[3.4] TOUCH OF GOD Auto Summoner




This is a combination of two build ideas that I've been wanting to do for some time now. The Touch of God has difficulty scaling damage and the auto summoner was prohibitively expensive. Fortunately this league was easy to amass currency and I just threw money at it until it worked (kinda).

Good DPS
Decent clear speed
Can run no leech/regen mods
Very safe until it isn't

Good PC required
No one wants to party with you for some reason
No Determination or guardians in party
Can't see shit
Can't hear shit


The Auto Summoner

In concept the auto summoner wears Heartbound Loop and summons minions which are killed as soon as possible to enable the self-damaging effects. This self-damage will then trigger Cast when Damage Taken gems that summon more minions thereby creating a loop.

CWDT requires at minimum 528 damage to activate. Since Heartbound Loop only does 350 per minion we have to either wear another Heartbound or increase the amount of minions we summon. I chose the latter.

Bone Sculptor will summon 3 skeletons meaning we take a total of 1050 damage a loop. Because it is 3 separate hits of 350 damage it can easily be mitigated with armor to bring the total damage down to around 528 or 49%. Fority and Endurance charges would be nice to use instead of armor but their sources without ascendancy passives are too inconsistent to use.

In order to not die from taking 528 damage a loop we use Mistress of Sacrifice which allow half of the bonuses from an offering to affect you. Spirit offering provides an HP>ES conversion which, if your HP and ES% is high enough, will allow you to actually "regen" ES during a loop.

The formula for the ES bonus is:

base flat life * 0.09 * (1 + %life increases + %es increases) = bonus es

In my build it would be:

1725 * 0.09 (1 + 1.55 + 2.82) = 833.7 ES

Meaning the "regen" would be around 833 subtracted by 528 from Heartbound for a net gain of 305 ES.

Now that we have a self-sustaining loop we can work on making it faster. The base cooldown for CWDT is .25 seconds. By wearing Cooldown Recovery gear with a minimum of 9% total you can achieve .231 seconds (see bugs: server delay).

In order to get skeletons down to .231 seconds as well we will have to get a total of -129% duration on skeletons (-128% with less duration). To Dust jewels give -10~20% duration of skeletons. Swift Affliction gives -15% but you'd use that or Less Duration, not both. Perfect duration jewels aren't required but they will have to have higher rolls in order to wear only 6 of them.

Because Mistress of Sacrifice provides 2% attack/cast speed per corpse consumed recently and Spirit Offering provides additional ES conversion per corpse up to 9 we want to get as many corpses as possible. Per loop Unearth will summon 9 corpses and give 9% ES conversion and 18% attack/cast speed. Because we loop every .2 seconds or 5 times per second we can consume a total of 180 corpses recently. This, in concept, should provide 360% increased attack/cast speed but in reality provides a bit less than that (see bugs:server delay).

When Hit Interactions

Because we are hit 5 times a second we can take full advantage of any when hit effects. Some of these provide very powerful and key bonuses to the build.

The Delve mod gain a Frenzy Charge when hit means that we always have Frenzy Charges. It's not necessary but provides a bit of extra damage.

The Watcher's Eye mod Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds means that we can sustain the huge mana costs of the Touch of God. Because we take 528*5 damage a second 16% of this should be 422 mana/s from this mod alone (see bugs).

The Uber Lab enchantment 45 to 68 (56.5 avg) cold damage if hit recently means we always have this up. It's comparable to damage from a lv22 Herald of Ice.

And of course you can have additional CWDT setups to auto-cast spells.

Bugs? and Issues

Mistress of Sacrifice Attack/Cast Speed

As stated earlier there should be 180 corpses consumed recently. In-game it fluctuates between 153 and 162 corpses. I'm unsure if its because of some issue with the loop duration or something to do with the travel time of unearth.

Mana Gained When Hit

I have a 162 unreserved mana pool and Touch of God costs 118 mana. As stated above I should receive around 422 mana/s. During looping I attack 7.04 to 7.33 times a second with multistrike. Therefore mana usage should be around 288/s. However when using Touch of God there would be around a frame where I'm unable to use it because of mana.

Server Delay

Thanks to Gaardean who explained how server delay affects the two above issues I now know that the true duration of the loops are only .231s.

