[3.5] Tanky LL Poet's Pen VD Occultist / Viable for all content / Guards, Shaper VIDEOS

Hello. I want to introduce my first ES based build. Sorry for my SSF english in advance, its not my main and even not second language.

The idea of this build came because I wanted to play with VD, but not through Zerphi's Last Breath, because this flask cost like the whole gear of my build and also I don’t like the playstyle with it.

I have chosen Occultist mostly because of "Wicked Ward" and "Vile Bastion" ascendancy points: +250 flat ES, stun immune, huge ES regen (mapping/delve), ES recharge cannot be interrupted. Also "Malediction" give us +10% DMG and -10% DMG taken + additional curse.


+ Tanky (9-9.5k ES, 3k leech, malediction, basalt flask + arctic armour)
+ Decent clear speed (not fastest but very smooth)
+ Decent DMG for such a tanky char (55k+ per ball)
+ Can be started from a budget (just need 2 Poet's Pens)

- Cant run ele reflect without gear changes
- Running no leech maps is annoying
- Very expensive enchant
- Lack of Strength (u need at least 72 on ur gear)


My current gear


Gear explanation

This is a core of the build. With 1st Poet's Pen we cast Unearth, with 2nd - Volatile Dead. Try to get with at least 11% as.

Main chest for all LL builds.

Very popular amulet (if not main) for LL builds, give a lot of ES and also chaos res. But since we have stun immune in ascendancy, u can run without it while u have no currency.

Rare Hubris Circlet. Try to hit at least 300 ES. Resists and int here is also very good.

Rare rings with ES, Strength, Resists, Int, DMG nodes (multi, spell dmg, fire damage, ele dmg, flat added fire dmg). U can use Mark of the Shaper, it will give u a lot of damage, but be sure u have enough resists/strength.

Rare belt with Cooldown recovery speed, +ES, resists, ES recovery.

Rare gloves with resists, ES, attack speed.

Very cheap boots but have a lot of ES and MS. U can use rare boots if u want.

Our main source of leech.

Place it near "Melding" point in tree. This jewel give 15% increased ES.

Rare jewels with % inc ES and few DMG nodes. Also u can use abyss jewels, they give a bit more es, but more expensive.

Wise Oak for penetration and 4 utility flasks. U can also use Atziri's Promise and Taste of Hate if u want.

Gem links

6L Frenzy:

Warlord's Mark can be used on ring, so u will need only 5L Shavronne.
U can swap Flammability with Enfeeble when u need it.

3L main hand:

3L off hand:



I have 17 lvl Blood Magic, but lvl 15 is enough. Dont lvl up this gem higher, it will require more Strength.


!!!!!Important Information!!!!!!

Poet's Pen have 250 ms cooldown. We use "cooldown recovery speed" on our belt to decrease this numbers.

We need to keep our attacks per second lower than the cast rate of Poet's Pen. If cast rate will be lower, we will lose our dps.

For example, we have 20% cooldown recovery belt, then our cooldown of Poet's Pen is 250/1.2=208.3 ms. For this cast rate our max aps is 1000/(208.3+50)=3.88. Where 50 ms is my latency.


Alira or 2 points

Tree, PoB:

My character lvl 92 with Alira:


My character lvl 94 with 2 points from bandits instead of Alira:


Ascendancy order:

Wicked Ward --> Vile Bastion --> Profane Bloom --> Malediction

What can be improved or changed?

1. You can run 3 curses. I run 2 because of in my opinion 3 curses have a reason if we have 4G-2B sockets Shavronne to use Temporal Chains. In other case we will use Warlord's Mark + Enfeeble, Flammability or Ele Weakness.

Warlord's Mark is main for leech, Flammability/Ele Weakness as second curse for damage and depending on the situation we will swap it for Enfeeble.

Why not all Flammability + Ele Weakness + Warlord's Mark? Because here we need use Warlord's Mark on the ring and it will be bad for the gearing. For 3 points i would use for "Whispers of Doom" to get 3rd curse, i can use them for another 3 dmg nodes in tree and get almost equal DPS as if i would use Ele Weakness as 3rd curse and also i can get ring without Warlord's Mark but with much more resists/dmg mods.

2. My belt isnt perfect. If u are rich man, u can get much better one (with more flat ES and ES recovery rate).

3. There are Watcher's Eyes with anger life leech and discipline ES recovery rate on poe.trade. U can get another 1000+ ES leech per sec.

4. My two-stone ring is budget as fck (3c). U can get a lot of DMG there.

Total cost of my character?


1ex for both.



Bought this helmet for 8ex with just enchant and spent about 1 ex to craft this one. So 9ex total.

3c + 40c






less than 1ex for all

15c + few divines

So total price with enchant is 22-23ex.

Items priority:

Poet's Pens --> Shavronne's Wrappings --> Watcher's Eye/Presence of Chayula --> Cooldown Belt --> VD Enchant


Thanks for reading. Will be glad to hear your advices and remarks to improve this build. If someone interested, I can add some videos with mapping and boss killing.

Feel free to contact me in PM or in game IGN: Оккулистка
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Added PoB variation with 2 points bandits reward. I sacrificed a bit of dmg, but got almost +500 ES. Also need to manage my little lack of resists, but i think it is still worth.
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Added T16 Maze of the Minotaur full run and T16 Pit of the Chimera Boss Fight videos.
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Added Shaper kill video.
Can you update the build with the new flat ES of the tree ?
OGFire wrote:
Can you update the build with the new flat ES of the tree ?

Flat ES in tree added only near "Essence Surge" (+60). Since this build based on ES leech and have no ES recharge, wasting 5 points for +60 ES have no reasons.

p.s. correct me if im wrong.
What leveling order passive wise would you go for?
When u have the Poet's pen's already.
Maybe I'm missing something...but what is the "attack" skill in this build?
PeopleReady wrote:
Maybe I'm missing something...but what is the "attack" skill in this build?

It's frenzy in the gem section
What would you substitute Purity of Ice with if you already have capped resistances?

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