[3.4] The Tempest Cold/Lightning Deadeye Rain Of Arrows

Hello, everyone! :)
First of all, I want to thank all the community in PoE and I hope this guide will be useful to others like me, just a casual player that enjoys playing PoE whenever I can. This is my very first post.

Second point, this build was done according to my own playstyle and what I found more useful. IS A LIFE-BASED CHARACTER, yes, I know, ranged life-based character are quite expensive to gear, but with the introductions of the several fossils in Delve, you can craft (with a little of luck) very good gear with a great amount of life. Even using poe.trade you can find great gear, with great amounts of life at a cheap price. Obviously, you'll find this guide that has a lot of room for improvement and the best way to improve is investing more currency on it.

Third point is that I cared about GETTING LIFE OVER DPS because DPS can come afterward. Currently, I'm 5.2K HP, not that great but not that bad for a Ranger.

But, well... Enough talking, let's get into the guide :)


It's my first video done with this setup. I've changed it a little bit, check the new POB :D I will post another one with a T16 map soon if I get lucky enough to get one by drop or I'll buy it instead. Videos' quality is shitty, but well enough to see the build in action.

T12 Summit Map. Full run:

T13 Terrace Map. Full run:

T14 Plaza Map. Full run:

Pastebin code


Made some tweaks on my jewels! More damage, fewer resistances, but still pretty good :D



I said goodbye to my Elder chest :( changed it by Shroud Of The Lightless. I had to rearrange my resistances, that still in progress.




I found that Rain Of Arrows was revamped in the Incursion league and I was boring doing builds around Tornado Shot, and I failed to do builds with wanders (I will do one, someday... But I found them a little bit hard to invest in currency, they could be quite expensive, especially crafting Abbys jewels. Maybe I was doing something wrong, idk :( ) so I thought it was a good idea to give it a shot to the skill and the result was very satisfying and enjoyable. I did a pure Cold version (or some kind of it) at that time.

Great clear speed, scales really well in damage the more you invest in your gear and it can be done with a lot of variations. Pure cold, pure phys (I tried using a Doomfletch's Prism with Ele-conversion, not that great but not that bad), stacking dex, stacking pure lightning damage, or cold/light combination like I did. So I gave it a shot again on Delve League.
The most important part is that you need only a 6L item to make it work because with the proper gem links RoA has a very good damage not only for one-shooting mobs but also for single target.



* Can be very budget if you want, the only mandatory unique is The Tempest Bow (buy a Storm Cloud, start using it at lvl 9 (they are around 1 Alc ~ 1C at least) with decent Attack Speed, around 47% it's OK. Then buy the prophecy to upgrade it into The Tempest - around 7C, much more accessible than buying The Tempest that cost around 15C~25C even with the lowest attack speed mod).

* Only a six link to make RoA work. Using even a 5L could work too, but a 6L will boost your damage A LOT.

* Great clear speed. RoA has a great AoE to kill mobs fast and easy.

* Rare Viridian Jewels are a cheaper way to stack lightning damage, obviously swapping into Abbys Jewels would be the best option because of the flat light damage, but crafting attack speed too on them could be quite expensive, and trying to buy them with that mod already is really expensive. I found Viridian Jewels with #% Lightning damage/#% Attack Speed With Bows/#% Increased Area Damage/%# Global Critical Strike Multiplier in poe.trade for 1C~5C each, and they work well enough to clear T15 map mobs. Also if you don't want rare jewels, you could use the "Static Electricity" Viridian Jewel (they are only 1C), just see what you could change in your skill tree and start stacking lightning damage.

* Unique flasks are not mandatory.


* Life gear is expensive and sometimes hard to craft/buy.

* You could feel squishy depending on the mods that are you running on maps.

* Blink Arrow to move and dodge so you need to manage some movement mechanics.

* No Acrobatics or Phase Acrobatics on the skill tree, so you could lack dodge.

