We've just released the Demon Parasite Armour Set and its accompanying back attachment. This armour set is designed to make your character look like a red and black demonic entity and is sure to make you appear more formidable to your enemies. Click here to check it out in the store!

It also looks great with other demonic-themed microtransactions from the store such as the Ultimate Chaos Character Effect, Vampiric Footprints, Ultimate Chaos Weapon Effect, Tentacle Wings and any demonic skill effect!

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
this looks cool
Woah might get this with the new supporter packs
Wow I'm gonna have to get this. Looks ultra dope.
Rip wallet
Looks cool!
what in the world
Looks like it's finally my time to ascend, or should I say, descend? :D
Øvè®þðwé® Øvê®®ûn Øvè®çðmé
"nice" and all but. meh.. I want to be able to use my $480 dollar portal effect without wanting to commit suicide a lot more than this ..

sound effects on skills and mtx in this game is a growing issue..

for example, ive never played blade vortex because I can't stand the fucking whining sound that the default blades make.. yes the red blades doesn't make that whining sound.. but I like the GREEN ones..

I have many portals I want to use but their consistent humming and whining drives me into not buying more supporter packs for GGG and as you can see over there


I have one or two.. but I'm kinda done now unless I can actually USE the ones I have.
mostly harmless

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