2H, 10k life Cyclone Slayer by Jessica - Everything viable (videos up) (RIP dualwield & statsticks)

just wanted to say that nothing changes in this build, stil 2H 10k life Slayer King build. Rip dual wield and stat sticks though
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
Thanks for the great build guide!

Is this still viable for 3.5 and are 2 socket tombfists mandatory? Because theyr damn expensive this league.
playing in the standard I wanted to know if the build with the 3.5 is still valid or there are changes to be made.

Thanks a lot :)
Sorry for my english, made in google translate :|
How much life you would lose for using a Belly of the Beast or a Good life chest (120+ life, 15% max life)?

I really like this but it looks slow, is the Kaoms really worth it agains a Vaal Double Strike or Vaal Ancestral Warchief setup?
Very good build and pretty fun to play.
Many thanks Jessica, i'm enjoying it a lot ! :)
How has the Slayer nerfs affected this build ?
Cobbo wrote:
How has the Slayer nerfs affected this build ?

Nerf? Slayer is way better now

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