[3.5] Betrayal saVageTV's Juggernaut Nebuloch Delve pusher. Uber elder/AUL viable.

3.5 Updates :

Molten strike : 3 less projectiles, but i wasn't using a molten strike enchant and it's nerfed to 2 projectiles now , so if you use the enchant it's only minus 1 projectile. so the build is still viable after the updates, but with a tiny damage nerf ;)

Hi guys, another guide i made for a juggernaut Nebuloch molten strike build , it's my second guide and actually my second video so yeah... i hope i'm progressing here is the link for the guide since i don't know yet how to make really good guides on forums (WTB a teacher) :


Here's a link to PoB users that they know what to do (not like me haha ) : https://pastebin.com/ZbR5G1E9 ( new one)
Tank version : 7k life so far :) https://pastebin.com/TmASLsqn

If you have suggestions/tips/anything that you have on your mind please comment or message me in private, i'm really trying to be a successful builder for PoE and get up with the community :> much appretiated.

AUL boss fight from my twitch clips : Deathless obviously >.< https://www.twitch.tv/savagetv/clip/MuddyAbstruseSwordTriHard

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Added Aul boss fight clip from the stream with the build. Aul Dead.

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In that pastebin link you have enemy covered in ash but i see you are not wearing xoph blood, also you have maim + intimidate active as if you were wearing a pair of tombfist which is not the case. Also, where do you get Onslaught from?
Ah, i will re-make it, i was wearing tombfists before i think that's the bad link, and covered in ash ? i was wearing a xoph's blood but lacked resistances , so yeah, thank you for noticing brother!
Why are you using combustion and elemental focus together, not the best combo. Vicious projectiles would be the better option.
Thanks for noticing! actually had an issue with it , but forgot apparently, i'm a clumsy mess :) got rid of combustion and actually instead of vicious projectiles i went for fire penetration, i really like the penetration and the PoB damage isn't that far off from vicious :)
By the way, you can always switch multistrike for vicious projectiles when you feel that you have enough attack speed in delve :) i suggest you should use headhunter to get rid of multistrike, that would be a significant damage boost :)
I made a starter version guide for the Consecrated Path version, can be found here:

Kitty's Guide On Post Formatting - view-thread/1913874
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Dkodr wrote:
I made a starter version guide for the Consecrated Path version, can be found here:


well mate, this isn't a conc path build and well you're trying to publish your build onto a another's build post. please....
Sharing is caring :) If you want to learn more about post formating check out Kitty's guide!

Kitty's Guide On Post Formatting - view-thread/1913874

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