3.5.0c Patch Notes

Where is fix for unique maps completion in Standard? I spend dozens of Exalts to run them. And now I haven't anything!
Will you fix that or not?
This is worst league for Standard players.
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The only thing im interested in is a map tab fix for standard tbh.....
where in the freaking hell is the map tab fix.

seriously, WTF

this is what my poe engagement going to be till map tab is fixed:

log in.
check if map tab fixed.
if not - log out.

i converted all my maps. i have no space to place any items so there is no point in playing. sure i could try to rearrange stuff and fill up char inventories.....

but there is simply no excuse for this.

you should REFUND everyone who is currently sitting with an unusable map tab the cost of it, cause maybe buying a new map tab would not have these issues?
Shitysushi(primary char) - Arrow shooting build.
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Im only interested in map tab fix on standard cmon....
5 Days and no Fixes for the Shaped Maps + Map Tab, thats not that, what i have expect from you Guys.
Yeah its just Standard, but i think there a lots of People still waiting for the Fix... #metoo
Fuck this, it's been a week and still no map tab fix.

But hey, it's fine; it only affects THE ENTIRE FUCKING STANDARD PLAYERBASE.

Get your shit together GGG
Nice Patch GGG. Broken my fps from 150 to 30-70 Hahahaha Really nice work guys. GTX 1060 6GB
How am I even supposed to calculate my melee build now? this whole Double Strike Stat-Stick nerf / Bug thing is making it really hard to plan ahead.

Anyhow, thanks for fixing things.
Still cant put new maps into the map tab on Standard
When night falls
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Nice. Keep crushing the bugs there's a lot of them this time around.

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