[3.4] The Righteous Oath, a life based Death's Oath dotter


So I wanted to give a try on Death's Oath build, as it seemed fun, looked up on " Death’s Oath Occultist - Death Whisperer(CI)" from FlasherCatcher, and decided to give that build a twist. Base build credits go to FlasherCatcher, so thanks for the build!
If you would like to check his guide to understand mechanics, here is the link:
[3.4] Death’s Oath Occultist - Death Whisperer(CI)

The twist is going life instead of CI... and use the great synergies Death Aura has with Righteous Fire to our benefit!

To withstand both degens, we reach high resists to all:

whilst still having quite decent dps:

Still testing contents; hard hitting bosses can be a pain, but they are doable with good avoiding skills.


- It's different!
- Very easy gameplay, just run around and se monsters burn and decay down
- Not hard to gear to a very decent level (except for chaos impresence)
- Can do any map mod, and probably all content

x On no regen, negative max resists or Ele weakness maps, you need to drop RF, wich downs our clear speed
x Expensive if you want to max dps out (impresence and jewels are costy)
x Can be slow with Bosses, specially with high life ones


We run both Death Aura and Righteous Fire; the first will be triggered just by equipping Death's Oath Astral Plate, and the second, just casting it on zoneing in.
The hardest part of the build, will be to reach the point where you can sustain Righteous Fire on your own, and we do this with two items, vitality and the tree.

As for gameplay, we will just run around packs and bosses avoiding big hits as possible, drop wither totem to increase damage and slowing them and using phase run to run through them, to max the damage dealt to packs.
You will need Blight against some rares or bosses, to max out dps, together with Rallyin Cry or Abyssal Cry (when bosses got packs nearby)


Delve run Depth 322
T14 Acid Lakes
Practice run Moon Temple
Delve run 256




Death's Oath Astral plate, this enables the build. To make the build really work, you will need it to have six sockets, no matter the links.
How to get the colours needed is explained in this video:
Socketing right colors in Death's Oath


We need the fire version of Doryani's Delusion, and this is BiS for the build to work. Level 25 Purity of Fire will allow us to run RF.


Breath of the Council is our best option, as it will gretly increase our Death Aura dps, whilst also boosting RF.

Doon Cuebiyari is also another option, as we will sit around 450-500 strength, wich gives us around 60% increased damage (this is a generic increase, wich affects Death Aura too). If you want to focus a bit more on RF, this could be your choice.


In order for our build to shine, we want an elder helm with either "socketed gems are supported by increased aura of effect" or "socketed gems are supported by concentrated effect". You will want high life roll on it and resists.

This is your aim, but if you cannot afford one, a rare one with high life and resists will work too.


Again, you ideally want a chaos based Impresence, as it will both boost your damage of Death Aura and Righteous Fire and provide chaos res and life. Just your best option, so save to get one.

Until you can afford one, you can use a rare version with life, resists and increased chaos damage (a good rare amulet with the latter, can cost nearly as much as an impresence!)


For the rings, we need a Ming's Heart, as well rolled as you can afford, with at least 58 to chaos resistance (63 is total max) and no more than 6% to life reduction. This should not be too expensive although a "perfect one" could be.

For the second ring, look for a rare one with at least 30% chaos resist, high life roll and resists as you need.


We want here Allelopathy pair of gloves, all in all the best option for our build, as enhances both Death Aura and RF. Those are cheap too, so it's a win-win.


Safell's Frame, and no other, you want for the build. It will boost ALL your resists, allowing us to get 86% fire resist, and 79% to the rest, yes chaos resist included! It will give a small boost to RF too.


We want to have at least one Spreading Rot, with at least 12% to chaos damage, and the second one, when you get your last jewel slot.

Before we get our second Spreading Rot, we want to get four jewels, and you are looking for the following stats:

- %increased maximum life
- %increased damage over time (10-12%)
- %increased area damage (10-12%)

- %increased damage (8-10%)
- %increased chaos damage (10-12%)

Increased chaos damage would be a filler, as it only affects Death Aura, whislt increased damage affects both DA and RF.

