3.4.5d Patch Notes

3.4.5d Patch Notes
  • You can now create Private Leagues for Betrayal, in advance of the league's launch this weekend. These leagues will not begin until Betrayal launches.
  • Added a confirmation box when contributing points towards a Private League's crowdfund.
  • First to Enter and First to Level-up notifications now display in Private Leagues.
  • Fixed a bug where Officers of a Private League were unable to approve applications.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the maximum amount of duration from being added to a Private League in a single action.
  • Fixed a bug where start times for Private Leagues were being set when the league was created, rather than when it actually began. This could cause issues for Private Leagues which were crowdfunded as the duration would begin on creation, rather than when crowdfunding was completed.

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Woweee yippee

Pls delete all notifications in league or make it optional! No1 care whos first where or at least make LESS annoying and show up ONLY every 100-200 levels
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New content incoming!!
So I've read 3 and 5 and was all hype, but then I saw 4 in the middle :(
Tetlanesh wrote:
So I've read 3 and 5 and was all hype, but then I saw 4 in the middle :(

same :/
No fix to the "Your Path of Exile account has been locked because someone attempted to log in from a location that you don't typically play from - "0x896ab90"." -Bug, uff...
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