* Can't do ele reflect maps


The skill tree is quite common, just like any other Ranger build. Remember THIS IS MY VERSION, you can change whatever you want to make it more profitable for you.

* On the start you'll get some life/evasion, Finesse passive to get some attack speed, Primal Spirit for mana, Heart Of Oak for stun avoiding. You could grab some damage with Ballistic Mastery and Aspect Of The Eagle. Then you could grab some attack/movement speed with the Quickstep passive node. Go through missions using Burning Arrow as your main skill, you can use Split Arrow with Pierce support if you want. Grab some life on the Thick Skin Wheel and start going to the Duelist's area

* At Lvl 12 you can switch into Rain Of Arrows with Added Cold Damage and Added Lightning Damage supports. Or if you find the skill weak, switch Burning Arrow for Lightning Arrow with Added Lightning Damage Support, LMP, and Mirage Archer if you already have a 4L and want some clear speed while moving. Get HoT and HoI close, you'll be using those auras at lvl 16. Don't forget leveling RoA or Vaal RoA in your second weapon. Try to level Added Cold Damage Support somewhere too, flat damage is the key for RoA.

* Heading to the left into to the Duelist's area to grab some life (Golem's Blood, Bravery), projectile damage (Fury Bolts) and some attack speed (Art Of The Gladiator). You could also activate some jewel sockets nearby those passives if this is not your first character and have some good jewels waiting to be used. If you have rare jewels with #% inc. light damage/#% inc. attack speed with bows, good. If you have Abbys jewels with flat light damage to attacks/light damage to bow attacks, better then. If not, just keep going and invest on jewels after. After all that, at this point I guess you have at least a 4L and if you have already switched to RoA then attach Elemental Damage With Attacks Support into your links (RoA > Added Cold > Added Lightning > Ele. Dmg with Attacks). If you have a 5L, attach Concentrated Effect on it.

* At this point you could swap out HoT for Wrath, you can keep HoI active. If you don't like using HoI, you could build a Cursed On Hit setup with HoT. I prefer HoI just for the shattering.

* Then you are able to get your first two Ascendancy Points, I took "Fast and Deadly" as my first Ascendancy but you can take "Gathering Winds" as your first Ascendancy passive if you want evasion and speed. At this point, you can upgrade your Storm Cloud to get more damage heading the first Kitava encounter. The Tempest will be your end-game weapon.

* After the first Kitava encounter, you'll be forced to upgrade your gear. Look for ele resistances and some life. Be smart and don't look for very high stats, just suit your needs with the minimum. You'll find gear on poe.trade with +60 life and +50 in total resistances for a few Alchs or 1C-2C. Back into the skill tree, you'll head to the right section of the tree and you can grab some crit chance with bows (the Lethality wheel), some WED (Primeval Force passive wheel), more life (Herbalism passive) and start heading into the Shadow area, activating more jewels sockets. Remember, only if you have good jewels to use. If not then just go for the other passives and invest on jewels after.

* Grab Crit/Crit Multiplier (Heartseeker wheel), more jewel sockets (near the Piercing Shots wheel), then you could get some WED (Forces Of Nature passive wheel), then go to the Blood Drinker passive for more life. Also you can activate another jewel socket.

At this point, I guess you'll be around lvl 62 and you are able to run The Blood Aqueduct. I did it until I hit ~75. I guess you already have a 5L at the moment with the Conc Effect attached to your links, if you don't search in poe.trade a cheap 5L with some resistances and some life, at this points you have earned some Chaos Orb to buy one if you are starting the league. Then you'll keep doing as it follows:

* Right into the Shadow's area you'll pick Nullification for evasion and ele resistances, Coldhearted Calculation for attack damage, mana regen and some int stats. Pick the crit chance nodes and the Assassination passive for more crit multiplier. Take Trickery passive for more crit chance and damage, then you'll head into the final stages taking up the Blood Drinker's nodes for more life and the Coordination passive for more attack speed and some stats. You also could grab Fangs Of Viper node if you want movement speed and some damage (phys damage will affect just a little, not that much. Remember that The Tempest has no phys damage at all)