Alternatively, you can use Hypnotic Eye Jewels, but those will only boost RF, and you are looking for stats like:

- to maximum life (49-50)
- added damage to spells (of any type)
- added damage to spells while holding a shield


There are two potions that will boost both Death Aura and Righteous Fire, Witchfire Brew and Sulphur Flask. So get both.
A perfect rolled Witchfire can be expensive, but a nearly perfect rolled one is quite affordable.

The suplhur flask, you want it with extended duration and immunity to freeze.

You will need a staunching life potion too.

And the other two, a quicksilver and a defensive one, like Granite with duration and armor (we already get around 31% phys mitigation, and with the potion we can reach around 58%). Our evasion base is negligible, so Jade Flask won't be of that much use.

GEM Sockets and links

- For our Righteous Fire, wich we socket into our helm, we want it linked like this: RF - Elemental Focus - Burning Damage - Concentrated Effect/Increased Aura of Effect

If you get Conc Effect as Mod in your helm, use IAoE, and if you get IAoE in helm as mod, use Conc Eff.
Personally, I prefer IAoE on helm, as with a 20/20 Concentrated Effect a is better combo than the other way around.

- For Death Aura, we want those socketed: Arcane Surge + Swift Affliction + Efficacy + Less Duration + Void Manipulation + Concentrated Effect/Increased

Generally, just socketing Conc Eff is plain better, but if you like the extra area for clearing and swap in Con Eff on bosses you can do.

- For Despair, our curse of choice, we link it with blasphemy, in our shield for example.

- Phase Run on its own in a single socket in our weapon.

- Wither with Spell totem in a 2 link on our weapon

- Vitality in our gloves

- Flame Dash in our gloves

- The last two sockets free in Allelopathy, we put Efficacy and Controlled Destruction to support our Blight.

- The last slot in our shield, is reserved for the Warcry; Abyysal, Rallying and Enduring all three work for us, they are just situational.
Abyssal is just great to attract packs, and the chaos explosions inside Despair aura are a great boost.
Rallying gives you a nice damage increase, specially on bosses.
If you feel squishy or wanna have the added defense layer, Enduring is the way to go.


CwdT lvl 16 - Molten Shell lvl 18 - Immortal call lvl 17 - Summon Flame Golem lvl 17


Flame golem is the only that will work for both RF and Death Aura

Movement Skills:

Flame Dash or Shield Charge is your bet, although FD is better in the end just because it handles terreins better.

Passive tree and PoB

Tree at lvl 96 PoB:


We will take Marauder and Shadow ascendancies, in that order.
First we need to take Chieftain ascendancy, that will help us to sustain RF with 2% regen and 10% increased strength.
Second, we will get Trickster ascendancy, wich will give us increased 50% life and mana recovery rate when we kill an enemy under a DoT (wich will be allways), and 15% chance to gain a frenzy and power charge on kill (frenzy charges will boost our damage, whilst power charges don't).
Lastly, we take Path of the Shadow, wich will allow us to reach out to some of our best dps nodes for Death Aura.


Kill all. That's our option, as we are skill points starved!


You can choose the one you like more, most are situational, but the most balanced pair, taking into account that we get quite personal with mobs and that we are most likely be hit, are Soul of Lunaris (big bonus against projectiles, and extra phys damage reduction) and Soul of Gruthkull (more phys damage reduciotn and 8% attack speed reduction on monsters that hit you).

A few more explanations

Increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills - This is one of the keys for our build to work; will allow us to reach 86% fire resistance, will boost Death Aura and empower Vitality aswell. We get 39% from the tree (could get 18% more, but it's not worth the travel), and this boosts Death Aura by the same amount. In the same way, a lvl 20 Vitality that grants 1.65% of life regenerated, will grant 2.29% instead, wich is a very nice boost.

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i really like the idea of this build, just one question what skill you use to level until the point where you can sustain rf and da?
Hope did you get on with this? Is it viable late game? Looking for a death's oath / RF build that works.

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