[3.4]Scion's bomber 'Eternal cast' - Soulwrest + Budget rdy 75%Block - Victario's/6 Auras -

DD = Detonate Dead
SPoK = Summon Phantasm on Kill
PtL = Physical to Lightning
CD = Controlled Destruction
GMP = Greater Multiple Projectile
FP = Faster Projectile
FC = Faster Casting
FD = Flame Dash
EW = Elemental Weakness

Imagine you can kill, explode and summon.

Sumerky(DA), Ambrozewicz(DA).

A special thanks to TrashPizza fervent servant of the build

Passive Tree

52 : https://pastebin.com/ZbuaWiHu
93: https://pastebin.com/jwqtMr3Z
99: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAABAAOWBLMJ2RBRFCAWbxcvGDwYVhmKGjgabBqPHNwdqiLqJKonLydzKPoqmDIBMtE1kjbpOuE7KDwtPEs9_D7xQYdFR0WdRnFKLkqfSshLV03jUEdTUlW1VdZXDVgXWGNZ818_X7BgQ2D4Yetk52ZUZp5ncWhlbj1uqm87b55yD3aseA14x3loe8OApIIHgseC5IMJg1-DzITFiECJvIqvjM-PGpARkFWUb5itmuCbtZ7NoOaiAKI-plemrKelqW6qqa2Nshm18rc-uJO9J76AvrzAGsBmwOPBBMM6ykbKSs96z37SIdWL1l3Yvdlh4FXhiOKt42rr7u8O8B_xs_JB8kXzm_ZI9tr56PrS-wn-Cv5J_o8=?accountName=djellabah&characterName=MyBoolAintPayinMoney


Kill all


Brine King + Shakari
Solaris + Tukohama

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghzn1iOZPBM (Abyssal chamber full node/very sloW sorry)
Uber Atziri

Required Stuff

Bubonic Trail

Gives the ability to clean no-regen map.
Death walk helps us a lot.


Core item, summon phantasm by consumming a corpse.
Set the maximum phantasm limit to 21.

2x Unset rings to get all abilities.

And that's it for the required items. From here you could start your own version of Soulwrest Summoner,
Anyway i will show you more stuff to get Detonate Dead going.

Awesome Stuff, in order of priority

Victario's Influence

A ton of damage : Hatred, Wraith, Haste.
Utilities : Blasphemy, Arctic Armour.

Grip of the council

Gives even more damage.

A crafted fossil helmet.
Stats to look for are :
- -x% to lightning resistance
-Maximum life%
-+2/3 to Minions gems
-Minion Life support / extra minion life%
-Ele/chaos resists
-%Mana reserved ( Required for Arctic Armour )

Exemples of other usable helmets :

Enchants to look for :
-Reduced Mana reserved to Wrath/Hatred/Purity of Elements/Haste
-Detonate dead has an additional explosion
-Desecrate summons additional corpse

Fossils : Pristine + Metallic + Bound.

WARNING : At least one mana reserved mod is needed on the helmet to get purity of elements. If a random helmet, use the Anger Aura instead of Purity of elements and get the Diamond skin node till you have a better helmet.

That rings is nice but not required. You can use a 4-link DD in gloves. (See Budget section)


Weapon (4B2G) : SPoK, Minion Damage, PtL, CD, GMP, FP


Chest (4B2G) : Blasphemy, EW, Wrath, Haste, Hatred

Alternates :
AA (In use), Anger (Good dmg), Convocation (Good) :



Gloves (4B) : Bone Offering, FD, Convocation, FC

Setup 1
Helmet : Animate Guardian, Stone golem, Vaal skeletons, EmpoWer/minion life
Gloves : Bone offering, flame dash, convocation, faster casting
Boots : Spell cascade, desecrate
Rings : Purity, detonate dead(lvl1)

Animate guardian stuff : CROWN of tyrant(red), Singularity, Southbound, rathpit, victario's, elder chest

Warning: DD explosions can't be reflected, because We use lvl 1 DD We are immune to reflect elemental(Thx to Mikado90),
but, for some reasons don't use the vaal effect on reflect maps or you'll get killed.


