[3.5] The BB King //1M Bleed-75%Block\\ Vaal EQ, All Content Deathless

just wanted to say that it looks like a nice build, grats.
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Thanks,it motivates me to continue
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Update : Level Up, Maj PoB
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Update : I made some corrections on both syntax and grammatical errors
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Seems like a really fun build!

I don't really like eq however.

Could you suggest any other skills that would good with this 1h shield setup focused on bleeding?

What other "unexploited" bleed synergy is wortrh to consider?

I would even try this as a leage starter, the new phys skills look awsome, but I am not sure that they will be good with this build.


I start this next league, i will work with other skill, maybe Crimson dance (i don't know at this moment)

Next Update: test with other Skill and/or keystones.

With new Bow's roll, i would like follow DankawSL's Build with Bow/Bleed/CrimsonDance :p
IG : JaxLInfernal
Update : Uber Atziri down and deathless
IG : JaxLInfernal
Im intrested about the overall cost of bulid, spend the time to hit at least half of this dmg, how do you deal against chaos dmg, and how fast i can hit lvl 80 ... I have ben play Duelist bulid mostly (facebreaker IB, DS, FS, etc ...)

If you have some suggestions about starting items im realy intrested.

I think that will be my starter this season. Only swap on axes. Should be mutch powerfull. Many axes have bleed mods so synergy from tree provide some extra dmg faster and guess.

And i hear they will change EQ little bit this season. I hope that does not make this buldi weaker: D
(if someone have some info im open for knowlage)


(and sorry for my terrible english!)
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"100% More damage with Bleeding"

How do you get this on your weapon?
~ Seph
@sephrinx : Modification on item's sript for take real DPS with "60% chance for bleeding inflicted with this weapon to deal 100% more damage"
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