[3.4] Spell Spam Crawler - Laziest Build | 7k+ Life, 1mill+ Shaper DPS

Welcome guys!

This is my (I think) optimized Herald of Agony self-casting build! Included videos are: T16 Maps, Shaper, Apex of Sacrifice, Burial Chambers run.

A word of warning: This build only really functions as an idea post lvl 68, and will only really shine after acquiring a Watcher's Eye. So leveling is going to differ for everyone; I kinda just flailed around with whatever, following all the life and jewel nodes on the tree along the way. See the leveling section if you are a newer player; I've included links to resources to get you started and how to transition into a build like this.

Leveling for Newer Players
First off: If you are absolutely new to the game, this build will eventually showcase how in Path of Exile you can break some mechanics into doing what you want them to do instead of their original intended purpose. It's fun and it absolutely plays like it shouldn't be a thing.

I recommend looking at The Twilight Strand for a comprehensive text guide to every aspect of the game including some builds. Path of Exile is very forgiving with it's transition from leveling to unique builds if you're being careful with your skill tree.

Skill Trees
You can get to level 70 easily with these routes:
Level 10: Passive Tree

Level 15: Passive Tree.
I take the mana nodes because you should be slotting support gems into whatever skill you have chosen to level with; I chose blade vortex, it is pretty hard to beat for leveling, just make sure you stop by a dedicated guide to see what to link the skill with: Blade Vortex Guide, scroll down to gem links and look at the support gems.

Level 25: Passive Tree. Should be around here. After this you are adjacent to many life nodes if you need them.

Level 40ish: Passive Tree. These are very efficient nodes for leveling.

Level 60: Passive Tree. Is when I usually reach to phase acrobatics. If you are having troubles leveling it's fine to delay the reach until 70 and just pick up life nodes.

Level 70: Passive Tree. You will start getting really friendly with jewels. Shove whatever you can in there with life. If you have accrued enough currency, buy up your required uniques and gems, slot Herald of Agony into a Tabula and go. We have refunded the %less mana used passives.

Your next goal after all of the acts and doing whatever Labyrinths you can; speccing into Assassin as your first ascendancy; is to get enough currency to buy an Unset Ring with life gain on hit, life, and Res', then The Coming Calamity with at-least 5 links and color it, and finally a Watcher's Eye with Life Gain On Hit with Vitality. Socket Vitality into your ring and away you go!

Work towards my Level 90 Tree. Complete Uber Lab, get into Juggernaut and pick up a Gluttony and work on refining your gear.

Required uniques:

Quick Explanation
Exactly like the mother to this build's mechanics:https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2218795
Using the items above, you get 100% chance to ignite, which self damages from Eye of Innocence and procs low level CWDT. Having 40% poison chance from the Assassin ascendancy and 20% from HoAg, we will gain max Virulence stacks within a second and tons of life gain on hit.

If you would like a more detailed explanation to the specific mechanics at work, the build will function similar to that in the original thread with only the core concept of where the damage and survivability comes from changing as well as some personal changes.

About the build:
It's a walking simulator in all maps at all tiers with any mods. It can do all mods with varying degrees of difficulty but there is none that flat out it cannot do.

The build is very cheap to start and is fun as soon as all of the gears start ticking and working together, with lots of room to optimize gear and gems to your suiting!

It differs from the traditional self-cast CWDT crawler builds by using Gluttony and a different ascendancy choice, as well as a few minor optimizations here and there. You will poison 60% of the time on hit to proc your crawler. You get 40% from the Assassin ascendancy and 20% from HoAg gem. I found 100% chance picking up poison on hit nodes on the tree is overkill, even though they are adjacent to the routing used.

You will be speeding through maps permanently phasing, with max frenzy and power charges, on max endurance charges if you wish to not use them for Immortal call, and your herald will be on max frenzy charges as well. You have a ton of survivability from life gain on hit as well as life gain on ignite. I have never died hoarded by mobs, except from the odd detonate dead mobs at high depths in delve. You will only typically die from being one-hit.

Bosses play as so: You will cast wither and throw a ball lightning, Herald will get ~20 stacks from 1 or 2 balls alone. You will then cast all your self damage gems by phase rushing 3 times with Gluttony if you're not getting hit, pushing your stacks to 40, sustaining them easily with single ball lightnings every now and again.

