[3.5] Kitava's Spiriteater - Necro | Kitava's Thirst&Soulwrest | 1.5 mil shaper dps

Thanks alot for updates :=)
Love the guide! Going to implement big parts of it into my summoner build. Thanks for the cool ideas and using interesting items like Kitava's Thirst.
I am not sure if anyone has brought it up but maybe instead of Poison Support swap it for Withering Touch Support? 140% mana multiplier and it will do "Supported Skills gain (10-29)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage" so easy extra flat damage.
I have gone through many different witch builds trying to find one I like and this is one I really enjoy by far. The body swap mechanic makes clearing maps a breeze and the damage is there.
My only gripe is the RNG of Kitava's Thirst but that was to be expected.
I downed Hydra after a few attempts with the following map mods:

The temp chains was the main cause of the failed attempts due to not being able to move out of the Doom Arrow (the one that hits the ground in a line), it was a 1 shot ability for me. Other than that it was easy to get to the boss.

I chose to use Convocation in my CWDT set-up rather than a second offering, it feels smoother with map clear and survivability.

I bought this for a different build while searching for anti-corrupted blood + life and energy shield, it just works perfectly for this build as I use all 3 aura's, though I am not sure I benefit from the Hatred aspect due to it going to my minions.

Here is the rest of my setup:

I opted for Vis Mortis for the extra minion damage and its interaction with Minion Instability.
Thanks for the build!
By the way, check my gem levels, not even maxed :p


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