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Last bumped on Dec 2, 2019, 8:15:26 AM
Hello, I'am having an issue with this support skill attached with Vaal warchief totem. When I have enough souls to use this ability 1 time, I summon 2 totems and lost 1 vaal use, but when it get ready again, it does nothing and still lose 1 vaal use, It's like I lost 1 vaal use because I summoned two totems. So there is no advantage using this with Warchief totem, because I lost two uses as well if I hadn't Multiple Totems as a support gem. And it's bugged because when I use it afters spending 1 use, it does nothing and still lose 1 vaal use.
^ Playing a Hierophant in the Betrayal SC League, with the Arc skill cast by my totems. I tried using Multiple totems support to use on Searing Bond, because it has its own +1 which would enable me to cast 3 arc enabled totems and 3 Searing bond in theory, but because I'm spawning 2 at a time, its not possible to have 3 and 2 or 3 and 3 of each totem active at a time to get the most out of the 1% regen per totem active ascendancy point.
Wish this support gem could be fitted with a feature that would enable this use of the totem.
Of course, previously I used it all the time, having 6 totems active because of the 5 arc and 1 Searing Bond making my character able to survive hard endgame content.
Found this recording of me paying my current build on Incursion.
I'm using searing bond to achieve extra regen as I said before but also generating charges during and before a fight without losing as much mana as I would with casting 6L Arc.
Appreciate your generous offer to take our feedback so directly :)
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Hello! I'm playing as a Mind Over Matter Magma Orb Hierophant in the SC Betrayal league ( and I'm trying to use the Multiple Totem Support on the Decoy Totem. While it does let you place more than one, it summons only one on each cast instead of two (as the gem description says).

EDIT: Added a character profile link.
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Hi! I'm just a level 30 Witch trying some builds and having a lot of fun with minions, and I was wondering if it was possible with this gemm or some other gem to have 1 totem invoking 2 type of minions (so, 2 spells).

Or it MUST be one totem per invocation? I'd like to spam the enemies of skeletons and flying skeleton once I put a totem on the ground ^^
It does not support Spectres(see Tukohama Vanguard), either with blood magic or without.

On the wiki it expressly states that it does work with minions. I know this is not your site or controlled by GGG, but there is no information anywhere stating otherwise. Can we get some clarification that this is intended or have the gem state that it does not work with minions?
I would like to see a change for this game, especially in interaction with the Hierophants "Ritual of Awakening".

Hierophant is supposed to be THE totem user class in this game. 3 nodes of the big nodes are especially for made for using totems, while "Illuminated Devotion" heavily profits from "Arcane Blessing". So you could say 4 of the 8 big nodes are made for totem users. My problem lies within the way "Pursuit of Faith" and the Multiple Totems Support interact with each other. Both enable the user to cast 2 totems instead of 1 per cast. Based on a description, it makes sense that having both still only lead to 2 totems per cast. But I think this should definitely change.

Why should this be changed? Hierophant benefits the most from all classes to have as many totems as possible. More damage, more life reg and more mana reg per totem on the field. So using multiple totems support is kinda a must for every totem hierophant. But Hierophant doesnt gain as much advantages from multiple totems as other classes.

While any other class gets +2 totems AND +1 totem per cast, Hierophant only gets +2 totems, since the he got the +1 totem per cast already from "Pursuit of Faith". It makes the gem (or the Heirophant node) less worth.

In my opinion, you should change either the support gem to +1 totem per cast (not limited to 2) or the node from Hierophant to +1 totem per cast (not limited to 2), so a Heirophant can actually summon 3 totems at once. It would make much more sense.
It doesn't work with Flame Totem for whatever reason.
Would it be possible to change a bit how this gem works so that if linked with 2 different totems it would summon one of each instead of 2 copies of the same? For example in the following setup:
Ancestral Protector - Chance to Bleed - Decoy Totem - Multiple Totems
it would summon 1 ancestral protector and 1 decoy totem when the player summons any of them.
Hi, while playing a Chieftain and using this support gem with Vaal Warchief Totems, I wanted to offer some feedback on a potential change :

- Currently while having two vaal charges using vaal warchief totem causes two totems to be placed at the same time and will also consume two vaal charges

- Also using vaal warchief totem with one vaal charge will only cause one totem to be placed

My suggestion would be to change how Multiple Totems Support works with Vaal Warchief Totem and allow a total of four vaal warchief totems (two totems per charge) or disable this support gem from Vaal Warchief totem, allowing it to be easier to manage the amount of charges/totems that you have.


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