My Gear:

Watcher's Eye (Life gain on hit from Vitality)
1 x abyss jewel with: chaos damage + physical damage to spells
+ Lots of abyss jewels with: Life + Minion mods

PoB Links:

Just Passive Tree + Jewels: https://pastebin.com/GUeqge73
Passive Tree + Gear Right at this moment (no config): https://pastebin.com/X41W59QP
Best Case Calcs with current gear: https://pastebin.com/CjUCsQgn
Best Case Calcs with leveled gems: https://pastebin.com/ChyfNWgA

Where to go for gear from here:
What to look for in gear:
- Inc HoAg projectiles is really nice to have on helmet
- High life rolls on gems
- Try and cap out resistances without flasks, don't get Grip of the Council if you're having problems surviving
- Life gain on hit on your ring is important and adds a lot to survivability, picking up a relevant Watcher's Eye easily doubles survivability.

So as you can tell, gem levels really add a lot to HoAg's damage. What we should be pushing for for upgrading current gear in order of importance:
- Jewels should all have relevant mods (i.e flat attack speed for minions, minion attack speed after kill, or minion movement speed) and 40+ life
- Cap out resistances without the aid of endurance charges or flasks, which may not be possible without losing a lot of dps by replacing Grip of the Council with rare gloves
- Level 21 HoAg gem
- Mainhand with minion damage ~+70%, 15% chance to intimidate on hit, and 2% increased damage per aura (if you're going full BiS). I am currently crafting Tiger Hooks for this
- Corrupted The Coming Calamity with +1 Gem level (lol) and RRGGGB for empower lvl 4 instead of pierce or vicious projectiles

Ok, how does the build play?
I'm glad you asked!

You enter the instance and immediately cast wither to shoot ball lightning or firestorm (whichever is your preference) to get HoAg up since all our hits have a 60% chance to poison and ball lightning hits 6.6x per second we are getting a minimum of 4 stacks on a single monster a second, also applying poison stacks for vile toxins. HoAg is your only real source of damage, all we care about is getting a high volume of hits on mobs/bosses to increase our survivability and stacks. Igniting one enemy multiple times or a few enemies at once will trigger all of our cwdt gems in a clockwise fashion; netting us even more hits and survivability. These hits will cast lvl 30 Poacher's Mark on everything, giving ourselves and HoAg frenzy charges (note: we do not attack so we will not be leaching anything from cursed mobs). We also cull on every hit which is a big dps boost considering our spells do 20-30ish damage a hit.

Since HoAg gets so much dps from our build, it is silly to try and increase it more and instead we net a lot of survivability from the passive tree as we do not need to pick up any real minion damage nodes.

We also have practically permanent uptime on flasks due to increased flask gain from poacher's mark. So overall for defences we will always have capped res', ~7k life, 56% Attack dodge, 42% Spell dodge, 31% phys damage reduction, guaranteed 4 endurance charges, can't be stunned, and cant be frozen, no physical damage taken for 2.4 seconds every 3 seconds.

More on Gluttony:
The build originally had myself casting projectile weakness over and over, then I looked into gluttony and boy, it was an upgrade. Free'd up a gem slot, added speed, and most of all, made me realize speccing into Necromancer ascendancy was a mistake; I netted a max of +800 es from Spirit Offering, which sounds sweet, but when I specced out of it and into Juggernaut I couldn't get stunned or chilled, permanently gained endurance charges, and had a big boost to accuracy for more hits per second. I mention endurance charges will always be max, or close to max if you're going to be using Immortal Call in your cwdt loops, because when you use phase rush you take damage and start stacking charges.

More on Grip of the Council:
Grip of the council netted me much more dps than Command of the Pit with a jewel. It was also only a 20 life reduction over Pit.

HoAg has a ridiculous base accuracy compared to other minions and Pit only increases chance to hit by a few percent.

That is all.

Dying too much or don't have any life gain on hit?
In the meantime use Razor of the Midnight Sun in your main hand, you will lose a lot of damage but you probably won't die.

Gem Links and thoughts:
CWDT is always at level 1, bar in the immortal call loop, make sure you don't over-level anything in these links past the level 38 requirement.

