Among the many new Veiled mods coming in the Betrayal league are those that introduce the new Focus skill, a new cooldown skill that is customisable by your items.

Focus is a new instant cast skill that gives you a buff for a fixed 4 seconds when used and has a 12 second cooldown. The buff has no effect by itself, but there are a large number of veiled modifiers that grant effects while Focussed. When you have any of these modifiers, you can then bind the Focus skill on your skill bar.

You can find Focus modifiers as one of the options when you unveil an item. Here are some examples of Focus modifiers:
All of these modifiers are craftable after being unveiled, letting you keep using an effect you enjoy on any new items you find, or crafting multiple items to combine effects that turn your Focus skill into a very powerful buff.

You'll always be given other options when unveiling a Focus mod, so you don't have to use the Focus system if it doesn't fit with your build.
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dang bout time

4 second duration (fixed. cannot be raised) with 12 second cooldown. and another hotkey i assume. i'll almost certainly skip out on this mechanic
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Black friday here i come!

Sorry but i already don't have place for skill in that 8 bar place when you adding even more utility alongside with baners, brands and now focus.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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omg a free diamond flask !
Fine !!! keep up the good work.....
more keybinds?

oh boy, c'mon
rip necro keybinds
The Rusty Shack!

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