It's still underperforming as shit. Maybe something with the new es leech but I'm over it.

Hello everyone

I've been awaiting the new patch notes and now they are finally out, I will be posting here. The only real changes from 3.5 notes are that flasks no longer give flat max res, but now give %based damage reduction for their respective elements and CoE gives generic attack leech now

After quite some time away from wanding, I decided I wanted to redo it again and this time, its quite a bit more expensive to get going but pretty close to how it used to be in 2.4-6

Unfortunately, my old thread ( is no longer able to be bumped so I have to remake it

After taking an extended break from both ES and wanding, I'm here to bring back the build. This won't be some crazy damage variation, but what should be a combo of good DPS and defense.

This still is not meant to be budget, or league friendly, but it can now function in league with enough investment but due to legacy items/rolls it can't be as powerful.

Now to compare different wander builds and see if this is what you want out of your character

Different type of wanders

In my opinion, there are 4 different wander builds.

-1st is what I believe has the highest damage potential, although extremely expensive, is dual-wield life based. Rupenus has the highest single target damage wander that I've seen sitting at something around 42m or 46m barrage. However, his gear is unobtainable for most players

-2nd is a life based pure elemental wander. This variation typically uses lycosidae and has the best performance:cost ratio in my opinion. A very good guide to check out for this style is Toma_Hawk's (
You can adapt his to be slower without QotF but use Farrul's Fur or a Elder Base crit chest for more damage and raw life. This is the style I played for a bit after the original 3.0 ES nerfs but due to my HDD crashing, I no longer have my PoB code for how I ran it

-3rd is going to be what this build is which is a throwback CoE - ES wander. We should be able to attain high enough damage while still having 7-9k ES depending on gear. You can easily swap between phys conversion or pure ele, with pure ele having higher damage and easier scaling/gearing.

-4th the last is what will be your tankiest wander setup, with gear that is really hard to obtain and min-max, but I feel it's still worth noting, and that is a HoWA style wander. Plushie has the best setup and used to offer most of his items for service. With his style of setup though, you prioritize stacking Int with a Shaper wand affix "Adds 1-6 Lightning damage per 10 int" and "1% increased damage per 15 int."
This lets you push both damage and defense at the same time and gives you the highest EHP out of any wander build. The gearing for this is difficult though.


-Gearing for Wanders is something that I do NOT recommend to people who are either new or on a budget. They do have amazing scaling, but it costs a lot to get going and you will get more bang-for-your-buck in different builds. Without proper gear, the build will suck regardless of how you try to play it

-The cheapest build to get up and running will be a pure elemental, life based wander.
At its core, you will need a Piscator, some decent abyss jewels, your 6L (I'm a huge fan of Farrul's but that isn't always obtainable, and you need aspect of the cat gear for it to work). The clear speed option is Queen of the Forest, with a Elder crafted Base Crit chest being your offensive option. As linked earlier, Toma_Hawk has a good elemental wander guide to follow.

-Next will be the elemental ES build. Both pure ele and phys will be almost the same tree, and very similar gearing but I will cover the differences.

Your Wand
Choosing the difference between elemental or physical will depend on how much you are willing to spend. If you want to go physical, you will need a top-tier wand and for elemental you will need good abyss jewels to scale

-I used to run my own Merciless-Flaring-Incision wand but sold that. The absolute best physical wand is Vic's Blood Thirst, with either Rayamn's Foe Bite or Clicky's Rift Weaver following that. Anything worse will not be worth using which is why phys wanding in league is pretty much non-existent.

-For elemental you have a strong, cheap unique and that is Piscator. However, you need some good jewels to scale which can be costly, although searching eye's are easier to craft because they can only roll bow and wand mods.

-Piscator can be beat rather easily though with spamming T1/2 Essence of Wrath on a ilvl 85 Shaper Imbued base. All you need is the flat lightning from the essence, shaper's 'gain % of elemental damage as extra chaos damage' and then multimod IAS and crit

-The absolute best elemental wand is Mivvi's Corruption Bite, which I believe will give you the best performance for the cost

Your Helmet
Crown of Eyes

-Crown of Eye's will let you scale damage a bit, give decent es and accuracy, and be your go-to helm when combined with a Spell damage-ES shield. The best enchant will be your +1(2) Barrage projectiles. This is for both pure elemental and phys conversion. No other enchants are really worth noting, as the other barrage enchants aren't great so the only alternative is Wrath or Discipline reduced, and even then there isn't really a mana issue.

Your Shield

-There isn't too much to talk about here, your shield is pretty standard. Look for as high of spell damage and ES as you can afford while getting some res.


-For gloves you have a few options.
The cheapest will be some Thunderfists. I do not recommend these, but they do offer a little bit of damage, an extra link for KB, and are extremely cheap and easy to corrupt.