Main CWDT skills are: Ball Lightning, Desecrate, Spirit Offering, Firestorm, Immortal Call. These hit tremendously fast and will stack 40 stacks in a second. Spirit Offering offers a huge dps boost to HoAg and Desecrate makes corpses available during boss fights. Immortal Call in a level 20 CWDT won't go off whilst running from place to place, leaving you with 4 endurance charges, but will go off as soon as you start to hit something, consuming them. You will have 2.4s of invulnerability to physical damage every 3 seconds, as it has a base CD of 3 seconds and will always be consuming 4 endurance charges.

Secondary CWDT skills are: Arc, Bladefall, Cold Snap. Arc and Bladefall hit fast and adds more survivability to the build, I found Bladefall to be more useful than Arc as they achieve the same result on Bosses but Bladefall potentially can hit more mobs. Cold Snap is great utility and provides frenzy charges for going fast and slows for fast boys.

Optional CWDT skills are: Vaal Blade Vortex, Detonate Dead, Volatile Dead. I personally use Vaal Blade Vortex + Increased Duration to keep stacks up on stubborn bosses that will generally kill you if you stand still to cast wither, the Vaal skill is extremely useful on most bosses. I have slotted in Detonate Dead or Volatile Dead in delves due to being sick of dying to corpse explosions from monsters; these have to go after Spirit Offering, see the wiki for CWDT for details on how to do this:https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Cast_when_Damage_Taken_Support.

For stacking you cannot get better than Wither > Cast While Channeling > Ball Lightning/Firestorm

You can see my current loops in the 'My Gear' section as well as that I don't cast Phase Rush from CWDT and do so manually, however you can have it in your CWDT loop if you want the full no-hands experience.

I use Arcane Surge lvl 1 as a crutch but faster casting or gmp will be better if you pay more attention to your mana.

I have played around with socketing Blind into ball lightning and arc CWDT, I however didn't notice any significant survivability increases but is an idea if you want to play around with it.

Apex of Sacrifice with lots O' lag, deathless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKsqT0l4pXs

Shaper with lots O' deaths and bad RNG but ehhhhh, I'll try him again at a later time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci1zHyK_R58

T16 Corrupted Pit of the Chimera run, no boss https://youtu.be/D6deRsjRNw8

T16 Lair of the Hydra first run, corrupted unid with boss kill

T3 Burial Chambers with the classic Australian Internet https://youtu.be/IME9nODaIjU

I will add more videos soonish...
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Shaper down for the first time ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci1zHyK_R58

Skip to 5:00 for Shaper; I had bad bosses, they normally only take a few seconds, like the first one I kill and the last one, but I got two of the worst.

I made it much harder on myself by using Ball Lightning in the CWC setup and not Firestorm; which also led me to realize Arcane Surge is a very good slot in that loop. Didn't know many of the boss mechanics and as you can see all of my deaths are my own fault and not a product of being gated by the build.

I also did a T16 just to show how it looks mapping: https://youtu.be/D6deRsjRNw8

^ Laggy due to how my internet reacts at night, Shaper was done during the day so it is much smoother.
T16 Lair of the Hydra down very sloppily, I'll revisit and upload a better run. Not too bad for my first look at the map: https://youtu.be/NroTtTH36aA
I didn't watch any of the other video's but I checked out a bit of the Shaper vid. I couldn't make it past the mini boss's. Build seems pretty annoying to play requiring so much work for such easy fights.

I don't have to personally see the map clearing. I am sure it is just fine for that. But, imo, it looks like a mapping build and you would probably want to make an alt for optimal bossing. Which is fine. The Shaper vid is a good testament to this.

You also don't talk much about flasks in your guide. But you don't seem to be using anything special. Looks like basic self crafted stuff. That is probably my most favorite part. More crafted flasks and no fancy stuff.

I like seeing takes on the herald of agony gem. I really am a fan of minion and totem based builds. But I just don't think this particular one is for me. I like to, if I can, play something more well-rounded.
I want to nominate Meat for Prime Minister.
DamonBlack wrote:
I like to, if I can, play something more well-rounded.

Yeah man, its definitely skewed to clearing very large packs of mobs instead of bossing. Delving is especially easy because you're gaining so much life instantly you'll never die to anything that is short of your entire health pool in damage. But it can boss pretty fast considering HoAg wont carry the frenzy charges into them, which is a large chunk of it's dps. Also I need to point out I don't gem swap, so if I swapped out something completely useless like pierce for anything else it would boss much, much faster.

bluegray wrote:
I want to nominate Meat for Prime Minister.

I want to nominate you for smartest man alive.

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