Watcher's eye helps get capped chaos res
The red dream for max block under Rumi's
Don't get %life reg We have enough With guardian+SW
Focus 180% Minion damage then full flat phys

Stats : - Maximum life
- Flat physical damage
- Lightning physical damage
- Armour
- Minions deal more damage
- Increased cast speed

Exemple :


Replace soulripper With quartz/curse immun

Charcter Sheet (lvl 99)


+ Budget friendly
+ Tailored for deep delve
+ Tanky
+ Fair end game
+ DPS aura for multiplayer
+ All mods

- Uber elder
- Depth 400+ requires currency investment

Budget + Leaguestart

Victario's influence (1-5chaos, 35 chaos for 6 sockets) Blasphemy + EW + Hatred + Wrath + Anger + Haste

Helmet With 4%red mana (Bound+pristine+metalic, should cost~10c) the red mana is not required to run all the auras but it adds some qol : Convocation + AG + Stone Golem + Bone offering

Bubonic (2-10chaos) : Desecrate + Spell cascade + flame dash

Grip of the council (25-35c) : vaal DD + Fire penetration + Spell echo + Controlled destruction

SoulWrest (8-25 chaos id say then you have to 6 socket it) : SPoK, GMP, Minion damage, CD, PtL, Faster projectile

Ring 1&2&amulet&belt (20c) : rare double stone + resistances + (50+)life + chaos res
Should be quite easy to cap elemental res, chaos res (45+) and have some extra life.
If that's not enough the 10xjeWels socket Will make up for it,

HoW do i get 10 jeWels on budget ?
for the very first days of the league, get ilvl74+ ghastly and craft Tier 2 life With alterations

When it's cheap enough get ilvl 83 ghastly, roll a T1 prefix: Life/physical and regal.
Don't bother regaling Tier 1 elemental as the market is poor for those.
Worth regaling : Double resist With some life, double resist and T1 mana, Any T1 ES
Not Worth regaling : The rest

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Updated with Budget section, uber atziri kill, some minor changes
build looks interesting, would you make any adjustments for the next league since it wont be focused on delves? would you still pick ascendant as opposed to summoner? what would you level with? ty
matesasd wrote:
build looks interesting, would you make any adjustments for the next league since it wont be focused on delves? would you still pick ascendant as opposed to summoner? what would you level with? ty

Thanks, i've think about the build and it cannot be changed a lot. BC we run so many auras, the vitario's chest is a contraint.
I would pick summoner for next build as far as i like this one I want to try the Vis mortis version, but the physical vesion looks nice too.
I lvl with SRS, I think DD+soulwrest mechanic is highly underrated atm and would see anyone picking this build next league make good profit.
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Your level 94 pastebin link is dead.
whats the point of having DD gem if boots detonate automatically?
Looks interesting, how would you go about leveling this build?
matesasd wrote:
whats the point of having DD gem if boots detonate automatically?

you miss a point in DD that burst can easily outdamage the phantasms dmg. DD explosions outpasses the enemy block and also stun enemies.
To answer your question, the deathwalk's bubonic skill has a 1 second cast time (1 corpse at a time) so you can not rely on it (and has to be close to the corpse)

geex wrote:

Looks interesting, how would you go about leveling this build?

Thank you. The harsh part is going to level 62, dependind on what unique you're able to level with I would go with SRS and grab the grave pact node and maybe spiritual command/sacrifice.
From level 62 the build has a very smooth progression, I'm pretty set at using it as a league starter, soulwrest + victario's providing an unequaled damage output w/o any link.
I'm looking to let go some damage from auras to get a significant defensive boost.

Maskawisewin wrote:

Your level 94 pastebin link is dead.

Tree fixed, thanks.
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Posting a litle sum up for this league.

I started phantasm summoner. Leveling part was very easy without any unique.

used 3x 4 link with (zombie+SRS+spectre)-Minion damage-SPoK-Controlled destruction or what ever minon speed.

Level 8/9 SPoK to get level 21 gem asap,

Once reach level 60 buy The Devouring Diadem + Vis Mortis that are very cheap ( 3c atm ) and start farming Tier8s

Now i have soulwrest too (Kinda expensive right :)) and leveld up to 92.


Flesh is very good, it consumes all corpse near you to give back a flat life, ES and mana
Combined with soulwrest is pretty gold,
MoM+EB works good, (can now use 3 auras, free casting cost and ES recharges every 5 seconds)

transport safehouse videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER2XIgfQYNg&feature=youtu.be
Hi, first sorry for my english there isn't my native language.

I was start Betrayal with this build, its a funny build because combine damage with auras (new aurabot jr? xD), good job exile; but my surprise was... the Soulwrest is a trendy item (3 ex) :V

My question is, whats is the good way to farming currency until i can buy the Soulwrest?

I see your last post, and now try your way (x3 - 4L, Vis Mortis, Devouring Diadem...) but, the damage have sustain for faming tier 8/9 maps with Ascendant (Occu- Guar) and the initial tree in the pastebin? i see that you play a Witch with this build in Betrayal not Scion.

Thanks and regards!

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