I wouldn't recommend it for a Touch of God build as you'd have to corrupt +2 duration gems on a piece of your gear. With -128% skeleton duration, lv23 less duration gem, and 27% or more cooldown recovery it is possible to bring the loop down to .198s. Whilst this does solve the attack/cast speed issue it does not solve the mana problem which I suspect may be because of the small size of my mana pool.

Monsters Remaining Counter

For some reason the monsters remaining counter does not update sometimes. This can be fixed by typing /remaining to force it to check.


When moving I "degen" from not consuming the full 9 corpses. It probably has something to do with the travel time of unearth or spirit offering not having enough range to target them. It's most noticeable when I use leap slam but is also present when simply walking.

Tight Spaces

Unearth will not spawn corpses if it encounters a wall.

Loop Stopping

Because of the very short life span of the skeletons they can't be targeted. However because the maximum level of the skeleton gem can only be lv8 with a lv1 CWDT they will pretty much die instantly from anything that will hit them. If they manage to be killed during the .2s cooldown of CWDT the loop will stop. You will either have to be hit again to trigger CWDT or start it yourself by summoning.

This becomes extremely problematic in the end-game where all bosses have AoE or projectiles. Looping will constantly stop and have to be restarted hurting the your speed buffs in the process. This is the biggest issue with the build that can't be fixed because of how the mechanics of looping work.

Long Fights

As far as I can tell the giblets created by corpse detonations never despawn. This means that fights with multi-phase bosses will lower your framerate and eventually crash/disconnect you.


Touch of God

This skill is awful and has difficulty scaling damage. Doryani's Fist offers a bit over 615 avg lightning damage on a perfect roll with unarmed attacks but the skill itself suffers from -30% attack speed. Despite having 250% damage effectiveness it is outclassed by pretty much any melee skill on a 6L and a few on a 5L. Fortunately we have ample attack speed to not make it feel horrible.

Unbuffed during looping offers around 335k Shaper DPS with Elemental Overload. With flasks and Vaal Ancestral Warchief it is raised to 600k.

Map Clearing

I elected to use a staff in the offhand with leap slam for map clearing. Arc does 25k and Shock Nova 12k + 2.4k these activate every .4 seconds. 38% chance to Shock means that it is pretty much always applied to normal enemies.


This build has 4.4k HP and 4.6k ES. Spirit Offering gives "regen" of around 1.3k ES/s. It utilizes life/ES gain on hit in conjunction with CWDT ball lightning to near-instantly refill HP/ES levels. Basically if you don't get 1 shot and the loop continues you won't die.

There is hardly any physical mitigation with this build because of the requisites of looping. I only have 10% additional physical damage reduction and 1700 armor which is not enough to protect against things like guardians.




You will need these as previously discussed. The ring doesn't need to be corrupted. A corrupted To Dust with silence implicit would be helpful if you run into a Hexfont Rare but it's not needed.

A near perfect lightning damage for attacks Doryani's Fist is required for the Touch of God. The corruption isn't needed but does help a lot. Other useful corruptions would be Temporal Chains and Elemental Weakness.

Lycosidae offers a bit of life as well as 100% hit rate. This, Resolute Technique, or Effigon are required because of horrible accuracy.


I crafted around half of my gear. Some of the mods we need are very specific and either do not exist or are extremely expensive.

This helmet provides everything we need. Minion damage implicit for increased damage due to Spiritual Aid. Armor, ES, and HP. Reduced mana reserved for a slightly bigger mana pool. And a lightning resistance debuff aura.

The body armor provides the majority of our ES as well as free Frenzy Charges. 5 off colors were done using Vorici.

I chose Crusader Boots because it gives enough armor to reach the 49% physical damage reduction from 350 damage hits. Cooldown is required on the boots or belt. Be aware the mod is extremely rare and sought after Poets builds.

Ideally I'd want 10% penetration, life, and a crafted ES% as the prefixes but this amulet is pretty good.

The build is very gem socket starved so I needed to use an Unset Ring. Life gained on hit with spells is what refills HP.

A BiS ring would be the new Precursor's Emblem unique with the gain Endurance charge when hit mod. These were unfortunately too expensive for me. If you manage to get one you can invest more into ES gear and less resistances.

