[3.5] Indigon PP Crit LL VD Hierophant - still 10M dps meta after nerf


This build is developed from the 3.2 build
after 2 leagues of intensive playing with numerous adjustments.

After 3 leagues being the core chase unique of the hidden meta, Indigon finally faces a major mechanic nerf in 3.5

Indigon now grants 20-25% (down from 50-60%) increased Spell Damage for each 200 total Mana you have spent Recently, up to a maximum of 2000%. Existing versions can be updated to these new spell damage values with a Divine Orb, however all versions are now affected by the spell damage cap.

The author of the original build went mad and deleted his build for all, but I see it a waste and decided to preserve it, not just because of good old time, but to demonstrate with adaptation it's still the meta it always is.

The original noncrit LL version of GG gear Posted by Scrilian

The adapted crit LL version, i.e., this build

DPS = 50k per orb * 4 with enchant * 5 aps = 10m single target or aoe
non legacy DPS = 10m * 25%/60% = 4.2m
I don't see why it can't qualify a meta

Legacy Uber Elder Deathless


Build Theory

Indigon turns mana into increased spell damage. Standing at current cap of 2000%, this quantity is one magnitude larger than all other item and half if not all of the passive tree. In other words, you don't need any other increased damage on any of the other gear or anywhere on tree. Instead, invest in mana/mana regen until reaching 2000%, and all the rest goes to survivability. It turns out, this unique synergy is still one of the strongest in the game


Poet's Pen seems like a 3 link + Empower, but the unique trigger mechanism brings it to 6 link level of power. Attacks in general have lower mana cost and attack time than spells. There are also much more passives and item affixes to increase attack speed, multiplied by the local attack speed on weapon, so mana can be reserved for offensive auras, effectively linking Spell Echo and Added X Damage to the Pen to become a 6 link. If you'd like you can dual wield 6 linked standalone spells (in fact Unearth can kill so you can't run lv 20 in Phys reflect map)


Indigon or Poet's Pen by itself is strong enough to support a decent build. PP builds are indeed everywhere but their ceiling is rather low. Indigon self cast is pretty awkawrd when reaching high cost,stutter like a cripple, unless using DoT spell like Essence Drain
Combining two uniques, firstly assuming attacks or spells have the same damage per mana cost, PP uses less and gets more damage; secondly when mana is used up you can still do default attack and trigger spell, this translates to Insufficient Mana doesn't prevent your Spell Casts. Clearly this thing went out of control for both builds


Hierophant Ascendancy grants ES from mana, so the offensive stats translate to defense, two birds with one stone. Back in the days when Indigon had no cap, the full investment on mana resulted in 12k mana 12k ES
But now with a cap easily reached by original 60% version, just about any Ascendancy can do plus one most expensive stat Watcher's Eye


There are 4 ways to increase DPS from gear and passives that can be summarized by a Daft Punk song - Harder (crit) Better (mechanism) Faster (attack/casting) Stronger (penetration). They are separate from the real "increase (spell/elemental/area/dot etc) damage" so each serves as a more multiplier. Since gear mods and passives are generally balanced, it's wise to spread investment before marginal effect on one aspect diminishes.
In our case of Indigon and Poet's Pen, cast speed is capped by trigger cooldown. Previously after capping attack speed according to this, all the passives were spent on mana/mana regen for highest possible increased spell damage from Indigon, and investment on crit was one point on Elemental Overload.
But now increased spell damage is capped by Indigon nerf, so the extra passives after capping mana need will go to crit. It turned out with a Diamond flask the average damage is even higher than before


Consider after sufficient time (relaxation time) the system reaches steady state,
all the mana gained = ( regen + leech ) * recovery * 4
= mana spent recently = 200n,
damage increase = 60%n (or 25%n)
Previously damage increase has no cap, so the higher the regen and leech coupled with mana recovery from Watcher's Eye or Shaper belt, the higher the damage which can go as high as 7200% in noncrit GG version, and even higher with Trickster's 70% recovery rate
But now, with 2000% cap we only need to invest so much mana/mana regen to reach this value, and then invest in other stats

Gear Breakdown

There are only 3 relevant corruptions. Penetration is the best and of course most expensive; AoE is what you don't get on gear as a normal mod and very few on the tree, but no effect against boss; Attack Speed helps with filling cooldown a little bit. The rest including power charge on crit and local damage are as negligible as 15% increased spell damage


Here is the detailed information on how to cap attack speed with Poet's Pen including

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Amazing :)
I'm def going to give this a try.
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