[3.4] Noodle's Soulwrest Scorching Ray Phantasms + Zombies / <1-5 Ex Budget Build

Noodle back at it again with a weird take on a Soulwrest build. Like the power of minions but want to feel like you're participating in your own build? Want to look like Shaper? Then this is the build for you. Come ask me questions live on Twitch as KittenCatNoodle

Soulwrest is a new unique staff that summons Phantasms on corpse consumption, which are the same Phantasms as "summon Phantasm on kill." Soulwrest works like Ngamahu, where the socketed gems all suppor the Phantasms, so you only need to 6 socket (rather than 6 link) the staff. An interesting interaction is socketing Summon Phantasms on Kill doubles the number of Phantasms we can have active, but all active Phantasms will still be those created by corpse consumption, thus getting the benefit of each support in Soulwrest.

There are many ways to trigger Soulwrest, but my build uses Scorching Ray CwC Desecrate and Spirit Offering. With this, we always have max Phantasms active (constantly using Spirit Offering) and we get extra ES and damage. Scorching Ray also gives us an easy way to direct our minion's attacks.

Taking the new Templar nodes, we scale Minion Damage to also scale our own damage. We also use Zombies and Herald of Purity for meat shields.

Pros and Cons
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- Super easy 1/2 button build
- Kills bosses and Clears easily [easy t16 clear and Shaper Guardian kills]
- INEXPENSIVE - Can be done for less than 1ex

- Can't use Soulwrest until 62 (level with Poet's Pens or SRS, imo)
- Minion AI is still dumb sometimes
- Bosses with tons of Adds can distract our minions

Build Guide
Crafting Gloves

Path of Building
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Leveling Trees
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You'll have to level with something other than Soulwrest. I personally leveled with Poet's Pens, I'd recommend doing PP Firestorm + SRS if you can afford.

35 Points

65 Points

95 Points / Level 72

113 Points / Level 90

123 Points / Level 100

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1. Puppet Master
2. Mistress of Sacrifice
3. Invoker
4. Flesh Binder

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Kill All

We want Ghastly Eye Jewels, with 40+ to Max Life and Minion Fire Damage or Minion Physical Damage. Defensive boosts like Hinder on Hit are nice as well. (Taunt and Blind on Hit are Attacks Only so only our Zombies/Sentinels benefit from those.) A couple of my jewels:

Necessary Gear

Note: Soulwrest does NOT need to be linked. Mine is linked for testing purposes. You get all 20 Phantasms from Corpse Consumption and they use every socketed support.

A bone helmet with +X to socketed minion gems is necessary for our zombies to give them lots of deeps, but also because the % increased minion damage implicit applies to Us and All Minions.

Quality of Life Gear

I crafted these gloves using 2 fossils: Bound (minion & Aura) and Pristine. The +Maximum Life / %inc Max Life and the Minion Damage are OP rolls.

Any 6 link will do, but getting something with +Level to socketed gems (here I have only skill, but support or all would be better), and ++Maximum Life / %inc Max Life. I recommend a Shaper or Elder base, because you can also roll "take % physical damage as [element] damage". I rolled this using 3 fossils: Pristine (life), Jagged (physical), and Frigid (cold).

For Fun/Replaceable Gear

Crafted with Pristine (life) fossil, Scorched (fire) fossil, and Shuddering (speed) fossil

Honestly just using this combo for the Shaper Vortex (Volatile Anomoly) and the %inc life and spell damage. Since you can't get Minion Damage on Jewellery, these can be used for resists and life instead. I recommend having at least 1 Unset Ring for Convocation.

Resists/Remaining Gear

Gem Links
Staff (6 Socket)
Summon Phantasm on Kill - Minion Damage - Controlled Destruction - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Faster Projectiles - Added Fire

Chest (6 link - ORDER IS IMPORTANT, Desecrate MUST come before Offering)
Scorching Ray - Cast while Channeling - Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Spirit Offering - Efficacy

Bone Helmet (4 link)
Raise Zombie - Minion Speed - Minion Damage - Minion Life OR Melee Physical Damage

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

Phase Run (linked to Inc Duration but over-leveled so not part of CwDT)


Herald of Purity

Arctic Armour

Flame Dash - Faster Casting
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Really cool idea of a build was wondering when you say leveling w/ PP firestorm + SRS what gems would you use?
I'd probably do Fire Storm - Added Fire - Spell Cascade in one and SRS - Minion Damage - Added Fire
Thanks so much for this build! I love the idea of summoner but I always get bored because I want to actually attack something myself. I'm having a ton of fun so far!
Vytria wrote:
Thanks so much for this build! I love the idea of summoner but I always get bored because I want to actually attack something myself. I'm having a ton of fun so far!

I'm exactly the same! And with the templar nodes we even do a bit of damage. Yay, we're helping!
I was curious, which Pantheon do you use? Not sure if I'm blind and it's in the guide or not.
Vytria wrote:
I was curious, which Pantheon do you use? Not sure if I'm blind and it's in the guide or not.

I hadn't put it in the guide! My bad.

Major: Soul of Brine King. I just hate getting stunned or frozen in delves
Minor: Soul of Tukohama. We stand still often blasting that scorching ray so we get up to 8% phys reduction easily. Also the life regen is nice when upgraded.
Is this still good for Betrayal? A lot of uniques got reworked.
Hello !!!! Great build and thank you very much for your help.

I have only one question.

Phanteon??? I dont see nothing in the guide...

Thank you very much

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