* Then before facing Kitava, you'll do Cruel and Merciless Labyrinths. In my case, I took "Gathering Winds" and then "Far Shot" in those respective Labs. Your Ascendancies could be different from mine. Choose whatever you like :)

* Heading into maps and on the final skill tree, I did Eternal Lab and took Rupture as my final Ascendancy point. I crafted my 6L and attached Lightning Penetration Support on my links then I took more evasion and life - Revenge Of The Haunted wheel - then one more jewel socket and then two passives right after "Aspect Of The Eagle" node to get more crit chance/attack speed with bows, then I took the King Of The Hill Whell for more Crit Chance and some knockback that makes some sinergy with the Far Shot Ascendancy.
AND THAT'S IT! :) currently I'm 91 and this is my skill tree:

At this point, you can do whatever you like with your final passive points. I guess I'll be activating more jewel sockets to get more damage from rare or Abbys jewels. I want to hit lvl 100 in my character and it will be my first lvl 100 character :D


I took Alira just for the Crit and Elemental Resistances. Respecting that point and taking the 2 Passive Points in the late game is not a must but a very good option.


REMEMBER, yout ascendancies could be very different from mine, do as you please with your passives :)
Fast and Deadly > Gathering Winds > Far Shot > Rupture



I was using a 5L for a long time with the "Maximum Life/#% increased maximum Life" Delve affix on an Assassin's Garb (trying to linking it at the moment):

Then, I wanted to craft something similar on an ilvl 85 Elder Assasin's Garb chest, hoping to get the "#% Maximum Life" Elder roll with the "Maximum Life/#% increased Maximum Life" Delve roll altogether with a good Max Life roll but wasn't possible. I used Perfect Fossils to get 30% quality and Pristine Fossils to get something with those mods but I ended up with this:

Weren't the rolls that I was looking for but hitting the "Attacks have #% to Critical Strike Chance", high flat life and very good evasion using my last Pristine Fossil was very interesting so I gave up some life at that point to get more damage with that affix. Links: Lightning Penetration > Rain Of Arrows > Added Cold Damage > Added Lightning Damage > Conc Effect > Ele Dmg With Attacks


I'm using Tombfists whit just 1 Abbysal Socket with good Attack Speed/Inc maximum life for a few Chaos. I wanted to trade Tombfists with 2 Abbysal socket but they are a little expensive (1~2 ex each one). Attached to them I have a Murderous Eye Jewel with flat Lightning damage and some resistances.
I have an Immortal Call setup with Projectile Weakness curse on it. Why Projectile Weakness? Because cursed enemies take more damage on hit when cursed. You can switch for another curse if you want. It is up to you :)
If you go for rare gloves, search for life, flat lightning damage, resistances and keep an empty slot to craft attack speed. You could find very nice gloves instead if you search ones with all of those mods, but I prefer crafting attack speed and search for cheap gloves with nice affixes on it for a cheaper price. Explicit AS on gloves make them expensive.
A nice enchantment would be Commandment Of Fury because the skill spread piercing projectiles in a radius and have a nice damage multiplier. Commandment Of Reflection is a good defensive Enchantment.