The next option is a generic pair of rare ES gloves. Fingerless base gives spell damage implicit while sorc has slightly higher base ES. With rare gloves you can look for missing res and attack speed but corrupting rares will be difficult.

The easiest to get, and what I recommend if you don't have 2 socket corrupt tombfists, will be a pair of corrupted Shaper's Touch. They are abundant, vaaled often, and not very expensive while giving solid stats.

I believe the most ideal gloves will be 2 socket tombfists. With these you can get 2 more jewel slots, intimidate, and still semi easy to corrupt (will get pricy)

The corruption you are looking for is "Attacks have +% crit chance" because after all the crit nerfs, you don't reach exceptionally high effective crit anymore. An okay alternative is attack speed, but it's not anywhere near as good as base crit


-Your boots will be Skyforth. They offer some reduced aura cost, letting us run Wrath, Discipline, and a herald comfortably as well as giving some help with stuns. Best enchant is either flat lightning damage or pen on both phys conversion and pure elemental for single target. IAS or movespeed if you want to clear a little bit faster.


-Your amulet is a huge dps slot. A nice roll Elder amulet with WED, Non chaos gained as extra chaos, and crit multi is what you should look for as your endgame. **ES% is still master-craftable on amulets so look for open prefix.** (awaiting on new masters, at the time of writing this you could still atleast) Accuracy and/or res is also fine to get in this slot.
*Note that the non chaos as extra chaos is your min-maxing and not necessary
*Phys can also use Shaper and swap the chaos for Extra lightning based off phys


-Your rings are also a good DPS slot, but we will focus on getting res and accuracy. Opal rings are your best base, but diamonds are still fine to use.
In league you can't get ES% on rings anymore, so your ideal prefixes will be WED, flat ES, and flat damage. Suffixes are accuracy and whatever res you need. Strength can also be rolled here.
*Prioritize flat damage last


-Your belt is a utility slot. Here is where you'll want to look for your missing res and strength, along with WED and open prefix for movespeed. Other suffixes worth looking for are any flask mods or Essence of Horror pen

Headhunter/Bisco's can be used for clearing, or if you don't need any suffixes you can use the Darkness Enthroned for an extra jewel slot and 50% increased effect of socketed jewels

Your Chest

-Your last slot is your chest. A budget option is Incandescent Heart. This offers a small amount of ES, some damage, and some elemental mitigation.

I recommend a Regalia with as much ES as you can get over Incandescent Heart though, and your best option is a Elder Regalia with the Base crit for attacks suffix.
*Delve also added the possibility of getting extra ES% as a suffix and maim for phys builds.
While the maim technically is the highest damage, it seems to be only roughly 5% increased damage (unless maxed out dw phys), so I wouldn't bother with it, and if you have to choose between maim or more ES, go for the higher ES


-Unnatural Instinct is a very powerful jewel for any variation of the wander in the jewel slot on the east side of scion
-For ES builds, an Energy from Within placed near melding
-For pathfinders to reach 3 projectiles from Dying Sun, you need to use Conqueror's Potency
-A Watcher's Eye
*For ES characters, ES on hit is what is allowing us to bring this build back. For that reason, that is a must.
-The 2nd (and 3rd) stat are still beneficial but not vital
*Wrath Conversion - Only for phys based, depends on your phys damage
*Wrath Crit Chance
*Wrath Penetration
*Wrath Lightning Damage
*Clarity mana as ES - gives ~800 es but very costly

-The best combo will be +ES/Life - Flat lightning to Wands - Flat lightning to Attacks - IAS if you've crit recently for pure elemental wanders or +ES/Life - Flat Phys to Wands - IAS if you've crit recently - Multi

Other mentions are Flat cold damage for pure ele so you have shatter potential, accuracy, and generic IAS (3% lower, but still good).
For phys you can have Flat phys damage to attacks, accuracy, or generic IAS. Flat lightning still is acceptable as well.

*Depending on your setup, a normal jewel can be better than an abyss
-Life/ES% in combo with any of the attack speed mods, projectile damage, phys damage with wands, global multi, multi while holding a shield, etc.
However, ES% only rolls on cobalts


-Dying Sun - Gives 3 Projectiles, huge for both AoE and Single target
-Wise Oak - Gives both damage and defense if you balance res
*Focus first on just getting lightning pen, then getting the defense when min-maxing

-Diamond of Staunching - Pathfinder gives Immune to ailments, leaves only bleed and curses
*If you get a jewel corrupted with "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you" you can forego using staunching and instead use warding here

-Quicksilver of Adrenaline - Gives tons of movement speed
-span color="#80ffff"]Personal Choice[/span] - I will use a Legacy Vinktar. Other options are Atziri's Promise, Taste of Hate, Rumi, or a normal flask base with 'of Warding'

*For Uber Elder, a ToH is almost mandatory regardless of build. The defenses it gives for the fight can be the difference between deathless and not completing it. I swap out Wise Oak for it

**If you play league or don't own a legacy vinktar, I recommend grabbing the leech nodes.
While we do have ES on hit, having leech is extremely nice for bosses, and atleast 1 point of mana leech is 100% necessary. The CoE changes should give you enough mana leech without tree investments, however I would still grab the 3 life leech nodes just to feel a bit safer
While legacy vinktar wont give me instant ES leech, it gives me enough leech that it is still worth using

My Gear

Once I get a different color wand, I'll be swapping these which gives a ton more damage. Sadly will have to drop CWDT setup but its whatever

Overall, my links are pretty much shit. The shield colors kinda screwed me so eventually I'll be trying to swap it for better colors so I can get what I want in but for now, this will do.