Because you wont need more than 9% cooldown recovery unless if you're trying for .198s the belt doesn't need CDR on it. A high life with damage belt is good.

This staff is pretty good.


Both the clarity and discipline mods are perfect for us.

If you are unable to get the clarity mod it is available as a Delve mod on helmets, boots, and gloves. The maximum is only 8% so you may have to have it on more than one piece of gear.



CWDT | Ball Lightning | Unearth | Volley | GMP | LMP

A 6L is required because it saves gem sockets. All of these can be lv1.


Summon Chaos Golem | Clarity | Wrath | Leap Slam

Above lv22 the golem provides 1% additional physical reduction. None of these need to be linked. Clarity is kept at lv1 for the Watcher's Eye effects. Leap Slam is used for map clearing with the offhand staff.


CWDT | Summon Skeleton | Less Duration | Spirit Offering

I think using Spirit Offering after Skeletons may give them the ES bonus. As to how much it helps their already small amount of HP I'm not sure. Less Duration can be switched with Swift Affliction.


Elemental Damage with Attacks | Multistrike | Concentrated Effect | Lightning Penetration

Just a bunch of normal supports. These don't have to be linked as the item offers the attack skill.


Summon Skeletons | Flame Dash | Vaal Ancestral Warchief

Another skeleton gem is needed to forcefully restart a loop if its been stopped. Flame Dash is the only instant movement skill other than lightning warp and it works for unarmed as well. I would probably use Shield Charge if I had decent movement speed.


Arc | Shock Nova | Controlled Destruction | Added Lightning Damage | Lightning Penetration | CWDT

I tried a lv20 CWDT setup with this before but it felt too inconsistent to use. A lv8 CWDT is enough to clear regular mobs.


Priorities for the tree are Life, ES, Jewel Sockets, and Elemental Penetration. Pathing into the Shadow area was for resistances.

Aside from Mistress of Sacrifice and Bone Sculptor I chose Commander of Darkness. I mostly chose it because of the resistances which were difficult to get with my damage-oriented crafting. Flesh Binder would also be a good choice for the damage reduction if you can spare a gem slot. Spirit Offering loops means your minions, if they have high HP are pretty much immortal as they instantly "regen" 90% of their HP as ES/s.

I chose Bring King/Gruthkul Pantheons. Brine King limits stuns and Gruthkul means free 5% reduction. Getting the other gods would have been helpful.

Solaris and Lunaris are not feasible as it interferes with the consistency of looping.


Overall it is a very fun build to play but not without major issues. Loop stopping is always an issue especially in AoE/Projectile maps. It can not do Guardians or other end-game bosses because of their high physical damage and large AoE.

This may be a personal problem but playing this build is mentally exhausting. The constant visual and audio clutter of the build as well as constant weapon swapping to restart loops made me feel exhausted.

I do not recommend playing this particular build with Doryani's Fist but I do think there is a lot of potential for other types of Auto Summoners which is covered in the next segment.


Being in melee range is horrible with this build. I think a bow or spell based build would be very powerful with the cast/attack speeds, especially since mana is not an issue.

The Scion is also another good class as she gains offering effects at the cost of the increased speeds. Because she can not summon 3 skeletons without the use of From Dust (which you wouldn't want) double Heartbounds are required. She is also able to use the Juggernaut passive for permanent Endurance Charges. Her starting location is also in a more ideal spot for jewel sockets. I'd choose this class if I were to make a CWDT build.

Sire of Shards is good for a CWDT build as you can put Unearth in there with GMP along with a few other supports and spells. The CWDT will still need to be lv1 though. This will free up your chest for more gem links and a higher lv CWDT.

If you manage to get more than 30% damage taken gained as mana it will be free EHP for a MoM build.
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Awesome video showcase. Da'Touch of Bass!
Righteous technique

Resolute Technique
Thank you.
"• Very safe until it isn't"


how u level this build?
You get carried by a friend.
Amazing video-- very nice editing. GGG needs to have a video of the week contest.
MAN this is sick! im in LOVE
thank you for sharing this
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This concept is hilarious, your video is hilarious, nice job.

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