Halloween is the perfect time to release demonic-themed skill effects so we're partying-large by releasing three at once! In store now are the Demonic Flicker Strike, Demonic Spectral Throw and Demonic Storm Call Effects! Get yours in store here.

Unlike the Devil Horns, Bleeding Eyes, Spider Back Attachment and Spider Web Cloak, these microtransactions are going into the store permanently and won't leave when the Halloween season ends.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Played this game since 2013, 0/159 atlas completion, no hideout and 0 leveled masters in scrubcore.

Hardcore only.
miss having actual limited seasonal items
IGN: Ayumix
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Looks awesome
not bad at all
GGG need Vulkan!
Leegit, I'll buy (2) of each!
GGG can we please have an harbinger version of rain of arrows?
Emerald effect is cool and all but there's no really choice if you want use it.

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