My Delve hideout (I don't have a fancy name, sorry)

I usually make a hideout each league I play, but never really thought about posting it. Even tho I always check out other peoples posts/videos. I always enjoy making them, usually over the course of the league piece by piece.

Had a fair few comments this league about how nice it is (Probably because I'm actually trading this time) So thought I'd show it off a bit.

I'm happy with how it turned out, the only gripe is when I went to finish it off, at the Haku area, I hit the 750 item limit.

Made a quick video walkthrough. sorry, it's not brilliant quality but that's just how it came out. I'll try making a better one at some point.


Some screenshots below. Hope you like it.

Last bumped on Oct 26, 2018, 6:36:51 PM
Looks awesome. Nice attention to detail.

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