This unique item introduces one of three new ailments!

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I'm interested.
Hot damn
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(a) I like the idea of new ailments

(b) I hope elementalist actually synergizes with the new ailments, seriously, she's the fucking elementalist

(c) that last mod is dumb, the clearspeed meta is only bottlenecked by attack speed and trigger rate, not by damage. The huge bosses of the game, uber atziri and uber elder, can't be affected by sextants.
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wonder if it's a negative resistance ailment
We don´t really need more bad ailments:(

What about buffing poison / ignite / bleed.
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Could safely toss 40-60 life on all uniques for good measure.
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If scorch comes like scorching ray it probably is exactly like that and reduces enemies resistance for each stance.

And if u think about current ailments like shock, ignite and frozen, all of then need big hits and are good with crit hit for that reason.

So i guess all 3 new ailments are focused for faster small hits for each of elements, and grows with stages.

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Nephalim wrote:
Could safely toss 40-60 life on all uniques for good measure.

This is clearly an es item. Why would they put life on it?
Sextant damage bonus? Geez. As if there was not enough repetitive farming of the same map. This will only encourage it. Bad design.

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