[3.4] The BB King //1M Bleed-75%Block\\ Vaal EQ, All Content

I'm french so please ignore my bad english ;)
And sorry but i don't have a good PC so i can't stream or capture an good video. I will test everything i can and inform you of the accomplishment

On weapon switch you have my gavel modified for obtain real DPS with "100% more"

I love block, and i have look for an unexploited mechanics. And in this league we have a good new rolls for this, nearby enemies take 9%increased physical damage on helmet, or 60% chance for Bleeding inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage on weapon.

-6.5K Life
-50k Armor on flask
-Boss Killer
-Very good Bleed (1.1M on PoB)
-Use Delve Crafting

-Not a good clear speed
-Dont like boss with phase
-Need to enemies move for good DPS
-Keep Calm when you craft :p




I like this build because it's a good beguining for the craft, and this league the craft is very funny. When i have create my char, i wasn't aware of the potential of this league. It's a great surprise to see the new affixes. Let me explain all choise you have for this build !!!

Weapon: For beguin use Breath of the council, because ou need a big flat physical on weapon and this one is the best. For craft you need the Gavel, best flat too and use 3 fossils "Jagged,Corroded,Serrated". On this you need absolutely "60% chance for Bleeding inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage on weapon" and flat "150-300". It's hard but it's a big up !!

Shield: The Surrender, it's the simplest. I work for better with craft.

Body Armor: Take an Astral Plate with divination card "Ceslestial Justicar" and use fossils "Serrated,Pristine", you need Max life and affixe "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 1 Maim". I haven't tested but Lorweave it's good for this build (better defense for element and flat Phy)

Helmet: Take Uber Lab enchant "Earthquake Increase damage" and craft with fossils "Jagged,Pristine" for Life and affixe "Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage"

Boots: Take Max life and use this for cap your resistances

Gloves: Haemophilia if you don't have Uber Lab, Blasphemer's Grasp if you have a lot of Elder's Item. For crafted gloves, take Elder Gloves and craft with fossils "Pristine,Corroded" you can add "Jagged" (you need all good RNG of the world if you add Jagged ;)). Pray for obtain 1 additional socketed support (Chance to Bleed) and "Adds # to # Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemies"

Belt: Belt of the deceiver or crafted rustic sash with fossils "Pristine,Jagged" for max Global physical.

Amulet: Impresence Physical (corrupted Block)

Rings: Max life, Resistances for cap, Add Flat Physical, and Dex/Int for required. I look for Delve craft.

Jewels: Global Phy + Life + Bleed, Watcher's Eye Determination Block and/or (if you are rich) Red Nightmare





☑ Minautor
☑ Phoenix (Deathless)
☑ Hydra (Deathless)
☑ Chimera (Deathless)
☑ Shaper
☑ Delve 300+
☑ Elder (Deathless,Shaper saved)
☑ Red Elder (Deathless,Shaper saved)
☑ Atziri ((Deathless)
☐ Uber Atziri

IG : JaxLInfernal
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Finally a no-meta mathild build ! I justed rerolled one of my character.

Resume :

- Cheap build thats can do almost all content easy. I didnt try the u.elber but maybe thats would need more skills and dodging.

- Cheap
- Fun
- Good beguinner.
Thanks !!

Update = Gear and Craft Guide
IG : JaxLInfernal
Update Accomplishment : all gardian down (hydra/phoenix/chimera deathless)
IG : JaxLInfernal
Update Accomplishment : Elder (Deathless,Shaper saved)
IG : JaxLInfernal
Futur Update (in reflexion) : Introduce Shield with Sock and steel ring with ailment
IG : JaxLInfernal
Update : Add my first video, New tree, New POB, New Link, New Stuff
IG : JaxLInfernal
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Update : Video RedElder Added
IG : JaxLInfernal
Wasn't there the possibility to knock back enemies which doesn't move. And it's counted as moving?
I don't think so, and that's why i advise you to make the boss who can be knockback. Shaper, Minotaur are hard.
You have an other boss hard. Elder's Guardian, remove Vaal Double strike for charged your Vaal Earthquake faster.
IG : JaxLInfernal

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