It's been two months since the start of the Delve League, so it's time to check out the Hideouts forum to showcase your creations! We've picked several recent hideouts to share with the rest of the community. We were very pleased to find a couple of Delve-inspired hideouts with rails and crystals all over the place!

Niko's Research Facility by Ninnatt


Old City Hideout by LAGROSSESIMONE


Lions Crypt Hideout by Noooberino


Hideout by Chalace2


Halls of The Deep by Aurquonn


Tomb of the Giants by Sie_Sayoka

We'd also like to mention Galahat with his amazing hideouts and video tutorials. Just look at this forest!

We know that you've been waiting for news about hideout changes. We are happy to confirm that we're improving hideouts in the upcoming 3.5.0 expansion and adding a long-awaited feature. We'll tell you more shortly after the expansion announcement.

Thank you for all your incredible hideouts! We can't wait to see what you create in 3.5.0!
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Nice hideouts, finally we'll be able to save/load hideout templates ! :)

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Long awaited feature! ;o
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Third hideout showcase. Thanks GGG.
Long awaited feature = search for crafting benches?

If they freakin add Hideout saving/loading my (hideout) life is complete...

My standar league is so pretty but I would never have the patience to rebuild it every league...

And with all he decorations I've gathered over the years (it's been years sinec I touched Standar...) it will look even more amazing ! (and FPS dropping :3)
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Long awaited feature = cross league skin transfers?

Get your alt arts ready boys
Please RNGesus let the hideout improvement be height adjustments.
That feature could be anything.
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