Private No stash SSF SC Delve 34/40

hi i just created my league feel free to join

the league will last until the new league come out.

Mods: SSF SC Delve

No stash
No rare or magic drop

34/40 currently

we could crowndfound if ppl wanna more sloot will see how it goes

Chanell /global 12111
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Last bumped on Nov 18, 2018, 1:22:05 AM
here pick me pick me
Completed 1 Challengegickul wrote:
here pick me pick me

invite send
can i have invite?
Completed 4 ChallengesSargazmique wrote:
can i have invite?

just send it mate
Sounds good, want to try, i`m in!
Completed 9 Challengeshoteshovec wrote:
Sounds good, want to try, i`m in!

your in ;)
yo invite
invite pls
both invited 9/10 currently

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