[3.5] *The Perfect Storm* Shock Nova / Storm Call Elementalist

Allfix wrote:
I found the answer, it was the amulet, sorry

Fun build so far :)

Yea the amulet lets us reserve wrath for free, although it is a high end amulet. Starting out a good rare with life, res, crit would be ok. Choir of the Storm is also a solid choice.
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Hi. Can you post more budget gear and gem links for that. It's hard get staff with power charge on critical and gloves with curse on hit at the start of league. I haven't enough sockets.
How would an templar/inquisitor build compare to elem?
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Will this be updated for/work with 3.6?
So hope you are gonna post your thoughts on 3.6 :) Since it had a nice buff

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