Dread Banner

Does this affect Fortify even when worn? Because by the wording it looks like it gives 2% per stage even while worn. That would give you double the fortify effect to a total of 40% reduced damage, plus what you might get from points in the Fortify tree.
Question: What is the Distance Unit value of "Nearby", of this skill?

It is not listed in

https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Dread_Banner (as of writing) nor



I am currently thinking about the next steps for my build (min-max). I need to get (the effectiveness) of my low Evasion up, and Flesh and Stone (Blind mechanic to double your effective Evasion) I can't afford (mana reservation cost). But I can afford Dread Banner ("Nearby Enemies have (15-21)% less Accuracy Rating").

With Flesh and Stone, you see the AOE via the visual effect. But there is none for just carrying the Dread Banner. Placing the Dread Banner, give an AOE visual effect.

Are the placed-AOE and carrying-AOE the same AOE for "Nearby"?
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Both Banner skills need QoL change for the active of banner:
1)After you place banner and move out of the area for longer than x seconds, your banner skill is automaticly turned on.
2)After the placed banner expires your standard (mana reserve) banner skill is turned on.

Additionaly the active part of the banner need a buff. Dread Banner having whole wooping 2,5sec of fortify for 60sec of banner duration is a joke.
I rather see 20sec banner with 10sec fortify on it to have a reason to place it.
Give us a reason to use the major thing for what this was created comparing to other auras - placing the banner.

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