Two-toned boots with high movement speed and resistances. You may want kind of this boots with high MS and good resistances. Flat life is good too. I crafted them myself with Alterations and Regals and then I master-crafted life on it. Has a Curse On Hit Setup with Herald Of Ice + Assassin's Mark curse. Why Herald Of Ice? Because I have flat cold damage in my RoA setup and the shuttering works to get Power Charges > more Power Charges > more Crit Chance > more damage.
Decoy Totem if I want to face some bosses from far away. For some bosses that totem won't live that much, but it could buy you some time to do damage on targets. Bubonic Trails are the DPS boots because of the 10% increased damage for each type of Abbys Jewel affecting you, but they lack in resistances so take a look on that if you go for them.
Good enchantments for boots: attack and cast speed if you've killed recently for mapping, elemental penetration if you haven't killed recently for bosses, lightning/cold damage if you haven't killed recently. Remember that if you go for two-toned boots, you'll lose the implicit elemental resistance mod. Take care of that


A rare Stygian Vise with okish flat life, some resistances, elemental damage, and master-crafted WED. The base was crafted with Prismatic Fossils. Attached to it a Searching Eye Jewel with some life and some flat Lightning damage on it.
You can go for a rare leather belt instead with high flat life, resistances, WED. They are very cheap even with very good mods.


Lightpoacher with two sockets. I thought they were expensive, but they are not. They are a very good option if your plan is balancing your resistances and using a Wise Oak flask. I guess I spent 12C on my helmet. Attached to it I have Searching Eye Jewels with some life, elemental resistances, and some crit multiplier.
If you go for a rare helmet, the same as previous items: life, resistances, evasion is a good option too.
Good enchantments: increased RoA damage, chance that RoA fires an additional sequence of arrows. Increased Area damage is a good enchantment too, that would cancel in some way the "less area of effect" from Concentrated Effect support gem


Just The Tempest with sockets if you want to level some profitable gems on it.


A Spike-Point Quiver for the Crit Chance with some life, WED, Attack speed and master-crafted Crit Multiplier.
You can choose whetever you like here, I prefer Spike-Point just for the implicit Crit Chance, but you can find something more interesting and cheap.

Rings and Amulet

You can choose whatever you like. I have 2 Diamond Rings, one with some stats and WED with life master-crafted. And the other has some elemental resistances and WED with flat life master-crafted. For the amulet, an Agate with some stats, flat damage, Crit Multi, elemental resistance and some life crafted on it.


Just normal flasks: life flask with anti-bleed, a Quartz Flask for the Phasing mod with anti-freeze, a Quicksilver Flask with increased movement speed with because we need to get fast. Diamond Flask with anti-curse.

On my last flask I was using a Silver flask with maximum charges, but then I switched into an Atziri's Promise. The result was much more DPS than before.



My jewels are almost all rare jewels. I switched some rares for Abbys jewels on my tree because of the flat damage. But if you are going budget and you want only rare jewels, look for this stats in some kind of priority:

Increased Lightning Damage > Attack Speed With Bows > Attack Speed

"Increased Area Damage" and "Crit chance/Crit Multi" are good affixes that will boost your damage.

"Increased Maximum Life" is a great QoL if you want to increase your life. Those last mods make jewels more expensive, but with luck enough, you could find some rare jewels with almost all those affixes for a few Chaos.

If you go for Abbys jewels:
"Lightning Damage with Attacks" + "with bow Attacks" > "Cold Damage with Attacks" + "with bow Attacks" > Maximum Life (at least T2, you could spend some more Alterations/Regals here) > Crit Multiplier/Crit Chance

"Increased Damage if you have killed recently" is good for mapping and "Ele Penetration, if you haven't killed recently" for bosses, is a good affix too, but they are quite expensive if you are not crafting your own jewels and just only buying them.

I guess that's all :) at this moment with my gear I'm able to clear T15 without any problems, even Guardians and Atziri (died once against Atziri and one of the Guardians *sad*). I hope you find my build interesting. Leave your comments below and have fun playing PoE :)

See you next time!

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Thank you for sharing your build! I'm looking to try out something very similar to this with a focus on MF items instead of going TS/EH. How much of a difficulty curve is there if you were to start a league with this?
xZora wrote:
Thank you for sharing your build! I'm looking to try out something very similar to this with a focus on MF items instead of going TS/EH. How much of a difficulty curve is there if you were to start a league with this?

