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About Me
Hi Exiles, I'm Mat also known as Sanjakimo.
My build's and guides are meant to be targeted at newer players as well as longstanding ones.
I enjoy designing build archetypes that are both practical & Thematic. I personally try and push the standard gearing setup to it's limits using the selected Uniques and gearing choices.

This in theory makes the build accessible to new players, as well as providing a framework for more experienced players to Min / Max from with the array of crafting and custom loot options now in the game if they so choose.

I would always advise at least trying the build how it is presented first, before delving into the 'Pimp my Character' Crafting as I spend an inordinate amount of time fine tuning the build against all the situations the game provides us to test our builds against. But that's up to you...

Character Synopsis
The Character pivots off the Lioneye's Glare Bow and projectile damage + Pierce as well as the natural flask effect from pathfinders combined with Taste of Hate for mitigation and defences.
We take large amounts of projectile speed to leverage the 'Far Shot' mod from the bow as well as scaling cold damage and chill effect to leverage Bonechill from FrostBlink.

Character Strengths
*Great Map Farmer
*Great Lab Runner
*Great Delve Digger
*Great Temple Hunter
*Great Syndicate Sleuth
(Utilising Atziri's Amethyst Flask)

Character Weaknesses
(No Stand out Ranger Cold Single Target Skill OR Physical Convert)
(Ranger Characters in General Struggling from mitigation issues and low HP ceiling)
(DEX on the whole being a Lackluster stat comparative to INT or STR)

Benching the build in Hope that there will be a Pass over Rangers similar to Melee and Spells in what looks to be [3.9] as Rangers feel unduly punished in Very Late Game Environments unless specialised acutely.

Gear and Gem Setup

Flask Setup

Context Dependant Swap Out

Unique Jewels

Default Pantheon

Soul of The Brine King
Soul of Tukohama

Minor Pantheons should be swapped dependant on context, as can the major, but the ability to mitigate stuns is important for safety alongside avoiding interrupts on channelled skills.

Excuse the choppy quality as my upload mbps isn't the best, it's purely for demonstrative purposes.


Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/team___human
Character - https://tinyurl.com/y98u8fys
PoB - https://pastebin.com/2CK18iVc (Level 92 Tree)
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* * * * * Levelling Section * * * * *

Currently Being Updated... (Input Appreciated, I'm not the quickest leveller)

The Gull is a great early pickup only requiring level 38, it supplements the builds clear speed whilst accumulating currency and provides easy colour for the helm sockets.
It also fits the gearing policy of having life and cold resist, so transitioning into a crafted helm will be annoyance free.

Good luck and I hope everyone enjoys the build as much as I still do!
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Will there be a "guide" before league start?:P

Hoping so!
Prodigypt wrote:
Will there be a "guide" before league start?:P

Hoping so!

Yup, going to iteratively update the post as I construct it and then refine it later. I'm busy with work this week unfortunately but will make sure the basic concepts are up for Launch.
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is interesting
how to leveling?
bv with rider ascendancy?
Is there any videos?

EDIT: nvm that reddit thread has one.
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SaveYou wrote:
is interesting
how to leveling?
bv with rider ascendancy?

In progress, I'd probably just go herald of agony pathfinder to keep it simple for newer players, but I am NOT an elite leveller. I level 1 character a league then spend the rest of it in end game.
How is this build with reflect maps?
Evultoad wrote:
How is this build with reflect maps?

It's a 90% cold comversion build, reflect maps are mostly a no - however you CAN commplete them with hatred turned off, making sure taste of hate is up, and Soul of yugul pantheon if you get an unlucky Vaal.
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