3.4.3f Patch Notes

I am having trouble launching the game after this patch:

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvFL8mCJSKQIg7xvfN6CseiFAO9O-g (in case image tags don't work)
MFairfax wrote:
I haven't play POE for 2 weeks at least due to constant crashing. Well, I have played for 5 minutes at a time.

Will try again today just to verfiy this crap did nothing to fix the many many many many many many many many problems with gaming this garbage.

Still hope spring eternal. I'll try again today but I DON'T expect any positive changes.

I was a big fan it took GGG several months to beat that crap out of me.

I see your post history... you seem to have been a great fan, indeed. But I don't understand, how you managed to play the game (for 4 years?) without achieving a single Achievement/Challange? Have you been resetted or what?
I have tried many times to make everything public. The only thing is I play thru steam. Perhaps that has something to do with it. Everything says public why, I do not know.
Uniques dropped by Delve Bosses are now allocated to the map maker.

Thanks for that useless change.

I am a couple 100 down the delve and have found exactly: 0 Bosses.

Special areas found: Around 4... All Vaal areas and a couple empte spots (which is a great design btw. I mean finally finding a yell square to just find it empty lying there without anything to get from or anything to do there...


I quit this league and stop sinking money into a league that I cant achieve the challanges to get up tp 36 for the TP-Effect since my delve is so fucking broke that I literally am not allowed to sleep more than 1 hour a night because I constantly have to grind sulphite for constantly trying to get deeper or left or right en masse for nearly no rewards or encounters. I have much more better things to do than this.

This realy is a great concept, but you should definitely fire the guy who is responcebile for this RNG.
Hello ,,can not update,

error:could not start the patched client(-1).
Does this have anything to do with all the rubber banding and lag spikes? My game keeps freezing every 5 minutes. When I first log in everything seems to be fine then BAM, everything goes to shit then my game freezes then crashes. The lag spikes are horrendous.
Patch after patch and the issue with "remove only" tabs is still here.

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