Hi! And thank you in taking your time reading my build guide :) personally, I found it quite smooth and not that hard once RoA scales in lvl and using HoI + HoT, then swapping HoT to Wrath, the damage will scale quite well, enough to kill packs of mob very quickly. I've started directly with the skill using a Quill Rain before switching into a Storm Cloud, then upgrading it into The Tempest. If you are wiser than me in terms of making currency (which I don't know how to do it because I'm just a casual player haha) or are you used to use poe.trade then your item progression won't be difficult.
On the other hand, I'm interested in doing an MF version of this but I'll do it on Standard because I have some items that are core to do it MF (like Windripper, some okis Ventor's and so). At this point of the league, the core items to do it are quite expensive. I guess my build would be different, not that different tho, perhaps crafting more Abbys jewels to make a profit of the flat damage. But if you want to give it a try and tell me after your test, I'll be glad to know about :) cheers! :D
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Very cool build. Very well explained. Keep up
Azazel696 wrote:
Very cool build. Very well explained. Keep up

Thank you for taking your time reading my post :) hope you are doing well.
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Hello, I'm currently lvl 56 and I'm having some issues with mana, since I have HoI and wrath active. It's my 1st char, some tips about this?
Fitnick wrote:
Hello, I'm currently lvl 56 and I'm having some issues with mana, since I have HoI and wrath active. It's my 1st char, some tips about this?

I guess I forgot in some part of those skill tree that I posted: I took one passive point of the Essence Sap wheel, near the Herbalism wheel. That passive point is enough to sustain your mana issues with your attacks. Look for stats on your jewelry too, actually, I have a very good pool of intelligence (+200 at the moment) not needed indeed cuz you need only 155-159 to sustain lvl 20-21 (corrupted) Wrath, but is a plus for me.
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Educmack wrote:
Fitnick wrote:
Hello, I'm currently lvl 56 and I'm having some issues with mana, since I have HoI and wrath active. It's my 1st char, some tips about this?

I guess I forgot in some part of those skill tree that I posted: I took one passive point of the Essence Sap wheel, near the Herbalism wheel. That passive point is enough to sustain your mana issues with your attacks. Look for stats on your jewelry too, actually, I have a very good pool of intelligence (+200 at the moment) not needed indeed cuz you need only 155-159 to sustain lvl 20-21 (corrupted) Wrath, but is a plus for me.

Perfect, thanks
By the way, I'm 63 now, having some issues with the cruel labirinth boss, any tips? Should I just w8 some more lvls?
Fitnick wrote:
By the way, I'm 63 now, having some issues with the cruel labirinth boss, any tips? Should I just w8 some more lvls?

Regardless of the Ascendancy that you chose before in your previous labyrinths, what's your problem facing Izaro? Remember that I hit Blood Aqueducts and run it several times until I hit lvl 75 before facing Kitava for the second Time, even before facing Izaro on Labyrinths. Maybe you need more lvls.
After Blood Aqueducts, I did Cruel Lab to get my third Ascendancy point. One thing that you may check is poelab.com, a site where you can find info about the labyrinth route and how dangerous Izaro will be: if he has Idols that gives him elemental damage/attack and cast speed, Lieutenants that cats reflect auras, that sort of staff. You need some move mechanics to avoid his attacks, for example, if Izaro on your current lab has sword and shield or dual sword (I guess that is the most dangerous form), you may note that he executes a wave attack that deals heavy damage, you need to be quick and avoid it blinking away with Blink Arrow. Or if he is wearing a mace, he does a powerful slam or a leap slam, both dealing great damage. You don't want to tank him face to face, you need to battle against him with ranged attacks. Use Decoy Totem to make him taunt the totem and gain some time to attack him and deal some damage. Maybe you are running out of flasks charges to save your life, look for that too, is important. You don't want your flasks empty. Watch some videos too, on Youtube you'll find plenty of content about PoE and what you have to do to face some of the dangerous bosses in the game.

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