3.4.5d Patch Notes

Technically (does this word exist?) speaking, it had been December 4th ... NZT. For the rest of the world it is most likely the Monday before new league start, evening for EU-timezones.
really dont see the use of private leagues...?!?
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You're correct. They are 20 hours ahead of me, not 4 hours behind.
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Disable league progress notifications possible? Already hate them and the league hasnt even started yet

I agree. Those Delve notes were particularly annoying because it felt like you were getting spammed with a new floor notification every couple minutes through the whole league.

I couldn't care less about who's first. Some people do nothing but play. They barely sleep. Sometimes they have several people playing on the same account. I couldn't care less that these people are first with anything. Congrats, you have an unhealthy amount of time to play games?
Zphyr wrote:
They announced back in late October that the league would end day 4th December, but no exact time was given. As far as I had time to check news archives, since then they never truly detailed the complete schedure (the end is nigh but untimed). For example, many of the so-called D3 exiles wouldn't have known of the end date since they came here a couple days after that announcement. Many players wouldn't know that a league usually ends on a Monday either.

Unlike with Incursion, they forgot to remind us in the weekend announcement. So, unless someone so happen to ask another who knows or lurked reddit, it would have easily end up misled.

Exactly. I'd only started playing again around the start of November, so I never even saw the announcement. For D3 exiles or new players, how would they have found out? Clairvoyance? I imagine many checked the wiki, and the wiki was wrong. If even the wiki gets it wrong, how are they supposed to get it right?

I really think that GGG has the chance to get some good will here, and that's allowing people at least one more day to try and get the challenges, especially if they're trying to win people over who are trying to see if Path of Exile is for them.
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