaped back, tried Kaom roots, tried to go for MoM... it always comes down to one thing : im slow af and can't dodge shit or I dont have the DPS. For instance, I burned all my portals but 1 trying to kill a red Elder Lieutenant (the one with lightning, can't remember his name) then had to go back to Inquisitor Indigon Mjolner to finish him off cuz im bad. Feelsbadman. I have to say my stuff is not optimal though, cuz im pretty fckinpoor after heavily investing in a facebreakers build.

Anyways, still a very fun char to play, ty to you guys for sharing both of your versions of it.

EDIT : NVM i changed some gear, went back to Kaom Roots and now i can do T13 maps (almost) easy. I think Raom Roots are very handy for this build, it avoids getting interrupted during your slam. The build feels way better this way.
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I think I'm going to try a Jugg version. You get stun immunity, a bunch of phys resist, and even some attack speed.

The downsides are:
1) not chilling, so you can't use hypothermia (isn't so bad),
2) no shock prolif, so esh's mirror is worse (again, don't care)
3) no shocking vs end game bosses (be a scion ele/jugg if you care about this)
4) no ignite prolif (ignite prolif gem has much larger area, and only a little less damage than say a burning damage gem)

So in general it'll be a bit less damage but definitely worth it.
Thoughts on MoM Trickster here for more defensive?

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