Syndicate spectres disappear when the syndicate boss dies

Syndicate spectres like Syndicate Marksman can be made into spectres, and the last patch even fixed an issue with one of the syndicate mobs being spectres so GGG definetly wants us to be able to use them, however everytime the mobs on the ground despawn due to the syndicate bosses being sent to interrogation, they literally disappear, spectre and all.

these spectres goes from being interesting to play to outright unplayable the second you engage with the league mechanics.
Last bumped on May 12, 2019, 5:42:23 PM

Can we get a fix for this please? Some of the Syndicate dudes seem promising.

Fixing this just before they get removed wont really help.
I can confirm this bug happening with "Syndicate Marksman"; likely all others Syndicate spectres are affected too.
Still happening in 3.5.0D
Still happening in 3.5.1
Lemme guess, was never fixed?

Good job, thanks GGG.
I can't seem to replicate this- is it still an issue? Which Spectres in particular are still despawning?

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