Further Changes to the Atlas in Path of Exile: Betrayal

Last week we announced the updates to the Atlas in Path of Exile: Betrayal. Based on community feedback, we've made some further improvements. Today's news outlines a few of the extra changes that are coming.

Much of the feedback consisted of concerns about the experience of playing through the maps that are now Tier 15. We've made some improvements to these maps to make them more enjoyable. We also wanted to clarify that the "Torture Chamber" map is no longer with us.

During the gauntlet between the first and second phases of the Desert Spring Map boss encounter, there are now many more scorpions that are frequently Magic and Rare which grant experience and items. (This is similarly true for the Summit Map boss encounter but with extra goatmen instead of scorpions.)

The second phase of the Desert Spring Map boss encounter has been improved by reducing the non-attackable time the monster has. During the second phase, the scorpions now engage you without waiting for the boss to submerge to the centre. These changes should increase the intensity of the fight.

We've drastically improved the layout of the Tower Map by removing its dead-ends and redistributing the monsters so that they're more evenly spread out.

Finally, we've corrected the Atlas itself where a few maps were visually connecting to incorrect maps.
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