I play around with a level 100. For a wander to start to feel good I would say atleast a level 90 should be used before your tree start to get enough. What you drop from the 121 point to the 111 point is personal preference. Sadly, no matter what, you'll be giving up damage or ES%. I would say drop ES% as long as you still feel safe leveling (6.5kes + for general mapping should work)

-For a life based tree, please refer to Toma_Hawk

-As for ES based, I am pretty sure I have what is a fair balance of offense and defense. Both the Elemental and the Phys tree will be about 95% the same, and you can move what you need around. I build around level 100 tree's but for around 90 is personal preference on dropped ES% or damage.

ES Phys based with Legacy Vinktar

ES Phys based without Legacy Vinktar

ES Ele with Legacy Vinktar

ES Ele without Legacy Vinktar

-Can drop the +30 strength node in all of the tree's but it helps get your required strength
-Can drop damage for more ES%, you will have to PoB what is the least impactful for you to drop but it will most likely be the lightning damage + pen + multi cluster (5 points) and the extra power charge (2-3 points)


The mandatory links will be:

-6L: Barrage
*For both Phys and Ele, your gem set up will be Barrage / WED / DFL / Ele Focus / Slower Proj / __________ The last link is most likely Added lightning damage, but use PoB to figure out the best

-4L: KB
*Kinetic Blast / GMP / WED / ______
Last link can be pierce for clear speed, DFL or added lightning for damage, Ice bite for damage, shatter, and frenzy, IIQ if in standard, etc.

-3L: Aura
*Enlighten 3 or 4 / Discipline / Wrath

-3L: Herald
*Herald of Ice or Thunder / Curse on hit / Curse
*If you don't want a curse, move herald in with other aura's
Curse can be anything. Projectile Weakness with HoT is the best offensively and can proc in UElder, otherwise HoI with whatever you want is good for clear. Noteable ones are poachers for frenzy charges, assassin mark for a bit more damage, warlords for sustain and endurance charges, and enfeeble or temp chains for defensive curses
*Can add an Enlighten 3 or 4 and swap to blasphemy instead of herald
*Can add onslaught support. Works better with HoI

The rest of the links are up to you. My personal will be utility links

-4l: CWDT
*Cast when damage taken / Immortal Call / Vaal Haste / Inc Duration

If using Tombfist, only 2 sockets left, if normal gloves you'll have all 4
*Ice Golem (Lightning golem is good alternative) / Blood Rage / Portal / Flame Dash


Working on them again

Again, not cheap but is doable in league. This is what a friend of mine made and used for a while. The only thing I would change on his is to get the life and mana leech for QoL since new vinktar is garbage

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
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FFS. Didn't mean to post yet, not completely done.
Finally! <3

I was waiting for you do redo it! :cheers:
Toma_Hawk wrote:
Finally! <3

I was waiting for you do redo it! :cheers:

Nice! CI GG !! will test! :D
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RicTran wrote:
Nice! CI GG !! will test! :D

Yeah, it's alright still. Life users get much faster clear though with QotF and are pretty safe with instant-leech. Es just gets 2-3k more ehp on average, and in league ES on hit jewel is about the closest they can get to instant leech

edit: Also, stick to your pure ele if you want higher damage. Phys only wins in the extreme, dual-wield setup
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Also, just gonna double post to make things easier, but got mostly geared now. Jewels are still meh, and I'd prefer a different suffix on chest other than str% but not much I can do atm

Shield colors screw me out of having a CWDT setup, but I don't really care

IF betrayal crafting goes core, I'm gonna add flask effect to belt, remove Conqueror's Potency, and add another abyss jewel

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Tested! 10495 es, 3.5% es regen , 993es regen per second when use flask :D
My gear
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RicTran wrote:
Tested! 10495 es, 3.5% es regen , 993es regen per second when use flask :D
My gear

Yeah you can reach 10k+ if you want. I sit around 8k but with skyforth and tombfist. Regen is nice, but might be overkill on investing in zo bc you have leech, es on hit, and some slight regen from your jewel (which doesn't need zo)

edit: those are some nice quant boots though
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Tree suggestion for ele version, contains more damage, and flask effect to get +3 projectile from dying sun

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