[3.5] Doryani's Fist Ignite Elementalist

Ayo, had a few people whisper me ingame about how my build works etc. so I figured I'd try my hand at writing a short guide, perhaps more people are interested or looking for a fun character to play.
Without further ado -


Elementalist pretty much just to prolif and the good shocks, has the added benefit of some leech and reflect immunity(more map mods, atziri etc.) The idea is to shield charge, which prolifs ignite and shock, which procs Herald of Thunder, which prolifs ignite.
I mostly shield charge through maps, doryani's touch for bosses, some rares, encounters.
This isn't an insane powerhouse of a build, however, it's pretty strong and feels satisfying, if you don't compare it to arc that is. I like to take things a bit slower and haven't invested into a lot of attack speed and such.
Can't run 1 map mod, and that is the monsters have a chance to avoid elemental ailments.

‣ Fast and effortless map clear
‣ Decent single target
‣ Satisfying af
‣ Survivability
‣ Melee
‣ Melee AND a LONG attack time
‣ Lightning damage has high variance, one ignite can deal 4x the damage another one would

I'm sure this build can have a lot better survivability, right now I'm rocking 6k life and 700 ES, but giving some things up you could either go MoM or ES, it would play a bit different, but it'd prolly still be fine.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXxdS5w6OUs - T10 Belfry
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BwCscCToec -Minotaur T16 clear
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dq3pb6UkLY -Shaper(First attempt)

Skill tree:

https://pastebin.com/wpHw9vkc PoB
www.poeurl.com/cccy Official
www.poeurl.com/boS5 Poe Planner

Gem links:

Gloves(Doryani's): Elemental damage with attacks, Deadly ailments, Combustion, Burning damage.
(Aiming for the best consistent DPS here)

Body armour: Shield Charge, Faster Attacks, Combustion, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Burning Damage, Unbound Ailments
Map clearing skill, hence the Faster Attacks, can also fit in fortify, should still deal enough damage

Helm: Herald of Thunder, Deadly Ailments, Burning Damage, Combustion
Assists greatly with map clear, also helps kill off stragglers, or save you from having to flame dash.

Boots: Orb of Storms, Unbound Ailments, Temporal Chains, Blasphemy
I decided to run temp chains mostly because of syndicate content, it's really hard to get a slam off at times, slowing the mobs and syndicate members helps a bit.

Boots(bossing, or just more damage): Orb of storms, Unbound Ailments, Increased Critical Strikes, Wrath

Shield: Kind of whatever, I run Cast when Damage Taken(level 1), Immortal Call, Flame Dash(level 20).

Blood Rage is fine anywhere if you like to zoom zoom


Pretty much all you need is 4 items

Doryani's Touch can't miss, however in this build I really want shield charge to always hit.

30% DPS


cheap jewel, very effective because doryani's touch has a 600% damage effectiveness, so this jewel gives a huge amount of flat damage.

The ring is whatever, however you really want this craft on it, since the craft adds cold damage to everything, it also lets heralds chill mobs, not needed though, you can also get a few cold damage to attacks anywhere else and you'll chill things with shield charge and slams.

I run an Essence of Horror crafted helm, so Herald of Thunder deals a bit more damage.

Seemed meh on paper, but feels really good to use.

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Herald of Thunder can't shock. Your shield charge and slam are the only things shocking enemies.
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Frugality wrote:
Herald of Thunder can't shock. Your shield charge and slam are the only things shocking enemies.

You're absolutely right, miswrote that, thank you. Fixed now.
How do i level? At wich level can i start playing the build?
Ninjea wrote:
How do i level? At wich level can i start playing the build?

I levelled as armageddon brand to try it out, pretty much the same tree without lightning nodes, I feel any ignite build would work. Either that or BV(prolly a lot faster tbh), kikazarus+RF could also be really fast from act 2 onwards.
Build works once you can equip the stormfire at 80
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how to do progress through the skill tree?
Ninjea wrote:
how to do progress through the skill tree?

I went up and to the left at first, grabbing all the fire nodes and Elemental Overload, then towards the shadow after grabbing Retribution. Once I could equip the stormfire I grabbed EE and the life below. I like to mostly grab the bigger life nodes and not worry about the 5% and 4% ones, then fill them out later
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I've got a CI version of this (check my profile for burns_when_I_fist or the imported pob is https://pastebin.com/pW0RvFJ8).

I'm also pure lightning but if you could somehow get enough cold damage on jewels then Three Dragons cold/lit is very competitive in DPS.

I found that Lyco was totally unnecessary since even if you only hit half the pack your ignite prolif anyway. I'm currently using a rare ES shield but I've considered Esh's Mirror for this (looks totally insane) or possibly Apep's Supremacy for more CI survivability.

I struggle in T10 maps, feel very squishy despite me having both a helm and watcher's eye with 10% of phys taken as ele.

Regarding levelling: I levelled with a horrible Avatar of Fire Facebreakers which stacked flat phys damage and I would not recommend it at all. Use Arc or storm brand or something. You can then switch to Doryani's Fist ignite at 63 using Avatar Of Fire, Cold to Fire (you can't use Pyre because it breaks ignite prolif), and Call of the Brotherhood but the build only really takes off at 80 when you get Stormfire.

edit: I've now switched to Consecrated Path which does 2-3 times the damage that Shield Charge does. L21 Smite for buffing against bosses too (but not as good as Path for clear).
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Very nice build, thanks for posting it. What ascendency node would you take first though?
CaltoMortese wrote:

Very nice build, thanks for posting it. What ascendency node would you take first though?

Beacon of Ruin is the node that's most essential for this build, so I recommend taking Shaper of Desolation in normal lab.

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