[3.4] The VoidVortex - CI Dual VoidBattery BV Occultist - 2m Shaper DPS

Hey y'all!

Thought I would share my CI BV Occultist build since I had great fun on her this league and I couldn't find this variant around here.

What's so different about her?
It's a non-conversion build (mainly phys + chaos dmg), not focusing on curses.

Allrighty, here goes:
+Massive DPS
+Decent survivability (high regen + leech)
+90% crit chance
+Very good clearspeed on narrow maps <-- Dedicated Guardian farmer.

-Can be very expensive.
-Not a deep miner (400+ level with nasty mods hurt)
-Not enough mitigation (yet)
-No fortify
-Not good clearspeed for open maps

Note that PoB does not take the Dense ring stat into consideration. See stats for actual ES numbers.



Conc Effect, Arcane Surge, Full charges and flasks.

#Uber elder kill
1 lame death, but showcases the damage quite well.
#Shaper kill
Watch him melt!

Passive Tree @ 95

Kill all bandits. Can go with Alira help if you are high level and have nowhere to spend your points.



Not much to discuss here. We are scaling crit with power charges, we go dual void batteries. +1 power charge ones are not necessary as of now, could come in handy if one got the emblem rings.


Need em jewel sockets!
I wanted to use Hale Negator for the survability boost (replenish ES on savage hit), but decided against it in the long run.
Spirit burst is nice in many situations, the resist is also welcome.
Get them either with a good corruption or some nice enchant.
Perfect one would be +1 Power charge, but I had no luck in 30 vaals yet.

Body armour:

The crit is not a necessity as you'll have around 80% effective crit without it. 600+ES chests with crit go for pennies this league tho, so I wouldn't cheap out on this slot.
Other good candidate would be as much ES as one can get:


It's BIS. 10% more dmg, 2 abyss sockets, some cast speed. The corruption is not a must, but nice to have.


ES+MS+Resist. Not much to discuss here. Leech enchant is optional, but I found the regen one to be the best.


Main stats to look for:
Extra Chaos dmg > Crit multi > ES > Extra Fire dmg / Spell dmg > Resist > Regen > Crit chance


Mark of the Shaper is a cheap and very strong option, I highly recommend using one. Make sure your other ring is an elder ring while using it.
Warlord mark is nice for mapping/mining, especially for the Immortal Call duration.
My ring was crafted with Dense fossil (16% inc ES from body armour) and Leo master craft.


Stygian for the socket.
You can use basicly whatever you want here. Bated breath with skill duration corruption can be a nice cheap option.
If you go Stygian: Dex > ES > Resist > Flask nodes
I fixed my dexterity problems on this slot, note you have to craft the belt with Sorrow Essence for this.


Yes, I use a mana flask. Solving mana would be too much of a hussle and not worth the sacrificed skillpoints + item suffixes.
Swap to Sin's rebirth and Freeze manaflask for Elder fight.
Taste of Hate is mandatory unless you wanna rip on every porcupine pack.


The trickiest and hardest part.
This build uses many jewel sockets, and they are a huge boost to our dps.
Fix your resistances on jewels!
Get one with 5+ phasing chance on kill, it's a big QoL improvement in mine.
Regular jewels (ES + Crit Multi + Spell dmg + Resist) are just as good as Abyss ones (ES + Phys spell dmg > Chaos Spell dmg > Crit Multi + Resist + Phasing)
BiS Watcher's eye would be Clarity extra ES + Vitality leech + Vitality flat regen
I do not use Hatred as of now, don't let the jewel fool ya. Could be doable, but I found it it's not worth the hustle. Bought the jewel only cuz it was cheap and I might use it on an EK character.
Cast speed is a wasted stat on your jewels.

#1: Blade Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Crit Dmg - Added Chaos - Power Charge on critical strike - Increased Area / Concentrated Effect
#2: Vitality - Discipline - Enlighten
#3: Clarity (don't level it too high, leave 200+ mana for yourself to work with)
#4: Summon Lightning Golem (Flame or Stone golem can also work)
#5: Flame Dash - Lightning Warp - Faster casting - Less duration
#6: CwDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
#7: GMP + Controlled Destruction in helm to boost spirit burst. We got room here for an other aura if necessary, HoI for Aul kill for example.

Where to next?
There are a few things I plan on improving:
-Power charge Lightpoacher
-Precursor's Emblem rings
-Jewels. Always them jewels!

You can and should go BV all the way. Switch to CI once you got good gear. Get as much crit early on as you can!
#Ascendancy skilling order?
-Forbidden Power -> Wicked Ward -> Vile Bastion -> Void Beacon
#Why not Profane bloom?
-You can use it instead of Void Beacon if you are mapping/leveling, but the latter is a nice dps boost for endgame bosses.
#Can I do this on a budget?
-You sure can, but the batteries and the 6-link armour are a must!
#I don't have enough STR for vitality gem!
-Don't level it more than you can without invseting into STR too much. It's simply not wort it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask 'em!
SS exiles!
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Uber kill video added.
More to come.
Tried some lvl 500 mines with her.
It did not go too well.
Need some phys dmg reduction rings, gonna play with my howa jugg until then.
No likies? :(
Good build with nice dps ill try it and reply u
Hi. What about use this build for start ?
so noone know is this good build for start ?)
where more dps here or this - http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2200207

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